All Beauty Reviews - Is it too good to be true?

April 13, 2022

Beauty products are essentials and important. Thus, you cannot take a risk while choosing your makeup brand. AllBeauty is one brand that has been a talk of town since years. But have you got a chance to try it yet? If you haven’t, this article is going to get you all the information regarding the product and will tell you whether you should give a try to the product or not. So let’s get started with the AllBeauty review here.


What is All Beauty?

AllBeauty is a leading beauty brand that comes with variety of beauty products at affordable range. They have a wide range of products of beauty, makeup and skin and hair care for everyone. It is not just a women-based brand but caters to men as well. You can find various products for men and women both. Apart from the grooming and makeup, they do offer fragrances for both the gender in an affordable range with luxurious fragrances. As of now, they do have over 14,900 product line available with them. Be it the essentials or artisan, you can find everything here.

The brand is already catering more than 150,000 customer and in Trust pilot, their rating is 9.7 out of 10 which is surely a great thing.

What are the products sold by AllBeauty?

AllBeauty comes with various products for both men and women. For women, you can find products for haircare, skin care, sun care, makeup, body care and bath, oral care, clean beauty and etc. for men, they do have hair care, skin care, sun care, body care, grooming and shaving, etc. In each of the category, you are going to get variety of products custom for every body type. You can find various shampoo, conditioner, oil, serum, makeup, etc. Even though quality is extremely high, you can still expect the prices to be in range.


How is the shipping, cancellation and refunds?

Talking about shipping, cancellation and refunds, the website is pretty clear and straight in these things. Talking about the shipping, your product will be shipped within 3 days of ordering. If it is international shipping, it can take from 1-3 weeks as the product will be shipping through international courier. If you are availing products of more than a certain amount, the shipping will be free for you however, if you are buying a single product or two, you need to pay the charges for the shipping. Although the charges are minimum and hence, it won’t be an issue to pay.

You can return any product purchased till the 60 days of delivery. You need to request for the return or exchange as per the product and guidelines and you can get the refund or exchange after the quality check. However, if in case you are not eligible for refund, you will not be refunded the amount. In that case, you need to consult with the customer care team.

Customer care service

The customer service of the website is open for all the request, queries and more. If you have any kind of issue with any of their services, you can contact the customer care team by raising the ticket. Their customer care team is open from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday to Saturday. You can contact them via email, phone number or by raising a ticket on their website. From any of the mode, the support team will contact you and resolve the query in 24-36 business hours.


AllBeauty- Is that worth trying?

Yes, we have personally tried the products of AllBeauty and they are surely worth trying. Their products are fine in quality and is available in affordable range. You can find various products in their website without any issue and that is why, you should prefer their website over any other. For the customer’s ease, the website has the option to translate it and change the currency in other country’s one. You can find the one available for you easily. To shop their products online, you need to visit their website where all the products are available for everyone. If you have some issue or question related to the beauty brand, please comment below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.