Care, Compare, and Choose with Angi- An Essential Home Service

December 26, 2023

Caring for your home is essential and gives you happiness as you feel over the moon when somebody praises your home and compliments you. 

It is ear-soothing when someone says

‘Wow! Your roof is looking awesome.’

Your deck has a nice piece of art.

Your home has a good interior.

If you also want to listen to these compliments and are looking for professionals who will do this job for you.

Then you don’t need to worry too much about this; Angi is there for you with hundreds of home care services nearby. It helps you to find certified local pros, book home services, and track your project with its excellent user experience. 

This article will give you complete insight into how you can choose essential home service and why Angi is best for this job. 

Also, you will find that if you are an employment seeker in-home care services, Angi gives you a golden opportunity to start your job today and even advertise yourself to increase your reach.

Care for Your Home with Angi Pros

Angi offers you services of highly rated contractors and Home service pros in just one click according to your requirements. You need to discover and compare home improvement professionals as it has 500+ home care services and certified contractors. 

The previous users highly rate all the contractors, and their performance is reviewed on a timely basis so that only certified professionals can be hired by the users.

Plan and Book Home Service

From home care services such as a handy person, landscaping, Plumbing, Remodeling, Roof Repair, and many more. Angi has over 500 home care services and serves in many states like Tampa, Los Angeles, Chicago, and others. 

You can choose services and states where you live and safely pay with Angi to unlock exclusive offers and happy guarantees. Visit the Angi app or website, select a service, compare costs, and book home services. 

You also track your professional and pros and can even see your project cost in your area. With Angi, home care becomes easy and smooth, as you need to plan and book, and the rest will be taken care of by Angi’s Pros.  


Find Local Pros for Home Care

With Angi, finding a local pro with certified performance is easy, seamless, and time-consuming as it helps you to hire contractors for all home service projects, including:

  • •   Renovation, Remodeling & Additions
  • •   Home Repair
  • •   House Cleaning & Maid Services
  • •   Kitchen & Bathroom Remodels
  • •   Roofing
  • •   Windows
  • •   Concrete Experts
  • •   Painting
  • •   Heating & Furnace Systems
  • •   Electricians
  • •   Decks
  • •   Pest Control
  • •   Foundations
  • •   Plumbing professional
  • •   Lawn care & maintenance
  • •   Siding
  • •   Fences
  • •   House Cleaning
  • •   Interior Painting

Happy Guarantee.

Angi has a happy guarantee for its customers; once you book home care service and pay with it, you unlock a happy guarantee, ensuring your project is up to the total purchase price, plus limited damage protection. If you’re unsatisfied with your home project or service, they will work to make it right.

Membership in Angi- Enjoy the 20% Discount.

You could also be a member of Angi by paying 29.99 dollars for a whole year, which will be less than 20% percent on the service prices. You can cancel the membership anytime to end this. 

App and Website- Best E-commerce Experience

Angi is an e-commerce website with an excellent user experience app. You can choose any of the platforms to book your home care service. You can download the Angi app through Google and Apple app stores. 

The Angi app is the fastest and easiest way to find and schedule home improvement, remodeling, and repair pros. Download now and get your next project not just done but done well.

Professionals Advice

Angi also offers professional and specialist advice to its users. Home care is an essential part of life. Everybody wants their house to look perfect and beautiful, from its roof to its decks. So, if you need clarification, Angi professionals will advise you according to your budget and requirements; this ensures that they serve you and lead you on the right track. Professionals help you in:- 

  • •   Finding the right Pros
  • •   Scheduling the Job
  • •   Answer your questions

Be a Professional with Angi 

If you are not seeking services but looking for a job, you can start your career with Angi, as it offers the ability to register yourself as a Pro and find employment by promoting your business. Angi works for contractors in three different ways: 

1.  Free Angi listing

2.  Angi Leads

3.  Angi Ads

Free Angi listing

This free listing appears in Angi search results, where customers can request services and leave reviews. Your free listing is limited regarding what information you can provide and how customizable it is. 

Angi Ads

As a contractor, you can advertise your business by getting membership in Angi. In this way, Your listing will appear above non-paid listings in search results for your service area. You can also pay Angi to offer Promotions on the Angi website, through the Call Center, in the Angi magazine, through enhanced profiles, direct mail, or other services. With Angi Ads, you’ll pay an annual membership fee, and then your ads will run on a cost-per-click model based on your budget. Other options within the Angi Ads offering may follow a different pricing model.


Angi Leads

Angi will deliver leads to you according to that budget. Price per lead will depend on lead and service type; you will also pay an annual fee. Membership means your listing will appear on and affiliate sites.

Angi- Choose Professionals and Projects

Whether you are looking for a professional for your essential home services or employment in-home care services, Angi has all the solutions for your problems and issues in the home care sections. 

You can choose professionals for all works for plumbing, Roof Modeling, interior designing, and deck repairing work. Angi's professionals advise you for great work, and you can find jobs near you.