Safeguard your Sight with 1800 Contacts: The Reliable Eye Solution

November 14, 2023

What is the first thing you notice in some, perhaps eyes, because eyes are the only thing that could have the ability to start a conversation or put two strangers in a situation in which they begin to talk to each other? Imagine you are traveling on public transport and suddenly you see your friend whom you haven't seen didn't for so long, hence what was the first thing you do?

You try to make eye contact with him and start your story of years.

Imagine the second you go to a beautiful mountain range. Which part of your body makes you feel comfortable and helps you explore the beauty of the place? Your eyes, obviously.

Hence, eyes are not just an organ of your body; they are meant to allow you to admire beauty and make contact with your loved ones instantly without any delay.

Therefore, it's our responsibility to care for them and provide them with the world's best treatment so they can easily see this world without any vision defects.

However, if you have visionary problems, science has created specs for you, so you must maintain them.

1800 Contacts Review

But if you are one of those who don't want to allow specs to enter into your life and don't want to give space on your face, then no worries, science has made Contact lenses for you, and 1-800 contacts is giving pleasure to your eyes in this verticle.

Here is the 1800 Contacts review on our website, which could help you make a decision about buying from them. If you have never had any kind of contact lenses, then the article will give you information about why 1800 Contacts is the best place to get your first contact lenses online.

1800 Contacts Review: Why to Choose?

1800 Contacts has been offering its services to society for the last 25 years and has a wide range of quality contact lenses. It is an online store. This platform ensures quality and customer satisfaction simultaneously without compromising the ethics and priorities of the brand. Here are some features that make you understand why the platform is legit and better than any other platform in the market and what makes it different from its competitors.

1. Brands: Contact Lenses Online

1800 Contacts allows you to choose your brand from the vast array of brands dealing in contact lenses. It has renowned brands in the store that are already trusted and provide quality contact lenses to their customers.

Here is a list of famous brands in its store to make you choose your preferred brand and allow you to choose your contact lenses online quickly.

  • •    Acuvue
  • •    Air Optix
  • •    Biofinity
  • •    Biotrue
  • •    Clarity
  • •    Dailies
  • •    Freshlook
  • •    Precision1
  • •    Proclear
  • •    Soflense
  • •    Ultra

1-800 Contacts claims it has 45 million contact lenses in stock from these brands with several lens types to make it best suited for most people.



2. Select What Your Contacts Lenses

1800 Contact offers you many choices in the types of contact lenses, such as bifocal, multifocal, and hydrating lenses, lenses for astigmatism, and many more, according to your preference and need. Moreover, you can even choose whether you want disposable, colored, or contact solution lenses online from its store.

Years of Trust

1800 contacts serving its services since 1995 means it is in the business when no one can imagine a business like this. That is the reason the company owes many milestones. It is famous for selling contact lenses online. These milestones include:-

This is the first company to start selling contact lenses online.

Helping to pass a federal law to ensure everyone has a right to know their prescription

Launching the first mobile app to promote vision care

Advocating for telehealth laws to make eye care more accessible

The platform earns the trust of its customers through its high-quality services and products, which own the market with its brand's goodwill.

3. Go Easy-Peasy With Booking Process

With three simple steps and 1800 contacts, you can complete your booking process within minutes, sometimes even seconds.

  • •    Step 1- Search for the type and the brand of Contact lenses
  • •    Step 2- Upload your prescription on the platform.
  • •    Step 3- Place your order

It means you need only know what you want, find your choice in the store, and then get it online without wandering from one store to another or one doctor to another.

Getting contact lenses online from 1800 Contacts is as easy as shopping for clothes.

4. Verified Contact Lenses

1800 Contacts needs your doctor's prescription before landing your order for delivery; if you don't have your prescription, it also offers you an online test named ExpressExam, which tests your eyes and will be checked by the experts.

After the expert's inspection, a prescription is prepared for you, and you can buy the contact lenses online from 1800 Contacts.

There is a third way. If you don't have your prescription and don't want to try its online exam, you can share your doctor's details with them. They will contact your doctor and get your prescription. Your role in this whole process is to provide the details; the platform will take care of the rest.

5. Customer Support: Any Doubts About the Eye Contacts

1800 Contacts offers 24/7 customer support services to its customers; you can contact them whenever you need help from their team. Along with this, they offer you communication in a Utah accent, making you more comfortable discussing and sharing your issues with them.

6. Payment Mode: Buy Contacts Online

One thousand eight hundred contacts have two modes of shopping: subscription-based and payment-on purchase. If you opt for subscription-based shopping, you need to pay for the one-time, and then the platform will take care of the shortage of your contact lenses and send you another pack of lenses before the time.

In the second option, you must pay when you buy the contact lenses and every time you purchase the product.



7. Flexible Service Provider in Eye Contacts

This platform is flexible, like an elastic, in selling contact lenses online. No matter if your order reaches your doorstep but you want to change your prescription, your contact lenses are torn. You want to change your lenses as your prescription has changed. All you need to do is put an inquiry with the platform, and then they will exchange your product and give you precisely what you want.

8. Best Price Guarantee

The platform offers the best price guarantee, which means if you can prove that some other platform provides a lower price on the identical product, 1800 contacts can beat the price and offer you the same product for less than $1.

9. No Hidden Charges

1800 Contacts shows you the exact price they will charge you at the end of placing an order; unlike the other platforms, show the price something else and charge extra in the name of shipping charges and many more, these all hidden charges are not applicable in 1800 Contacts, it sells what it shows.



10. Use Filters to Shop Contact Lenses

To make shopping more seamless, the platform offers some filters. You can set the brand, lens type, and manufacturer to buy your product, which means you can buy according to your choice and preferences.

Final Takeaway

With all these features, 1800 Contact is setting tough competition for its competitors. From the best price guarantee to branded products in the list, it is proving why people have shown trust in its contact lenses since 1995. But still, there are some cons as well, like you can't get help applying contact lenses to your eyes as the platform just sells you lenses, not the assistance on how to put them.

Hence, the final decision is yours, whether you want to shop from it. But if you choose the platform for your contact lens needs, you will allow yourself to dive into the online store of contact lenses, from where you can choose what you need.