10 Things you cannot ignore before starting a car road trip

May 12, 2022

When Shira and the gang decided that they’ll be finally going on their road trip, Shira instantly knew that this was the opportunity where she could accomplish one of the things on her bucket list- hit the highways in her car all by herself. Finally, the day arrived and because her car looked fine on her regular days, Shira thought that her car would just do fine even on the road trip. With her fuel tank full and all the luggage stuffed in the back, Shira and the gang finally started their awaited road trip.

After driving for a few hours, the real nightmares of the road trip began. And no we aren’t talking about the bickering because of different demands for the trip, but Shira encountered the first and very common hurdle of road trips- a flat tyre.

Well, that doesn’t seem to be a big problem right? Shira must be carrying an extra one at the back of her car right? This is what a rational person might think and well, in fact, Shira indeed had an extra tyre with her but the only problem was that tyre didn’t have much air in it as Shira had forgotten that before the road trip she had to make sure that the car was functioning properly and could handle long-distance journeys.

Well, fortunately, after walking for 20 mins, Shira and the gang found a car workshop where she got the flat tyre fixed along with other car maintenance things that were needed to ensure that their car was ready to hit the highway. 

But for a second, let’s imagine that their car would have broken down amidst an isolated route and there was no workshop around them for miles, then what would have happened? Of course, a zillion things- this has started seeming to be a plot of a horror or thriller movie, right?

Well let’s not deviate from the topic and let’s highlight 10 things you cannot ignore before starting a car trip


  • 1. Give your car the fluids it needs

By fluids, we don’t just mean the petrol or diesel but also the fluids your car needs such as fluids in the radiator, coolant, engine oil and power steering. Before you kickstart your long travels by car, it is a must to check that your car’s radiator and engine are healthy enough to pull you through your road trip. It is a must to check if these fuels are in proper quantity so that your car doesn’t choke up and leaves you stranded in the middle of the road. On the other hand, check the color of the engine oil, if it's dark then it's time to change the oil and pour in some clean oil so that your ride can be your ride or die in your car trip.


  • 2. Get those headlights right

You don’t want to be driving blindly, especially not on highways or isolated routes as it's just not dangerous for you but also for the other vehicles. Therefore, it is important to fix the headlights before hitting the roads. Replace it if it's broken or cracked, make sure the bulbs are in good condition to pull your night journeys as well.


  • 3. Gear up the tyres

Yes, we know that you already know this, but there are newbies like Shira who think that if the tyres aren’t flat then they are good enough. But, the reality is that tyres need to be so much more than just having air in them; they need to be properly aligned, and they need to be checked if they have the right kind of pressure or not before taking them on roads they have not traveled before. Therefore, make sure that before you start your road journey, your tyres are fired up with proper requirements, so that they don’t burst out in the middle of the journey.


  • 4. Not all extras are unnecessary baggage

Traveling light is the new buzz, we know but that means that you can leave those extra choices of clothes or toiletries and not the essentials like an extra tyre, extra bottle of coolant, or engine oil while traveling long distances by car. You would want to keep these things extra so that in case your car starts giving you troubles in the middle of nowhere, you can manage with them until you find a workshop.


  • 5. Long trips, locked doors and closed windows- the recipe for a safe trip

Unless you are not driving a convertible or you aren’t a thriller movie fan, you need to ensure that your car’s door lock and window open and close properly. Before hitting the roads, ensure that the locks of the doors are working efficiently and the windows can close up tightly so that you are safe at all times.



  • 6. Night traveling can be avoided

Many of us feel that traveling at night is practical as it saves time or it’s just more adrenaline fun. But, if you can travel during the day, then it would be wise to do so. Not only is it safe but in case the weather gets bad during the day or the car breaks down, you’ll still have the opportunity of looking out for help rather than being stuck and waiting for shops to open up.


  • 7. Congested routes must be avoided

The sole reason to avoid congested roads is that those roads cause serious harm to your car’s brakes. The need of having working (properly) brakes is most important when it comes to taking your car for long-distance travel. Furthermore, driving on roads with too much traffic also exhausts the engine and fuel, making your trip much more expensive than it should be.


  • 8. Forget the shades but remember the emergency kit

Make it a rule- Have an emergency kit with yourself whenever or however you travel. In the case of a road trip, you can forget your shades, but do not forget the emergency kit. A first-aid box, torches with extra batteries, extra munchies and water are essentials for the journey. Before you start your journey, make sure you are familiar with the highway accommodation options so that if you get tired or ill on the road, you can head up to the nearby motel or hotel and rest until you are well enough to drive again.


  • 9.Wash that beast first 

Let’s be honest, only in movies does it make sense that the actor or the actress amidst a chase or a fight suddenly hop into a dirty car and head for the highways. In real life, you must keep your car clean from the inside and outside at all times especially, if you are heading for a long tour by car. Before the road trip, give your car a power wash-up so that its bodywork is protected, the mirrors and windows are clean for better visibility and the dust is out of the air conditioner. Once your car is all clean and shiny, then you can sparkle your road trip easily.



  • 10. A serviced car is a sweet ride

You love your car, right? It’s been there for you through thick and thin right? Then why would you want to break its heart by taking it for long-distance travels without servicing ( yes, we know a little too dramatic)? 

Your car needs a full service from time to time and it definitely needs it before going for long distances. It is essential to get the car serviced before road trips so that you have everything in order such as proper proportions of fuels in the car, tyres, and steering aligned, the ac is working well and the engine is running smoothly as butter. Once your car has ticked all these aspects after the servicing, you can be assured and have an enjoyable road trip in your sweet ride.


So, after reading all these tips we are guessing you are already making plans for your car road trip. If that’s the case, then please do keep in mind the above mentioned 10 tips of car safety before you head for long-distance travel.


Note- Do not forget to make a playlist of your favorites because trust us, after a while on the road you would want to embrace the travel with good music more than constant banter sessions. Have a safe road trip!