Blue Nile Jewellery reviews 2022 - A Hidden Gem Of Fine Jewelry

February 06, 2022

Thinking of buying an engagement ring for your fiance? Or maybe pampering yourself with cute jewelry for all the hardships you do? You are at the right place. This article will have detailed Blue Nile jewellery review.


About Blue Nile Jewellery

BlueNile is an online jewelry company founded in the year 1999. Its headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. Let us dig into the history of the blue Nile because what better way to know the authenticity of the product than knowing its history? Mark Vadon established the Blue Nile. He went out to look for a wedding ring for his love but then was underwhelmed by the selection. He did this since he couldn't find much diversity.

He began looking for another jewelry store after being dissatisfied mostly with the jewels he had viewed. Following that, he stumbled upon the website 'Internet,' and was impressed by the uniqueness and richness of the items. Mark conducted research on the owner and formed a business agreement alongside him. What began as a hardship became the foundation for his success. They've built a reputable online store over the last two decades.

The Blue Nile is dedicated to developing a new business strategy that would provide consumers with the most value through superior diamond education, service quality, and, most crucially, the cheapest available assurance. Thanks to their extraordinary incorporation of their operational and management model, Blue Nile has risen to become the biggest online retailer of elevated diamonds and fine jewelry with over $470 million in revenue and essentially no inventory since 1999. Blue Nile's business is teaching clients throughout the difficult process of purchasing a diamond online, from the search stage to the final checkout.

Traditionally, this teaching process was handled by local jeweler commission-driven professionals, but the Blue Nile was able to deliver a very comparable system through its internet experience. Blue Nile's digital site focuses on building a user-friendly procedure in which users are taught the fundamental components of purchasing a diamond and can objectively compare items to make informed purchasing decisions. The Blue Nile offers diamonds essentially straight as from diamond makers and wholesalers, rather than buying inventory or distributing it on their site. This helps to provide better a massive inventory with sharp profit margins.




There are different features or characteristics of Blue Nile diamond. These are mentioned below and it will provide you with a clear picture of what to buy and what not to buy. The Blue Nile has over 600,000 raw diamonds in all the more recognized cuts imaginable.

You'll discover all of them and much more in single shaped, transparency, and color grade, whether you're looking for the round, emerald, Asscher, or brilliant-cut diamonds. The main products of the blueline are: Diamonds and wedding rings.

  • BRUISE - In the core of this crowning major facet, a bruise may be seen. A sharp hit to the diamond's surface causes it to bruise. Since this drives microscopic beak inclusions into the diamond, it's akin to bearding. The reasons for this can vary, but it was most likely due to the cutter's negligence.
  • KNOT - The diamond knot is just a creative loop that can be made on the end of a string, such as a rosary. A honeynet stopper knot, often known as the diamond knot, has a strong resemblance to the diamond knot.
  • PINPOINT- These are extremely few white or dark crystals found within a diamond. At different magnifications, these intracellular crystals appear as a little dot.
  • NATURAL - On the finished diamond, a piece of the raw rough diamond's surface was left unpolished. In the face-up position, it is usually situated near the girdle and is typically unnoticeable to the human eye.
  • NEEDLE - Under 10x magnification, a fine, extended inclusion encased inside a diamond that appears as a small rod. Needles have a more muted appearance than stones or feathery.
  • CLOUD - Within a diamond, a cluster of tiny pinpoints that are too small to be distinguished independently. Under 10x magnification, clouds in greater clarity diamonds are very often challenging to see. On the certifying report for poorer purity diamond, you would see a note that the clarity is dependent on clouds not visible. This is known as "segments and sub," and it can occasionally appear apparent to the naked eye.



Since they deal closely with suppliers and manufacturers as well as offer them available on the internet, Blue Nile can provide lower costs than most other diamond retailers. The business eliminates the significant administrative costs of physical storefronts and therefore does not engage in costly promotional campaigns.

Comparing identical diamond rings via various stores seems to be the greatest method to appreciate Blue Nile's cheap pricing.

Given Blue Nile's inexpensive and cheery reputation, it might sound surprising that they also have similar gemstones for offer at a greater price than James Allen. For our comparison, we chose the ever-popular princess diamond.

The outcomes were startling, with a 0.7-carat diamond, Sl1 clear, and excellent cut and color. The Blue Nile lists this stone for $1,651 while James Allen lists it for $1,420. For a stone that you can view and that comes with a far better authentication, you can save over $200.

The Blue Nile is undeniably one of the most affordable online diamond dealers in the industry, and yet what you receive for your budget is up for discussion.

The ordinary buyer isn't knowledgeable about diamonds, as well as not being capable to see how they're buying will turn off a lot of people. Despite the fact that they have been an immensely popular firm, we decided to see if their loose stones were as affordable as those that stated.



As we know every coin has two sides, similarly there are some positive aspects and negative aspects of a company to be it any. In this section, you will get to know some of the negative and positive sides of the blue Nile company. 


1. Affordable pricing.

2. Lot of varieties 

3. Good customer care 

4. Good quality 


1. No assistance 

2. Lengthy return process 



Without any doubt, we 100% recommend you the Blue Nile if you are looking for jewelry. Whenever you buy, though, see if you can acquire photographs of the genuine gemstone. It is one of the best and largest diamond inventory. Upon that Blue Nile website, each diamond is certified to be turmoil. According to the firm, the diamonds are genuinely useful, and you will not be acquiring conflict diamonds.

Blue Nile's e-commerce site offers a diverse variety of products. The most popular item is, by naturally, loose stones. There seem to be approximately 180,000 loose diamonds to choose among, as previously stated. Diamonds can be selected depending on certain criteria. The Blue Nile, like other jewelry shops, allows you to create your own ring.

You start by picking your diamond, then your mounting, metal, clarity, and some other characteristics, before adding final adjustments like inscriptions. Overall it is a perfect go-to site whenever you want to buy jewelry. It also provides a range of products so that you can pick whichever you like. 



This website is easy to use and browse, especially for those who are technically disadvantaged. You may get particular with what you need and refine your search, whether you're looking for something like a diamond, pearls, or other sorts of jewelry. Which makes it simple to search through their extensive library. In the end, if you go for the Blue Nile it will be totally worth it. You will not regret anything. it has great customer service too and a return policy, it also provides you with various sizes and products.



1. Does the Blue Nile have a warranty?

· Yes, it provides a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects.

2. What is the return policy of Blue Nile?

· Items may well be replaced and exchanged for a full refund or exchange within 30 days after shipment, no questions are asked. Products should be in their initial purchase conditions which include all item paperwork for being qualified for return.

 3. Will I be able to track my order?

· Yes, on the day of the shipment the company will send an email with confirmation and a link will help you to track the order.