Abebooks Reviews 2022 - How it Works & What To Expect

March 18, 2022

Are you confused whether to try Abebooks or not? Worry not, we are covering everything in this article. This article is all about Abebooks reviews 2022. We have covered every important information you are going to find about Abebooks. So let us read it here and please comment down your queries on the same. So let us roll into it and get started.

What is Abebooks?

Abebooks is a market place that is focused on selling out old books, collectibles and fine arts to people. Being a seller, you can easily sell out your products on this online marketplace to earn some extra money. You are able to find rare books such as first editions, signed copies, new books and classics. In numbers, it has around 110 million books and has more than 13,000 sellers. It is a venture from 1996. It is more like a digital marketplace for sellers.


Features of Abebooks

We are sharing the list of features that you are going to find while using Abebooks. Let us now read the same here-

  • Availability of books - In this book store, you are going to find the wide variety of books and if you are looking for a specific book that you want to find, you can search the title, keyword or ISBN of number. If you are looking for something else, you can also use the filters such as publishing house, bookseller, dust jacket, autographed or first edition. You can try these filters and find the book of your choice.
  • Guaranteed Good Condition - In this platform, you are going to get the good condition book guaranteed. You do not have to worry about anything at all. It has a standard from which one will go through for selling out any of the book. You do not need to worry for the condition.
  • Eligible For Refund or Exchange - Since the marketplace is a good one, you are also eligible for return or exchange on any of the book you want to sell. Every book comes with a return and exchange policy under which you can easily change or return it.
  • Secure Platform - Most of the websites are not secured. However, Abebooks is a secured market place where your money and trade will be safe and secure and hence, you do not need to worry about anything at all.


Pros and Cons

We are sharing the list of merits and demerits of Abebooks-

Pros -

  • 1. All the books are available
  • 2. Guaranteed good condition
  • 3. Refund and exchange available

Cons -

  • Monthly fee is $25

How does Abebook works?

Initially, before this platform, most of the small booksellers were struggling for selling their books to people living far or in another place. With this platform, one can easily sell their products from all around the globe. Abebook has become a marketplace where all the small bookstores will be able to connect to all the book lovers.

To get started, you need to start with around $15 worth books and get started. You need to make sure that all the books should be in good condition. Abebook has a set of standards which you have to match in order to sell your books online.

Any interested person can browse and search books of their choice. Since it is combined with Amazon, one can buy it from anywhere. The amount from $10 and more can be earned with 7.5% commission on each sale.


Customer reviews of Abebook

Let us now see what customers has to say about Abebooks-

“I really love the fact that I can easily find out any book of my choice through Abebooks. I think this platform is one of the best one for finding out the books of your choice.” D,C Marthe

“I am an avid book reader and hence, I love reading books. Earlier, I used to go to the local shops for finding out the books of my choice. But now, I can easily find any book of my choice easily.” Ashley.

“I am greatful that I have started using this platform for finding books and all the books I have bought from this platform are 100% original. Thank you Abebooks.” M.C Studio



  • Is Abebooks safe?

Yes, you do not need to worry about the safety of this platform. This platform is 100% safe and secure. You do not need to worry of theft or any such activity.

  • Do we need to pay shipping cost?

No, in most of the books, you do not need to pay any price for the shipping. You can easily find 80% of the books that comes with free shipping.

  • How much does it cost to sell books on Abebooks?

The monthly fee of selling books on Abebooks is $25. The minimum commission for US resident is $0.50 while the minimum commission for UK resident is $40.00 per book.


  • When can we expect the book to be delivered?

You can expect the shipping to take place within 2 days after placing order on Abebooks.


Our Take on Abebooks

After viewing everything and trying our hands on Abebooks, I think it is one of the best platforms for both, buyers and sellers to buy and sell books. The platform is quite good and one can easily find books on it. For a seller, you are going to make some extra money with the good condition books you own and it is indeed a great part of using Abebooks. Aparft from the commission for US residents, everything is a plus sign from us. So if you are looking to buy a book that you are not able to find anywhere, you can easily try finding it on Abebooks. Visit Abebooks Official Website