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May 01, 2023

Pumping iron is a rare escape from the rigors of the world, the gym a sanctuary to lay down your worries as you lift those heavy weights.

A place where you are defined only by your effort and hard work as a warrior in the battlefield of self-improvement, but each warrior needs his arsenal. Today, in this article we want to equip you with your personal arsenal, covers the entire spectrum of fitness ranging from fitness products to personalized fitness programs for every type of gym-goer, making sure that you don’t need to look further than them for any of your gym needs.

Today, we will explore the intriguing world of bodybuilding through the lens of a fitness freak looking to achieve new heights in their journey.

Join us as we look through the good, the not-so-good, and the amazing as we explore reviews, their product range, and what makes it a go-to destination for all things fitness.


Fitness Done Right – What is

At the heart of their offering lies a simple motto, holistic health for everyone. The platform styles itself as a one-stop solution to all your fitness needs with a variety of offerings that range from fitness supplements to quality advice delivered through their many articles, to apparel and so much more, placing the world of healthy living and fruitful gymming right at your feet.

Creating a website that covers all ends is no small feat with regards to an ocean as vast as that of fitness, but it's one that has achieved.

With a simple user interface and a vast selection of choices to make all you need to do is click away to begin your exploration of the site's offering, a quick look at their offering confirms the many reviews that praise the site for general user-friendliness.

When it comes to fitness there is no shortage of businesses that sell good products, but pushes that envelope further.

The best place to understand what the site is about is Trust Pilot which provides comprehensive reviews which we will explore in a bit, but for now, let's have a look at everything you can expect to see when you visit the site.


Everything, All at Once – The Entire Product Range

Everything, All at Once – The Entire Product Range has bifurcated its product into convenient categories for ease of use, at a quick glance, these are the categories you can expect to see when logging onto the website 

  • ◾  Shop – This part of their site is where you can buy anything and everything ranging from Protein, Performance Supplements, Weight Management Supplements, Vitamins, and Clothing and accessories.
  • ◾  Articles – Articles are’s way of keeping you keyed into everything happening in the world of fitness, from events to releases, this is your premier platform to keep up with everything new and worth knowing!
  • ◾  Workouts – Customized workout programs curated specially for those that follow different disciplines, the site offers comprehensive workout plans for everyone from beginners to experts and beyond!
  • ◾  Forums – Forums are the best way to connect with other gym heads to discuss the latest and greatest in the field of healthy living, here you can expect to have a chat on anything under the sun from pumping iron to debating the results of the latest Mr. Olympia.
  • ◾  Bodyfit Fitness App – An app built for the health enthusiast in you, the body fit app is for those that are on their path to living a fitter lifestyle, it provides you the opportunity to dive head first into the world of workouts, power plants, and fat burning plans.


Public Verdict – Reviews

Let's take a short trip to TrustPilot where we can get guaranteed access to unbiased and 100% genuine reviews on almost everything under the sun! We are pleased to report that over 60% of the reviews are 5-star only further adding to the credibility and effectiveness of the website.

 Here at Top 15 Onlinewe pride ourselves on creating wholly unbiased comparisons and reviews that enable you, the modern consumer to view products and services as they are, no frills, no opacity, just facts.


The Good, The Bad, and The Outstanding…?

The Good, The Bad, and The Outstanding…?

No product or service is perfect, opinions always differ. That’s what makes every commodity unique. Similarly, brings unique strengths to the table and certain weaknesses as reviewed by customers.

What’s great–

  • ◾  Customer Service experience– Customer service is a shining jewel in’s crown, customers report having positive experiences across the board when it comes to getting their needs addressed.
  • ◾  Delivery– Delivery is another strong point that strengthens the offering of, users have reported quick deliveries and fast turnaround times on the delivery of their ordered products.
  • ◾  International Delivery– The platform offers international delivery across the world, meaning everyone has equal access to their services and products.
  • ◾  Great Value– Buyers express satisfaction over the value they derive from their products, with some reviews going on to say it’s the best site for purchasing authentic supplements and apparel.


What’s not so great–

  • ◾  Occasional Delays– Users have expressed that on certain deliveries there have been unaccounted for delays that have stretched beyond the delivery date assigned by the company.
  • ◾  Irresponsiveness– Members who have purchased premium services have reported that at times bookings to trainers haven’t gone through.
  • ◾  Technical Glitches– Technical errors and optimization are not unknown issues when it comes to websites and technology, it is because of these glitches that customers report being double charged at times.


Final Verdict

Fitness in the year 2023 is in an interesting place, fad diets, unsustainable workout plans, a toxic culture for newcomers, with all these issues the need for a neutral platform that is accessible and global, a space where all can transform and reach the heights they were always destined to reach.

We would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to hit hard reset, start afresh, or reach new heights in their fitness journey. No matter where you are along the road, is sure to have an exciting proposition to excite you and to help you achieve new dimensions.


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