2023 Beauty Trends that are Revolutionizing the World

May 24, 2022

Did you know that the sales of skincare products increased by 13% last year in the United States, while makeup saw an increase of only 1%? 

Isn’t it a little surprising to know that instead of makeup soaring high, it is skincare products that are booming? Well, if you have been keeping an eye on the new collection of skincare as well as makeup products, you must have noticed that every brand is shifting its focus to “usability and sustainability”.  

Today, fairness products have been replaced with enhancing natural glow, and chemical-based solutions have been replaced with natural ingredients blended with modern science. All of these changes show that today’s beauty standards are more aligned to enhance the natural aspects of ourselves, rather than paint our faces and minds with the beauty expectations set by society. 

Therefore, as we head towards realistic beauty, it gets pertinent to discuss the 2023 beauty trends that are revolutionizing the world, and for the better. In this blog, we will take you through firstly, 3 beauty innovations that have been crafted with natural ingredients and modern beauty science, while in the second part, we will introduce 3 new beauty styles that will help you in bringing out the essence of your natural beauty. 

So, without wasting more time, let’s start with the first section-

Natural beauty brands

  • Waterless is better 

Products that do not contain water as their formula base and instead are formulated with botanical ingredients and nourishing oil are making big waves in 2023. Consumers and brands have become conscious about minimizing the use of water because of the depleting water levels on our planet. Therefore, to make beauty and make-up products on the lines of sustainability, the concept of waterless products is now paving new ways for beauty. 

Some of the most popular waterless products that you can check out are- 

  • 1. Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry sheet mask 
  • 2. Dew Mighty Bloom Jelly Serum 
  • 3. Ethique in the buff unscented solid conditioner


  • Upcycled beauty is a smart choice

So far, we have seen the rise of upcycling food, but post the pandemic the upcycling of natural ingredients into beauty and skincare products has also seen an increase. Repurposed ingredients like coffee grounds, olive leaves, and unsellable bananas are now no more going into the bins, but instead are being used for making natural beauty care products infused with the marvels of modern beauty science. Market experts believe that post-pandemic the consumers have taken a step back to contemplate what is good and bad for them. They have realized that using chemicals may give them instant results but for longevity, nothing beats nature. Therefore, this shift in their mindset has pushed the brands to be responsibly innovative, so that they can create products that achieve results without causing damage to the skin and as well as the environment.  


Few examples of Upcycled brands that you must try –

  • 1. UpCircle Beauty- Uses coffee and fruits for creating a range of skincare products
  • 2. Kadalys- Uses rejected bananas for skincare products
  • 3. Three Ships- Uses leftover bark extracts for creating skincare products


  • Longevity= Fermented ingredients

A new trend that is mushrooming in the beauty world is products made with fermented ingredients. The practice of using fermented ingredients for skincare has been part of many traditions from times immemorial and now this trick is helping brands to create products for their consumers that have a longer shelf life. Kombucha has become quite popular, because it not only benefits the skin with its exfoliating and detoxifying properties but, it also adds more shelf life to the products, giving consumers a total package of effectiveness and longer periods of skincare routine.


Some fermented ingredients products that must be used for skincare routine are-

  • 1. Skin Proud Rise and Defend Kombucha Face Wash
  • 2. Biophile Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating serum
  • 3. Venn Advanced multi perfecting red oil serum 


Considering the stressful lives we all are living, it is no surprise that our skin is facing the brunt of toxicity and pollution the most. Therefore, in such a scenario, it gets even more important that we pick products or brands that bring us the tranquility and effectiveness of natural products rather than layers of chemicals that harm us and the environment around us. 

The above mentioned products are just a few examples of the plethora of natural products available in the market today. These products are made with a consciousness toward realistic beauty and responsible behavior towards the planet so that we can create a world that has moved beyond anything and everything superficial. 

Well, now that you know what kind of beauty products or brands are trending in 2023, let’s look into some new beauty styles that are making quite an impression. 


  • Let’s keep it real with bases

Layering with thousands of makeup products is a thing of the past as now it’s all about keeping the skin real. Makeup brands are creating full-coverage formulas that are natural-looking, breathable, and most importantly- highlight your true skin. Today’s standards of beauty have evolved more toward enhancing our originality rather than following the sheep herd of societal expectations. The idea of “hiding the flaws and imperfections'', is now being discarded as  keeping things “raw yet glamorous”, is the perspective of being beautiful. 


Some of the most famous natural-looking makeup products that you can try are-

  • 1. Tatcha Silk Canvas Primer
  • 2. Dr. Jart+ Circapair Tiger Grass Colour correcting treatment SPF 30
  • 3. The Estee Edit Flash Photo powder 


  • Let the hair talk

Statement haircuts are the new way of telling people who you are. The trend of “rebel cuts'' or hairstyles'’ are back in fashion. A thing of the 70s era, when we would see rockstars having edgy haircuts can now be spotted again on celebrities as well as common men/women. It has been noticed that since last year, the searches for “mullet cuts” have grown up to 190% on Pinterest. Furthermore, hair colors have moved beyond the basic browns, burgundy and black as in 2023, you would be seeing people donning colors that reflect their beliefs and creativity. 


Some of the trendiest hairstyles that can be seen in the season are  

In haircuts- 

  • 1. Pixie cut trend
  • 2. Modern shag haircut
  • 3. Mid-length bob haircuts

In hair color-

  • 1. White glory
  • 2. Fantasy blue 
  • 3. Rainbow on my head


  • Nature themed nail art 

There is no doubt that many people think that nail art isn't their cup of tea, but in 2023 you may see a lot of people indulging in nail arts that are nothing less than a piece of art itself. No, we don't mean to say that you'll be seeing cute flowers to slang, on the nails of people, but more likely, you would see expressive nails, that reflect everything and anything about this universe we are living in. Over the years, nail art has become a statement of expression through which people reflect their ideologies, creativity and anything personal and valuable to their personality. In 2023, we will be seeing new horizons of creativity in nail art where people would go for nature-inspired nails and galaxy designs, 5D and 3D designs. The trend is already on the move as many popular movies, celebrities, and series have joined the wagon of these new-themed nail arts. For example- Khloe Kardashian, Cardi B and the popular drama series, Euphoria


A few of the trendiest nail arts you can try this season are  

  • 1. Add-ons with hoops and nail charms
  • 2. The Greens of nature
  • 3. Galaxy Nails


The debate over beauty trends and staying true to yourself is not new, but the good news is that the arrival of the above-mentioned beauty trends and styles is a fresh breath of fresh air for the world. As the lines between beauty and reality blur, these 2023 beauty trends are creating new ways of being beautiful while keeping things real. Be it skincare or makeup products that are made with natural ingredients or makeup styles that do not hide the flaws of our skin but in fact, enhance the glamor of rawness is a proof that our society is gearing up toward creating a world, where beauty wouldn't be judged based on perfection but accepted on the lines of originalism.


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