Be a Man With TOMS: Style Like an Icon and Slay

January 30, 2024

Are you a man or someone who wants to shop for a man, like your brother, friend, father, or husband? Then you should know that there is only one true love in a man’s life: Shoes. Men are deeply in love with their shoes. As girls are obsessed with their looks, boys are obsessed with sneakers the most.

So, if you are going to shop for a man and need clarification about what to buy, what will amaze him the most, and what he will admire the most, then this article is giving you something special. This will help you to choose precisely which is liked by a man.

This article is about a men’s online shoe store called TOMS. It deals in men’s shoes and has a wide range of brands with different colors, sizes, and patterns. This article explains why you should choose this men’s shoe-shopping platform.

Here we go….

One for One: Unique Way to Serve Society

TOMS knows the importance of corporate social responsibility, so it runs a program that uniquely serves society. It is well-known for its commitment to social responsibility through its "One for One" business model. 

In the One for One business model, TOMS donates a pair of shoes for every pair sold to a child in need. This initiative aims to address poverty and inadequate footwear in various parts of the world.

TOMS' "One for One" business model is a unique approach to corporate social responsibility, and it involves donating a product to a person in need for every product sold. 

The key features of TOMS' "One for One" model include:

Shoes for Children in Need

The original and most well-known aspect of the TOMS model is the donation of a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes purchased. This initiative addresses the issue of children in various parts of the world lacking access to proper footwear.

Eyewear for Sight

TOMS expanded its "One for One" model to include eyewear. For every pair of TOMS Eyewear sold, the company contributes to sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses, and medical treatment for individuals with vision impairment or blindness.

Coffee for Clean Water

TOMS Roasting Co. follows the "One for One" model by providing a week's worth of clean water to someone in need for every bag of TOMS coffee sold. This initiative aims to address the global issue of clean water scarcity.




While not part of the original "One for One" concept, TOMS has also extended its giving model to bags. For every TOMS Bag purchased, the company supports the training of skilled birth attendants and helps provide safe birthing conditions for mothers in need.

Community and Social Impact

TOMS focuses on creating a positive impact on communities globally. The "One for One" model is designed to address specific needs in various regions, contributing to social and economic development.

Transparent Giving

TOMS emphasizes transparency in its giving efforts. The company provides updates on the number of donated shoes, eyewear, and other products, allowing customers to track the impact of their purchases.

Why Toms is Popular in Men's Shoes?

Apart from its social responsibilities, this shoe brand is well-known for its unique men's shoe collection offerings. There are many reasons to define it as the best online store for men's stylish shoes. Toms's online store has many qualities, it includes:- 

  • •   It has many men's shoe collections in shape, size, color, pattern, and brand. 
  • •   Toms shoes are long-lasting products, and you will satisfied once you invest in this shoe brand.
  • •   The store offers various shoes such as classic alpargatas, platform sneakers, tennis shoes, men's slippers, and many more.
  • •   The shoes come in various patterns; you can have them laced and shoes without laces.

Toms Shoes are comfortable and stylish in every sense. You also wear them without soles; this will not harm your feet. 

TOMS Online Store: Made for All

TOMS is better known for its stylish shoe offerings in men's shoes, but it also has a variety of products like sunglasses and bags. Along with this, it also provides stylish shoe options for women and kids. It has too many options in its online store, such as:- 

  • •   Women's boots
  • •   Kid's shoes
  • •   Casual dress
  • •   Men's sunglasses
  • •   Boy's shoes
  • •   Sneakers for women

The company has expanded its product line to include items for men, women, and children, as well as accessories. It believes in innovating something new and trendy every time, which is the biggest reason for the relevancy and uniqueness of its brand. Here are some of the products that TOMS offers:

Women's Shoes

TOMS provides a wide range of women's shoes, including flats, slip-ons, sandals, wedges, boots, and sneakers. These shoes often feature the signature TOMS style and are available in various colors and patterns.

Men's Shoes

In addition to the classic slip-on shoes, TOMS offers a diverse selection of men's footwear, including sneakers, boots, and dress shoes. The styles cater to different occasions and preferences.

Kids' Shoes

TOMS has a collection of shoes designed for children, featuring the same comfortable and casual styles found in adult offerings. This includes tiny TOMS for infants and shoes for older kids.


TOMS Eyewear includes sunglasses and optical frames. Each purchase of TOMS Eyewear contributes to sight-saving surgery, prescription glasses, and medical treatment for needy individuals.


TOMS offers a range of bags, including backpacks, totes, and crossbody bags. Like other TOMS products, purchasing a TOMS Bag contributes to various charitable initiatives, such as safe birthing conditions for mothers.


TOMS Roasting Co. sells coffee beans; each bag purchased provides a week's worth of clean water to someone in need. This extends the "One for One" model beyond fashion and accessories to address social and environmental issues.


TOMS has expanded its product line to include clothing items such as T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. These items often feature the TOMS logo and contribute to the company's giving initiatives.

TOMS offers Customer Satisfaction

Now is the time to look into the customer service section and how it offers its customers the best services and solves their problems. And first in this queue is their return policy. 

Return Policy

Toms's online store is facilitated with a return policy; you can initiate a return if you feel unsatisfied or need more than you have. You can ask for a return in 30 days after getting your order. 

During the initialization of the return policy, you need to clarify the mode of return of your payment. There are two modes are available-

1.  The refund was posted to the original payment method for your order.

2.  In the form of store credit to use on 

If you go with the first one, Toms will charge a $4.99 return shipping fee; if you are satisfied with the second one, the return shipping fee will be waived. 

Next on the list is a payment mode, your most paramount concern. So, here are the details about payment options available with

Payment Mode is a diverse platform in terms of payment, as it accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Apple Pay, Afterpay, Klarna, Gift Cards, and store credit for making payments. Instead, they don't accept cash or checks. 

TOMS® Gift Card

Toms is an online store that gives you some gift cards on your purchase; you can use these gift cards for future shopping with Toms. These gift cards make your shopping more affordable and cost-effective as they reduce prices, give access to exclusive offers, and unlock great coupons. 

If you already have some gift cards, so you must be wondering 'how to redeem Toms's gift card,' here is the solution to your problem:-

1.  Once you have decided what you are going to purchase,

2.  Go to the payment gateway option.

3.  Then, enter the Gift Card and PIN codes in the checkout box.

4.  Then click on the "APPLY" button.

5.  The deducted amount will be shown on your final payment. 

Cancellation Process 

As Toms offers a return policy, canceling your order is impossible. A drawback with TOMS is that once you have placed an order, you cannot cancel or modify it. 



Affordable Prices

TOMS offers exclusive offers on the latest styles, which may change daily. Due to our constantly changing promotions, we do not offer post-purchase price adjustments.

Assist You in Shopping assists you in your shopping. Whenever you feel stuck and need clarification, Toms's expert team is there to help. They are working towards meeting all WCAG 2.0 AA standards.

Need Help? Follow these instructions:-

  • •   Call- Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm PT +1 (800) 975 8667
  • •   Chat- Mon - Fri, 8am - 5pm PT. No agent is available. Please check later.
  • •   Tweet- Tweet us anytime @TOMSsupport.

Be the Reason for Someone’s Happiness

Isn’t it amazing that someone is smiling just because of you? Your small gesture can make someone realize that they are not alone in this universe; there is someone who takes care of them and does what others can’t do for them.

TOMS offers you the chance to be the reason for someone’s smile without letting them know. Your one pair of new shoes could be another from your various shoes, but it can be significant for those who can’t even imagine buying a shoe. Hence, if you are thinking about purchasing a shoe, this time buy it with TOMS and smile at someone.