5 Ways To Grow Your Business : Shopify Website Builder Review 2023

September 02, 2022


Read updated Shopify website builder review in the Top 15 Online which can help your business grow exponentially. Whether you are a veteran business owner or a newbie, we all know that in today's age marketing managing businesses has become a completely different story than what was happening 10 years back.

Keeping this in mind, Shopify has come as a blessing in entrepreneurs' lives as it helps them connect with their customers while building their business infrastructure parallelly. In this Shopify website builder review, we will take you through 5 ways in which Shopify can help your business grow exponentially. 

So without wasting much time, let's dive into the Shopify world. 


shopify website builder reviews(who choose shopify) - Top 15 Online


How Did Shopify Start?

The story of Shopify's journey is quite an interesting one. The company was founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake after creating Snowdevil, an online snowboarding store. Lütke, a computer programmer by trade, tried e-commerce products on the market but found them unsatisfactory. His disappointment with other e-commerce portals gave him the idea of creating Shopify so that he and many like him could build their businesses on their terms and style.

Today Shopify has become a world-renowned name. It is one of the leading cloud-based platforms that has empowered small and large-scale businesses to set up multiple sales channels. It also offers web, mobile, social media, and online marketplaces. The software also gives merchants a single view of their business, which helps them to check their overall working and expand their scalability. Since its inception, over USD 496 billion in sales have been generated by millions of businesses using Shopify in 175 countries worldwide.

Looking back at Shopify's journey, indeed they have come a long way. But, the highlight of this platform is that it has also helped other businesses grow. Whether it is website hosting or managing online verticals of businesses, this platform has become a one-stop solution for entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Thus, in the following sections of this Shopify website builder review, you will go through 5 ways in which Shopify is helping businesses to grow from scratch. 





  • 1. Building Your Brand Buzz

Shopify allows you to create your online marketplace on its servers without buying web hosting or installing any other software. From website templates, payment gateways, and marketing tools, Shopify gives business owners a complete online marketing platform. 

Below we are enlisting some of the services in Shopify website builder review blog. These services have been segmented so that they cover the A to Z of building a business and sustaining it. Through Shopify, you can get the following services -


Branding International commerce 
Online presence  Email marketing 
Store set up  Marketing automation 
Online store  Customer groups 
Buy Button  Business chat
Checkout Facebook Ads
Sales channels  Management
Custom storefront tools  E-commerce automation 


Since you have seen a glimpse of the services available at Shopify, you might be wondering about its price. Don't worry. We have got you. 


Shopify reviews


  • 2. Good For Your Pocket - Shopify Website Builder Review

Worried that Shopify will burn a hole in your pocket? Let us tell you some good news if that's the case. Shopify is for everyone; it offers free trials to advanced plans that allow users to build their business cost-effectively without compromising on anything.  Below we are enlisting the three plans that Shopify offers. Each of these plans has been customized in accordance with the entrepreneur's requirements. You can go through these plans and see which one is best for your business needs and your pockets. 

This section of Shopify website builder review will take you through all the plans and their pricing. 


Priced at USD $29/month Priced at USD $79/month Priced at USD $299/month
Basic reports Professional reports Custom report builder
2 staff accounts 5 staff accounts 15 staff accounts
Up to 4 inventory locations Up to 5 inventory locations Up to 8 inventory locations
Up to 77% shipping discount Up to 88%shipping discount Up to 88% shipping discount


Additionally, Shopify allows you to take a free trial before buying any plans. You can use this free trial for several days and extend it if you still need time to finish building your store.


Shopify reviews




  • 3. Overall Management Gets Easier

Another benefit business owners can also avail of is Shopify plus. As part of this platform, you can access a single dashboard from which you can manage all your stores, analytics, staff accounts, user permissions, and automation tools (like Shopify Flow) from one spot. This dashboard gives you a complete business overview, promotes teamwork and improves automation. 


shopify management


Shopify plus offerings

1. With Shopify's APIs and App Store, you can customize your store, checkout, and back end

2. Get your online store up and running 50% faster than traditional enterprise solutions

3. Automatic updates and maintenance allow you to focus on growth rather than your tech stack

4. Create augmented-reality shopping experiences that are the first on the market. 


  • 4. Provides Safe Environment For Your Business

Using a hosted solution like Shopify over a self-hosted one (like WordPress or Drupal) can help ensure site security since you do not need to worry about password management.

Shopify stores don't need to worry about core software or plugin updates as it keeps them updated. Furthermore, through its PCI compliance program, Shopify also ensures the safety of credit card transactions for your customers.


millions of people with business use shopify - Top 15 Online


  • 5. Helps With 24*7 Customer Support

One of the reasons Shopify has gained popularity is because of its efficient 24*7 customer service support. 

1. You can avail of help materials in 21 languages.

2. You can contact them through emails, live chat, or phone

3. Customer support is given in English, with the availability of support in other languages as per your location.

Well, now that you have glanced through the 5 ways in Shopify website builder review that can help build and manage your business, are you ready to take the plunge? 

However, if you want to be super sure about giving Shopify a go, and want more information about the platform, then we have got you. In this section, Top 15 online has provided you with some Pros and Cons about Shopify that would help you decide better. 


Pros And Cons Of Shopify


Attractive templates with fully responsive design (mobile-friendly) It has a limited number of free themes compared to other online store builders.
You can save abandoned carts on all plans, even the cheapest 'Starter' plan, for $5.  Despite being able to create 100 variants of a product, you can only include three options per variant

This feature isn't available on competing platforms at a similar price point.

Third-party apps can be purchased to increase these limits.
 An excellent option for dropshipping. Often, you will have to install an app to access key functionality that is provided out of the box
With its automatic tax calculation tools, merchants can save a great deal of time and effort. Reporting functionality is only available on more expensive plans.
With Shopify, you can sell in multiple currencies, which isn't possible with many other platforms. Shopify Payments users have access to the built-in multi-currency feature, and 'Shopify Plus' users receive true automatic currency conversion based on IP address.
The Shopify platform allows you to create multilingual versions of your site.  
Depending on your country, you can avail of generous shipping discounts if you use the built-in 'Shopify Shipping service to deliver your products.  


Shopify reviews


Final Takeaway : Shopify Website Builder Review

The sole reason for writing this Shopify website builder review was to give our readers detailed information about the platform so they could decide whether it would benefit their business. After exploring the platform, we at Top 15 Online feel that Shopify offers a wide array of services compared to other hosting platforms.

Additionally, it allows businesses to expand their reach through professional marketing tactics and sophisticated marketing tools. With reasonable payment plans and efficient customer support, we at top15online feel this platform is worth a try for every business marketer who intends to increase their scalability, incur higher revenues and build a strong brand persona. 


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