Understanding MEL Science: A Comprehensive Review

September 06, 2023

MEL Science is an innovative educational platform that brings science to life through engaging, hands-on experiments and interactive content. 

Designed to foster a deep understanding and love for science in students, MEL Science combines the tactile experience of chemistry kits with the convenience of digital learning tools. 

In this article, we’ll explore the pros and cons, features, value proposition, subscription details, and user reviews of MEL Science to help you decide if this platform is right for you or your child.


1.  Monthly Science Kits

Each month, subscribers receive a new kit with two to three experiments. These kits include everything needed to conduct the experiments, from chemicals and equipment to detailed instructions.

2. Interactive Apps and VR

MEL Science’s mobile app provides step-by-step guidance, educational videos, and additional information about the experiments. The VR experiences offer a deeper dive into scientific concepts, making learning both fun and immersive.

3. Comprehensive Curriculum

The experiments are designed to align with key scientific principles and educational standards, ensuring that they complement school curricula. Topics range from basic chemistry to more advanced scientific principles.

4. Safety and Quality

Safety is a top priority for MEL Science. The kits are designed with safety in mind, using non-toxic chemicals and robust, durable materials. Each experiment comes with clear safety instructions.

5. Parental Resources

MEL Science provides resources and guides for parents to help them support their child’s learning journey, even if they are not science experts themselves.



Value Proposition

MEL Science aims to ignite a passion for science in young learners through hands-on experimentation and interactive learning tools. By providing everything needed for exciting and educational experiments, MEL Science makes complex scientific concepts accessible and enjoyable. 

The combination of physical kits and digital content ensures a comprehensive learning experience that caters to different learning styles. The continuous engagement through monthly kits helps maintain students' interest and curiosity over time.


Pros and Cons



Hands-On Learning

MEL Science kits provide practical, hands-on experiments that make complex scientific concepts tangible and easy to understand.

Comprehensive Curriculum

The platform covers a wide range of topics, including chemistry, physics, and STEM, aligned with educational standards.

Interactive Digital Content

Accompanying apps and VR experiences enhance learning with immersive, interactive content.

Quality Materials

The kits include high-quality, safe materials that ensure a reliable and educational experience.

Continuous Learning

Monthly subscription boxes keep students engaged with new experiments and topics, promoting ongoing learning.



Subscription Cost

The monthly subscription fee might be considered high by some families, potentially making it less accessible for all.

Parental Supervision Required

Some experiments require adult supervision, which may be inconvenient for busy parents.

Storage Space

The kits and materials can take up space, which might be an issue for families 

with limited room.


Subscription and More

MEL Science operates on a monthly subscription basis. Here are the key details:

Subscribers receive a new kit each month containing two to three experiments.

Pricing–The cost varies depending on the subscription plan chosen, with discounts available for longer commitments.

Shipping– Shipping is included in the subscription price, and kits are delivered directly to your door.

Cancellation– Subscriptions can be canceled at any time, offering flexibility for families.


User Reviews

User feedback on MEL Science is overwhelmingly positive, with many praising the platform for its engaging and educational content. Parents appreciate the hands-on learning aspect and the quality of the materials provided. 

Students find the experiments fun and exciting, which helps sustain their interest in science. Some users have noted the need for parental involvement and the space required for storing materials as minor drawbacks.

  • •  “MEL Science has been a game-changer for our homeschooling curriculum. The kids are always excited for their new kits, and they learn so much from each experiment.”
  • •  “The experiments are very well thought out and the VR app adds an extra layer of fun. My daughter has developed a genuine interest in chemistry thanks to MEL Science.”
  • •  “While the subscription is a bit pricey, the quality and educational value are worth it. Plus, the safety measures are top-notch.”




MEL Science offers a unique and valuable educational experience for young learners interested in science. With its combination of hands-on experiments and interactive digital content, the platform makes learning science fun, engaging, and effective. Despite the cost and the need for some parental supervision, the benefits of continuous, practical learning make MEL Science a worthwhile investment for fostering a lifelong love of science in children.

Whether you are a parent looking to supplement your child’s education, a teacher seeking engaging classroom resources, or a student eager to explore the wonders of science, MEL Science provides the tools and content to make scientific discovery accessible and exciting.