Review- Empowering Global Travel

May 10, 2022

In today's high-tech world, travel has become much more accessible than ever. Whether it be booking flights, reserving hotel rooms, transfers, or anything else. A few clicks here and a few clicks there are all you need to craft a successful travel experience for yourself. 

But you're not in this alone. The entire process is powered by travel websites constantly innovating, improving, and changing what's possible in the fast-evolving world of travel. One of the primary movers and shakers in this way is Agoda. is a Singapore-based travel giant that has changed the face of travel ever since its inception empowering global travel. Its presence allows you to book services in more than 200 cities. It is a fast-growing online booking site. But just how good is this travel giant? That's what we'll find out today, right here, in this Agoda review.


What is Agoda- Decoding the Travel Giant

Agoda is committed to the idea of easy travel across the world. With 2.9 million hotels and private homes under its wing across the globe on board, it boasts an impressive list of the who’s who of the hospitality world as well as other properties that are meant for the traveler on a budget.

This very flexibility has boosted its presence and brought it onto the world stage as a premier representative of the world of hospitality. The site goes much beyond the traditional bookings, though. Users can book local experiences and activities to get the most out of their vacations!

However, the one feature that has helped Agoda reach the dizzying heights that it has achieved is its penchant for supporting pocket-friendly travel. Everyone loves to save, and Agoda knows that better than most. It is giving users the ability to book their preferred properties, flights, and more for much less! Review- What Else Does Agoda Do?

Agoda wants you to have a vacation that you'll remember fondly. The brand knows achieving that requires more than just well-priced hotels and flights.

 Agoda helps users to book transfers through its partner Rideways and lists local experiences in the form of restaurants, cafes, and nightlife so that you have your hand on the pulse of every destination you go to! 


The Many Deals and Discounts: Agoda Booking Review

Agoda is known to be the dream service for every traveler looking for a pocket-friendly experience that keeps the quality of the trip intact. In this way, the platform offers deals and discounts that are either time-sensitive, app-based, or membership exclusive, from where you can get massive exclusive discounts! 




  • ◾  Agoda PayDay Sale

Give yourself a rejuvenating treat with 20% off exclusively with Agoda's payday sale. Save big on your accommodation!

  • ◾  Agoda Flights Flash Sale

Are you flying out soon? Worry not, my friend! Avail of the Agoda Flights flash deal sale and get 10% off your next flight. 

  • ◾  Elite Offers 

Get the best out of your travels with elite offers that give you access to discounts on some of Agoda's best properties worldwide. Pay less and get more with Agoda, always. 

  • ◾  Food Festival

Foodies Ahoy! This one is especially for you. Avail of offers on stay-and-dine deals where you can save more on your dining and accommodation with deals designed especially for foodies!


Agoda Hotel Booking Review- Is this all Agoda offers? 

In this review, we have posed the question- Are those deals and discounts all Agoda has to offer? The short answer to that question is No. Agoda is full of great offers, whether it's seasonal or daily. Always feel included no matter what time of the year you're traveling in. You can book your favorite hotels at discounted prices!


Deals Of the Day 

Below we have listed some exciting offers that interest you below! 

  • ◾  7% off coupon

Avail 7% off on a minimum purchase of $250

  • ◾  6% off coupon

Avail 6% off on a minimum purchase of $120 Review- What is AgodaVIP?

Agoda VIP is your window into the world of exclusive discounts and other perks that are offered by being a member. VIP membership is your entire ticket to the world of benefits that await you when you choose Agoda as your travel partner. 

There are levels to the membership game. Your tier is decided by how you spend and how often you use Agoda for your travel needs! Below is a table that lists every tier and the offers that accompany the same.






Best Price

Irresistible Insider deals

12% off


18% off



25% off




Complimentary breakfast and other benefits on selected properties





Agoda Website Review

The bread and butter of Agoda is its website and app. In this review, we will also explore the website design and inform you, the user, of what you can expect to see when you book with Agoda. 

Apart from offering great deals, discounts, and playing host to millions of properties across the world. Agoda prizes itself for its website and user experience design. Intending to deliver nothing short of excellence, the brand knows that users of all ages and backgrounds will use their website to book. And that's why they've made the user experience as simple as possible.

When you visit the landing page, you will be greeted by a search bar and an assortment of 5 options above I. You can use the search bar to search all your properties, flights, destinations, experiences, and more. You will be shown a list of results as soon as you search. From this list, you can choose the option you prefer and continue booking the same. Once you've made your day and date selections, you can proceed to the payment suite, where you can pay through various options. And boom, you're done! You'll receive a receipt in your mail and phone number, and that's it. It is just that simple! The website rarely lags, is reasonably fast in displaying results, and sports a simple design. 


Agoda Refund Review- How To Get Refunds on Your Bookings

Plans change. Agoda knows that. To be more lenient, it doesn't charge any cancellation processing fee. If you cancel before your reservation date, the refund will be processed in total for you. If you cancel after the check-in period, a minimum of One-night cancellation will be charged. 



What is Agoda App?

If you're a regular Agoda user, we recommend downloading the app. Besides having exclusive discounts, the user experience is much more enhanced than the website!


Customer Opinions 

Customers have a variety of opinions that you can see on Trust Pilot, which is considered a premier destination for users to post reviews. The website is known to sport reviews from 100% verified users. 

A short trip to the website will reveal that the website has over 15,000 5-star reviews speaking to the excellence in service offered by the platform.

Amongst many things customers seemed to love about the platform, their main points were below.


Great User Experience  Lackluster Customer Support 
Affordable Prices Occasional Glitches on the Website
Year-Round Sales and Discounts  -
Great App experience -
Properties all over the world -


A Few Concluding Words: Review is a travel arrangements website that has made waves since its establishment. It is creating for itself a space amongst the very best in the travel industry, connecting the world through hospitality experiences for everyone!

With equal opportunities for travel for everyone, no matter where you come from. No matter where you are, Agoda will be there alongside you!


Frequently Asked Questions On Agoda


1. Who owns Agoda?

Agoda is owned by Booking, the same company that owns many other major travel companies.

2. How reliable is Agoda?

Holidaymakers across the world have been using Agoda's services for years now. With over 2 million properties worldwide and a presence in over 200 countries, it is one of the most reliable booking services.

3. What is Agoda booking?

Agoda booking is the booking you make and manage through Agoda, whether through their app or website.

4. What is Agoda App?

The Agoda app is the company's official app, which offers you access to all their services, your membership, and more.

5. Is Agoda app on the App Store?

Yes, Agoda is available for download on both the App Store and Play Store

6. How do I contact Agoda?

You can contact Agoda for all queries by mail or call on their provided number or E-Mail ID.