BeenVerified Reviews 2023 - Pros, Cons & Everything You Need to Know

January 16, 2022

Do you know what is the most important thing in the world today? Data/ accurate information is one of the most powerful assets one can hold, be it about an individual or business. The Been Verified is one platform that has understood the importance of information. The following information is a comprehensive Been Verified Reviews that would help you to understand what this portal is, how does it work and do you need it or not? The reason to enlist a detailed Been Verified Reviews is to help the readers understand the importance of accurate information so that they can safeguard themselves from the growing cyber crimes and other fraudulent activities.


What is the Been Verified?

The Been Verified Portal is like a modern-day genie that provides you with accurate information quickly. This New York-based background verification website has made accessing piles of information about someone in the United States easier than ever before; through this portal one can access a plethora of information about someone by just searching their name, phone number, address, or just an email address. This background check platform is very valuable in today's digitally connected and fast-moving world because it allows you to discover hidden information about someone that would have taken time to discover otherwise.


Features of the Been Verified 

Reverse Address Lookup  

The Been Verified enables its members to find any address (almost) in the United States. This feature is crucial if one intends to purchase a property. For example, through this background check platform, one can obtain the physical address of the property and details of the people who reside there or were previously occupants. This would enable you to know the details of the property and the owners which would help you to make the call of investing in the property or not more clearly. 

Search People 

The importance of knowing someone in depth is crucial and through the Been Verified one can easily access a plethora of vital information about anyone in the United States. All you need is the name of the person or any other information that is available to you, make a search on the Been Verified portal and you shall gain access to comprehensive information such as legal name, age, address, any criminal or court records, etc. 

Reverse Phone and Email Lookup  

We all are digitally connected and because of one click, we get to talk to people who are miles away from us and sometimes even unknown to us. Therefore, the chances of getting scammed are also too high in such scenarios. But, with the advent of the Been Verified portal now one can find details about someone through their phone number as well as email. Once you have submitted the number or the email address that you have of the person you are inquiring about, the portal will show you as much information as it can through multiple databases. 

Accessibility with Multiple devices 

If you were thinking that this portal shall only be accessible when you sit in the solitude of a room glued with your laptop/PC then you are wrong. The Been Verified App is your on-the-go companion that can be accessed through any device. One simply has to log onto it, fill in the information they have and voila! You have access to all sorts of information about the person you are enquiring about. 

History Log  

One of the most interesting features about this portal is that one doesn’t have to worry about filling in details and searching again and again about someone particular, as once the search has been made on the portal it stores the information for future reference. Furthermore, it also notifies you if any new information has been added to the list. With the Been Verified, one can even have the access to know about their details and the information about themselves that is being displayed online which can help you to know that nothing wrong or tarnishing has been linked to your name which can cause damage to your reputation. 



Comprehensive Reports

If you were thinking that the portal shall just provide you with details such as name, age, gender, etc then you are wrong. Through the Been Verified portal one can get a comprehensive search report; information derived from various databases enables the portal to make an all-inclusive information report that gives accurate and detailed information one is looking for. 

Excellent Customer Support

Yes, we know what you are thinking that everyone says they have great customer service but in reality, all that one gets is long queued up calls and not so helpful representatives. But, with Been verified that isn’t the case. Their customer support is excellent as it is quick, friendly and most importantly efficient to handle the queries of customers. One can approach them through their customer helpline from 6:00 am to 11.30 P.M (EST) or through the mail that shall be reverted to you by their customer representative through a call. 

Clear pricing and plans

Unlike other background check platforms that display a nominal fee but have hidden charges in their plans, the Been Verified keeps things crystal clear when it comes to the fee for their plans. One can access multiple pieces of information after purchasing the monthly or quarterly subscriptions. In both the plans one can avail the same features and benefits but the only difference one shall find in the plan is that in the quarterly subscription one would be able to save 35% which wouldn’t be possible in a monthly plan. 

Mobile friendly 

The Been Verified platform has ensured that your searching doesn’t get hindered at any cost. Therefore, the mobile application has been strategically made to be user-friendly with a smooth interface so that one can always have the accessibility to get information even if they aren’t close to their PCs or laptops. 

Easy to use

Unlike its competitors who make background checking seem like an obstacle challenge, the Been Verified portal is very easy to use. Smooth navigation and quick results make this portal one of the easiest to use search portal engines in today’s time. 



Updating new information may take time  

The Been Verified portal thrives on giving accurate information but delay in updating any new information about a person can sometimes lead to incorrect results. Therefore, making the results, not 100 % accurate. 

Not glitch-free

One of the issues that one can encounter with Been Verified is the problem of search results taking too long. Like every searching portal, even the Been Verified has not been able to find a solution to the glitch of delayed search results. 

PC/ Laptop friendly over mobile app

Going by the words of many users, it can be understood that the portal is much easier to use when being accessed through a PC/Laptop than the mobile app as then one can access everything at a glance rather than scrolling through several pages and clicking. 


How can Been Verified help you?

Supposedly you have come across someone on an online dating app and things seem to be too good to be true about the other person's lifestyle or job. What do you do in this scenario? Do you call up your best friend to do rounds of possible scenarios or you would simply want to know accurately about their job, their location or any criminal records? We are guessing the latter. Therefore, the Been Verified can help you make a wise decision even before meeting the individual so that you do not get into unforeseeable problems. ( Let's be honest we all like to have adventures in our life but, going on a date with a repeat sex offender or a stalker isn't the kind of adventure we are seeking in our lives, right)

Secondly and most importantly, the Been Verified portal is quite helpful when it comes to legal matters. The kind of accurate and detailed information required in legal matters can cost you bundles of dollars if done through a legal officer or any other expert but, the same kind of information would be easily accessible to you at a nominal fee through the Been Verified Portal. 

Furthermore, with Been Verified you can search as many times as you may like after purchasing the monthly or quarterly subscription which may not happen if you decide to hire an investigator. As they may ask for a fee every time you ask them to find out something for you resulting in a burn in your pocket and not even getting accurate information. 



The Been Verified Reviews has been an attempt to understand and analyze the Been Verified portal critically. This background check platform is the need of the hour as today online interactions and digital transactions have become a normal course of our lives. But with such advancement in technology, the loopholes still exist and chances of being scammed or getting tangled in something fraudulent are always circling us. Therefore, to safeguard ourselves and our reputation and to avoid any kind of loss, it gets pertinent to take the help of the Been Verified portal. 

It is a smart and fast way to have access to legitimate information. It helps you to have a comprehensive detailed information report in one place, which may not be possible through other channels. By paying a nominal fee, one gets to access legit information without wasting time by beating around the bush of different and incompetent investigators. 

Staying committed to providing you critical Been Verified reviews, it is pertinent to highlight that one may experience sometimes long search results and difficulties with the app but, if one sees the larger picture, then the Been Verified portal has ticked all the boxes and has proven that it provides the most accurate information about someone's track record. It offers a detailed history that has been chronologically organized for the customer's convenience, all at a budget-friendly fee, making it one of the leading background check platforms today. Certainly, it is a "must-have" for anyone who needs to conduct research frequently and needs to save time, money and energy.