7 Kitchen trends that you must get rid of in 2023

May 18, 2022

When Robin and Marshal had just moved in together as the new live-in couple they were certain that their ideal interior decor would be on the lines of minimalism. Inspired by Kim and Kanye’s interior decor and Robin herself being an artist, she wanted her home to look nothing less than a clear white canvas. But, things went for a toss, when the couple got to know that they were expecting. As much as the news was exciting for them, gradually they started realising that the house they were living in was nothing close to a place where a child could be raised. Unlike Kim and Kanye’s mansion, the couple was living in a three-bedroom house which now needed to look more be, a home and not a canvas. 

The project was big and time was less but the couple had to redo every space which would be an ideal and functional family home. They consulted their interior designer friend, Alba who after examining the house suggested that out of every room in the house, the kitchen was the most problematic area. 

A problematic kitchen with a newborn is a nightmare that Robin and Marshal were facing. What were the problems in their kitchen? Was it that minimal that they didn’t even install proper plumbing? You must be wondering these questions right? 

Well, we’ll take you through all the problematic things about Robin and Marshall’s kitchen and a few more kitchen trends that one must stop using anymore. 


So let’s dive into 7 kitchen trends that you must get rid of in 2023. 


  • The All-white kitchen 

Robin and Marshal’s first problem area was that their kitchen was all white. (remember Robin’s white canvas?). The all-white kitchen has now become an outdated trend and is certainly an impractical idea if you have kids living with you.

What should be chosen instead? 

If you can repaint your kitchen to colors like earthy tones, yellow or green then that would be great, but if you are inclined to have some white in your kitchen then you must choose, a combination of two colors such as can white with earthy or darker tones. The idea is to add color and character to your kitchen space rather than keeping it dull with only white walls, therefore, you can choose two tones in the kitchen which will add more vibrancy to your kitchen and also match with the rest of your home. 


  • No more open shelves 

A very important feature of the minimalist kitchen is the concept of open shelves which was certainly a concerning area in the kitchen of Robin and Marshal. The problem with open shelves is that they need a lot of maintenance; a kitchen is a place where things get greasy and unfortunately, greasiness and dust aren’t a great combination which is why keeping them clean at all times is a tough job. Secondly, if you aren't an organising freak then also having an open kitchen would be problematic for you. But most importantly, open shelves in kitchens do not sit well in homes where there are kids. It is dangerous to keep an open kitchen as then the chances of accidents with spices or glass jars around your younger one increases and we are guessing that no parent wouldn't want to compromise on the safety of their little one for the sake of a particular decor trend. 


What should be chosen instead?

Kitchen cabinets are back in fashion and it’s super exciting. Gone are the days when kitchen cabinets were found in boring designs and colors, as cabinets in exciting designs and fresh colors that add elements to the entire kitchen are paving their way in people’s homes. These cabinets not only enhance the entire look of the kitchen but are reliable and sustainable thereby, making the kitchen a safe zone for children. 


  •  Old style furniture

There is no harm in putting the old-style tables and chairs but, if you are seriously revamping the kitchen then why not choose things that have a fresh vibe? Regular rectangle or square-sized dinner tables have been replaced by oval-shaped tables as these types of furniture bring a flair of panache to the entire decor of the space. 


What should be chosen instead?

Softer forms of furniture, especially the ones with round shapes are being considered more appealing as they create a statement of luxury and sophistication. They are more sociable and easily blend it with the contemporary kitchen décor. Kitchen islands with soft edges, oval-shaped dining tables, or coffee tables add character to the decor of the space while also being safe for kids who wouldn't get hurt by edgy corners. 


  • Close the doors on open kitchens

Yes, you guessed it right, the concept of open kitchens has become outdated as well. With the remote working concept becoming our new normal, the idea of having a dedicated place for everything in the house is more popular amongst the masses. The problem with open kitchens is they blur the boundaries. The kitchen becomes a part of the living space, workstation and almost everything which can become unsettling after a time. 


What should be chosen instead?

A designated area for cooking, eating, or working just makes a house so much like a home. Now, if you have the budget of tearing down your entire house and constructing the kitchen as a closed cooking zone, then that would be amazing, but if you do not want to splurge too much on the renovations, then you can do small changes such as creating functional zones, in the kitchen that would help you to utilise the space for cooking while also separating the space of eating.  


  • Tiles- Tiles on the wall

The trend of tiling everywhere on the walls has faded away and for the good. There is no denying that tiling can add a lot of life to the kitchen but too many tiles can take away the real character of your décor. The key to adding tiles in the kitchen is to choose tiles that do not appear to be too “busy”.


What should be chosen instead?

If you want to put tiles in your kitchen then choose tiles that have more of a vintage or subtle texture. Tiles with too many patterns or loud patterns can make the kitchen look chaotic. Therefore, always opt for tiles that blend in with the entire décor of your kitchen and not just become the centre of attention, always.


  • Confusing darker colours

The problems with having dark colours in the kitchen are- 1) they tend to make the space look smaller and 2) limited decorating options. Colours like navy, black or brown have been overdone in the kitchen spaces and are now being discarded by interior designing experts.


So what should be chosen instead?

The season is of neutral and pastel colours but in case you want to keep darker tones in the kitchen then it would be wise to mix them with a lighter shade. The safe side is to choose whites or greys with darker colours so that the aesthetics of the kitchen harmonise perfectly while the space doesn't look like a box. 


  • Not optimising storage space

Do not rely on just online storage spaces for your kitchen. If you have spaces that can be converted to easy storage areas then this would be an investment you should make. Not utilising spaces in the kitchen for storage can often make the kitchen look scattered.


So what should be chosen instead?

Start with measuring the area so that you can have an idea of how to utilise the space- some spaces would create big storage spaces and some corners can have functional small storage areas. By getting precise measurements, one can construct storage units accordingly that would make your kitchen look more organised and your cooking experience a lot easier

Trends in decor will come and go, one year all whites would be a rage and the next it would be out. But the focus while revamping your spaces should always be a balanced approach of aesthetics and utility. When it comes to decor, one should choose a style that reflects your style and is practical in nature. Following the trends of decor is important but aesthetics should not defeat the concept of functionality. Therefore, it is always wise that while choosing a decor for your space, always envision yourself living in that decor for the next 5 years, as this would help you in achieving a practical answer and not just, an aesthetically pleasing picture.