Alamy Reviews 2022 - How it Works & What To Expect

May 06, 2022

About Alamy

If you are someone who loves everything and anything about photography and graphics then is just for you. is a platform that opens the gates to thousands of high-quality stock images, vectors, and videos that are integral to today’s digitalized world.

What makes Alamy special is this platform encourages photographers and designers to showcase their work as its commission infrastructure is far better than what its competitors are giving. On the other hand, for businesses offers a plethora of categories of images and videos that are sometimes rare to find on any other platforms. 

Now you must be wondering, if is giving access to users to an ocean of fine quality pictures and videos then it would be charging exorbitant fees? 

As mentioned above, as a brand intends to encourage young talents who work very hard on their skills to bring out some of the most unique designs, pictures and videos. Therefore, to give them fair compensation, asks for a fee that ranges from $13 to $65. 

Thinking that the fee is too high as compared to its competitors? Well, then how about we take you on a tour of what all provides and then you can decide whether the amount being charged by makes sense or not?


What does Alamy offer

Whether you are a designer, a content writer, a digital marketer, or a student who has to make an outstanding presentation, Alamy can help you to put your thoughts across through some very intriguing and real pictures.

If one looks at their website, you would notice that they have categorized the stock images in different categories so that users can easily navigate themselves. 


1. Stock Content- Featured collection 

If you are looking for something that no one has ever seen before or has hardly come across, then this category would delight you. Under the category, you get to see some of the freshest work of different photographers and agencies that aren’t floating around on every digital platform.

Here you can find categories like -: 

A. The Candid life/ Collection

If your profession is anywhere related to the digital world, then you would know the struggle of searching for candid pictures of real-life experiences. Most of the time the real-time candid pictures you find on the internet are either not at all candid or watermarked. Furthermore, the quality of these stock images isn’t great either. But on Alamy, you get to use HD quality real-time candid pictures that just capture the essence of life and its moments so beautifully. 

For example -:


1. A child being put to sleep by a woman 

2. A child sitting by a boat in Varanasi and selling puja baskets


B. Global Majority collection

The theme “inclusivity’ is one of the most popular themes circulating everywhere. Be it in classrooms, virtual conferences, or even in political debates, inclusivity is a topic that is here to stay; and what better way to show inclusivity, than real-time pictures that showcase the beauty of diversity. 

At, find yourself embracing multiculturalism through a diverse range of high-quality pictures such as -


1. An old woman living the best Havana life in Cuba

2. Traditional Indian woman 



C. Cinematic Creatives

Finding pictures over the internet that showcase the intricate emotions of human life is a serious challenge. Pictures that showcase little moments of life and human moods are one of the fortes of where under the category of the cinematic creative, one can find superior quality and interesting pictures such as 

1. Long hair man smoking on the rooftop.

2. A plane flying above skyscrapers of the city.



D. Decor Fun with vectors

Under this category, you’ll be able to explore a world of fun and vibrant vectors that showcase various themes such as body positivity, sustainability, and self-care; these vectors have been consciously created to cater to the relevant themes of contemporary times so that both users and artist express their thoughts fine quality pictures- 

You’ll see here vectors like :-

1. Self-care routine 

2. Eco-living for the betterment of the earth 



Now coming to the second category of Alamy, under this category you’ll be able to find more abstract vectors that can be used for wider meanings and purposes. 

Under this category, you can find-


1. Quirky backgrounds such as 

2. Sexual orientation icons set isolated on dark background

3. Infographic templates for workflow layout 



Is this all Alamy has to offer?

Is that all the categories that Alamy has? If you are wondering about this question then let us take you through more of the Alamy categories so that you believe us when we say that Alamy is an ocean of high-quality images and videos. 

At Alamy, you’ll find categories of pictures that deal with topics that must be communicated with the world through articulate information and expressive and real pictures to tell them the right and true things

1. Body positivity

-: Women in bikinis gather at a pop-up beach to celebrate National Bikini Day as holiday specialist On the Beach promotes female body 

2. Climate Crisis

-: Smoke coming out from factory chimneys.

3. Modern Learning 

:- A 3rd grader participates in a remote math class. 

4. Future Travel 

:- 380 by 180 degrees spherical panorama of Nebet tepe

5. Pharma Revolution 


:- Scientists in a medical research facility researching for Covid-19 vaccine using a sealed sterile chamber and external gloves and remote research practices.



Truly speaking, we can go on and on about the lists of categories and the different kinds of pictures and videos one can find at But, we wouldn’t want to kill your fun by enlisting those categories here (we won’t be doing justice to the pictures). Therefore, if you are interested in using or just browsing through pictures of superior quality and the real work of some of the very talented photographers and designers, then simply click on this link, and enter the world of art at its finest. 

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