Are rental cars safe? car rental service review 2023

June 01, 2022

Renting out a car for long distances can be quite a confusing decision to make. Will the rented car be safe to drive long distances? What if it breaks down in the middle of the road? Will it be more expensive than the entire cost of the trip? All such questions knocking on your mind before renting a car are quite natural but realistically speaking, rental cars are the most convenient way of traveling, especially in today’s pandemic-ridden world. How? Read this car rental service reviews 2023 to know why choosing a rental car for your next vacation is a good idea and how the Alamo car rental service will make your next road trip a fun ride.


A little background on Alamo

Founded in 1974, Alamo Rent a Car is a rental car agency based in the USA. A prodigy of Enterprise Holdings, the Alamo offers low car rental rates to travel to the most popular destinations across the United States. Canada, Mexico, The Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, and many other places. Being the industry’s first real-time online booking and checking system for renting car services, the company has come a long way today; from rental car services to vacation planning, the Alamo is now one solution for travelers to plan their vacations easily and at a budget-friendly price.

So how renting a car is more beneficial for your trip and how can Alamo help? 

The whole idea of traveling is to relax and take a break from all the routines but unfortunately, traveling without a car makes you depend on the rules and timings of public transport of the place you are visiting. Now to some, this may not appear much of a problem but to those people who like to holiday without a timeline and who would like to go beyond the usual touristy destinations, for such people getting a rental car is the best way to holiday in their style.


The benefits of using a rental car are -

  • Travel at your convenience

When you have a rental car with you for your trip then you are not bound to any limitations such as the deadline for the last train or bus. With a rental car at your convenience, you are free to travel wherever you want to visit during the specified holiday period. You do not have to make your holiday itinerary depending on the timings of public transportation but according to your mood on your traveling plan.


  • Pocket friendly

Car rentals have been often associated with a myth of being too expensive but in reality, car rentals are cost-effective as one doesn’t have to worry about car or engine maintenance and neither does one have to spend money on pollution and clearance. All these expenditures are already taken care of by the owner of the car, making it easier for you to concentrate only on the expenditures that you shall be incurred during your visit.


  • Advanced technology

Another myth about rental cars is that only those cars that are broken or old are used for the purpose. But in reality, the cars used for rental purposes are always in a pristine condition as well as equipped with advanced technology like GPS and Bluetooth systems, so that passengers can have an enjoyable ride.


Now how can Alamo rental car help you on your next road trip?

Alamo rental car agency is one of the oldest in the business and has been able to spread across the United States, Canada, Mexico and many other places. This means, that no matter wherever you intend to travel, it is most likely that you will be able to avail yourself of an Alamo rental car easily. While renting an Alamo rental car is easy, you can also be assured that regardless of the kind of car you select for your traveling purpose, you'll be getting a fully functional and equipped car that would help in saving you money and time which is often not possible when you are traveling to a new destination and relying on their exorbitant priced taxis or strict timing public transportation. 


Different kind of traveling needs different kind of cars- Types of rental cars at the Alamo

Yes, we know that every travel purpose is different from one another. For business travel, you may not like to ride a van and for a leisure family trip you wouldn't want to be stuffed inside a compact size car which is why understanding the need of having a different kind of car for a different kind of traveling, the Alamo offers a wide range of cars that are suitable for your traveling. Following are the different categories of rental cars available at the Alamo that should match your purpose of travel as well as your budget- 


The types of rental cars available at Alamo are- 

  • Rental Compact cars

 If you are looking for something that isn’t too big then Alamo offers a range of compact cars. One can find cars from companies like Nissan, Ford Fusion, Chevrolet Malibu, etc; All the cars are functional with equipped with amenities like air conditioning, cruise control, stereo, etc. They offer great mileage and are suitable for business trips or family trips. 

  • Rental SUV cars

Planning for a weekend getaway with family or friends? Then try renting Alamo SUV rentals. From Chevy, Ford, Nissan, BMW, etc at a price that will make you and your pockets happy. Equipped with fully functional Air conditioning, power door locks, leather interior, cruise control and many other features, the SUV rental cars at Alamo are ideal for those safe and comfortable long drives.

  • Rental Trucks 

Looking for more legroom? Don’t worry Alamo has got you covered. Find a wide range of premium rental trucks at Alamo from companies like Ford and Chevy. Suitable for personal use, these Alamo rental trucks are also equipped with the latest technology and assure a safe trip.

  • Rental Vans

Rent a van for your next family vacation with Alamo. From Chrysler Pacifica’s 7-seater van to Ford Transit Wagon’s 15-seater, you can find a wide variety of vans suitable for your family size. Each van ensures that it has been checked for attaining the highest safety and comfort standards so that passengers can enjoy their road trip to the fullest.

Renting a car is not an easy decision and Alamo understands this. It encourages its customers to research its rental cars extensively through its website , where each vehicle has a detailed description mentioning all its features and prices so that one can a well thought decision when it comes to renting a car.

How does one book a rental car at Alamo?

To book a rental car at Alamo, it is a must that the passenger is 18 or above age and holds a driver’s license. The procedure of booking a rental car at Alamo is simple, all you have to do is-

  • 1. Visit their website
  • 2. Fill in the details about your location
  • 3. Select the pick-up date and time
  • 4. Select the return date and time
  • 5. Select the driver’s age
  • 6. Hit the button GO

You’ll be directed to a page that shall enlist all the rental cars available for the preferred dates and timing. It is advised to do the reservations for the car a few days before the actual date of the trip so that you can get a lot more rental car options for the preferred duration.

Another important thing that must be mentioned about the booking process at Alamo is that it allows the passengers to use the rental services for both one way as well as round trip.

One-way car rental- How does it work?

Traveling freely is the motto of Alamo, therefore, it also provides its customers the unique one-way rental car services. It allows one to travel without any worries of dropping the car at its original location. With Alamo, you can fly into one destination and enjoy the destination in an Alamo rental and bring it back to your final destination. This service has been specifically designed for the unexpected events that occur during travel, such as canceled flights or delayed flights as then you have the option of renting a car from Alamo and taking the car towards the desired destination without being constrained by the obligation of returning it to its original destination.

Is Alamo budget-friendly? 

One of the most interesting things about the Alamo rental car is that it has set itself apart from its counterparts because of its pricing structure. Of course, there cannot be a set rate for renting, as the total cost would depend on the distance of location you are traveling to but one thing you can be assured of with Alamo is that it reduces the burden of sneaky additional charges which usually other companies include as extra fees on the bills.

Furthermore, the company also offers special deal offers from time to time. Some of its most popular deals you can avail yourself are-

  • Plan Ahead Special

Avail of this by booking your rental car in advance and save money on rental cars in the United States and Canada 

  • Last Minute Special Deals

If you are heading for a short duration trip then this rental package would suit you the best. Avail some of the most convenient last-minute car rental specials from Alamo. 

  • Free Rental Car Upgrade

Alamo believes in establishing a long-term association with its customers, therefore, to ensure that you get the best of services each time you avail yourself of a rental from Alamo, the company offers deals like Free car upgrades. So, if you are returning to Alamo for a second time, be assured about getting a free upgrade on any compact, intermediate or midsize car from Alamo.

What are the payment and cancellation options?

One can avail of Alamo rental cars through different and flexible payment options. It accepts credit and debit cards, cash and prepayments. The cards which are accepted at Alamo are-

  • 1. American Express
  • 2. Mastercard
  • 3. VISA
  • 4. Discover Network

Prepay for rental cars is one of the most popular options at Alamo as through this the customer can pick up their cars quickly from the rental counter while also getting a 5% discount on their total bill.

The Cancellation fee

When it comes to cancellation fees at Alamo, the company has outlined two conditions for charging a cancellation fee-

  • 1. If the cancellation is done more than 24 hours before the car rental pick up time then $50 would be charged
  • 2. If the cancellation is done within 24 hours of the pick-up time or the car isn’t picked up at all then $100 would be charged as a cancellation fee.


The safety and satisfaction of customer is a priority at Alamo

Running a rental car agency for decades is no joke and Alamo understands this well. Over the years, the company has strived to achieve the highest standards of customer service so that it can connect to as many as customers and sustain them for a long time. But how has Alamo done this?

As a rental car agency, Alamo from day one has ensured that it stays committed to providing customers the rental cars that qualify the highest standards of safety and hygiene; by being part of the Complete Clean Pledge, Clorox and Safer today Alliance along with adherence to the strict guidelines of the CDC Foundation and Cleveland Clinic, the company leaves no stone unturned to provide its customers rental cars that are 100% safe both on the road and inside the car.


The purpose of this car rental service review for 2022 is to help you see that renting a car for traveling in today's time is a safe and convenient option and by choosing the Alamo rental car services you can be assured that you experience road traveling in the most convenient and safe way. The company has been committed to providing its customers with a top notch rental car experience that is only achieved after various safety and hygiene guidelines have been verified by Clorox, Safer Today Alliance and the CDC which is why we would definitely recommend to you that for your next road trip you must rent a car from the Alamo. 

Plan your next trip with Alamo and book your rental car for a safe and happy trip.