Care for Your Home: Book Home Services With Thumbtack and Find Local Pros

December 13, 2023

‘Self-reliance’ is a word that has the power to describe you as a person who can handle every situation. You are a person who doesn’t rely on others, whether financially or emotionally. This word describes you as the perfectionist for society. But everyone is not a perfectionist.

Yes, you could earn your living, but it is optional that you also know how to fix your electricity issues, garden, interior painting, house cleaning, and some other household work. 

You seek help for any household work, but the major problem is where you will get the reliable and responsible professionals for these jobs. 

Or maybe you are just done with people who didn’t pay well for your hard work because they think it is mere work of the household. 

Let's dig deep into Thumbtack's features, like what services it offers, how pros get hired, whether it charges any fee, and how a contractor can hire a pro.

Then, Thumbtack is there for you; the contractor can hire professionals, and pros can get jobs at reasonable prices in their nearby areas.

Thumbtack has many features that make it the most popular platform for contractors to search for the best pro for their job and the professionals to be hired instantly at reasonable prices, such as:-

1.  Care For Your Home

2.  Find Local Pros

3.  Verified Profiles of Professionals

4.  Affordable Leads for Home Care

5.  Many Opportunities

6.  Use Filters for Better Results

7.  E-commerce Presence

8.  Work With Guarantee

9.  Keep Track of Your Works

10.  Free Platform

11.  Verified Profiles

Care For Your Home

In a country like the United States of America, where you don't have the option to hire a house, 'Thum, back' is like a Ginnie to many families as it allows them to hire professionals for daily work. You hire pros for plumbing, roofing, house cleaning, pest control, etc. 

In short, Thumbtack is making life easy and stress-free for small and silly reasons. It even increases the reputation of work for this section of society as they get reasonable prices for their job and are called professionals.


Find Local Pros

Many apps and websites exist for educated and highly paid jobs, such as marketing professionals, content creators, etc. But Thumbtack is a platform where you can seek help for minor problems related to your housing daily. 

Thousands of job offers are available on the Thumbtack, which creates a working culture and work environment for plumbers, painters, nannies, and many more professionals. They get hired instantly in nearby places and enhance their living standards by earning well. 

Affordable Leads for Home Care

Through Thumbtack, you can set your leads or prices for your services, and customers can hire you as per your charges. Customers can also easily search for affordable pros by using filters. 

Thumbtack has reasonable leads, but if someone is looking for instant hiring for any project, the charges will be much higher than usual because this instant hiring will cause disturbance in the pre-scheduled tasks and projects. 

Many Opportunities

Thumbtack has an Opportunity section where pros can find customers and establish a direct approach. Pros can directly apply for the job or project irrespective of the fact that the contractor will contact you and hire you. This will increase the chances of getting hired as the world works on the 'First Come, First Serve' concept.

Use Filters for Better Results

Thumbtack has hundreds of job opportunities and pros on the go, creating a hassle for the contractors and pros to choose which one. But with many filters like prices, the contractor is ready to pay, nearby locations and type of job, etc. With these filters, search becomes easy, and browsing becomes seamless and relevant with time-consuming methods. 

E-commerce Presence

Thumbtack has an e-commerce presence and is available online for its users, as it has a website and an app. You can choose a website if you want to maintain your phone's storage. You must visit the website and log in to Thumbtack to use its services. 

On the other hand, if you want to avoid visiting the website repeatedly, you can download its app from the different platforms and use its features without any issues. 


Work With Guarantee

Everyone could be better at their work, or some circumstances forbid you to complete the task, such as some pros are hired but do not complete their job on a given deadline or time; in that situation, Thumbtack will take care of it and give your money back to you. 

Thumbtack has a guarantee of getting work done. If not, then it gives you your money back. 

Keep Track of Your Works

The contractors and the pros can keep track of previous work and leads they paid or offered. This will give you the whole history of your work and help you find better future leads for the same position. It also gives you information on how much you previously charged for the project.

Free Platform

Yes, for hiring pros, contractors need to pay for their services, and pros need to pay to get jobs, but Thumbtack is a free-of-cost platform as nobody needs to pay for the features of Thumbtack they are using, such as browsing, using filters, and many more. 

Only pros can charge for their services. No additional cost is involved in Thumbtack. 

Thumbtack has verified profiles of pros and contractors. It has thousands of reviews of pros on the website and app, and after going through those reviews, you can decide whether you want to give the job to that pro or not. 

Get the Job Done!

So, with Thumbtack, you can get help for your small work at home and make your life tension-free. You can now work in your office without thinking about who will fix your tap in the bathroom and how you will reach a plumber. 

Even if you are a job seeker for this kind of work and fade up from people who get the job done but are not ready to pay reasonable prices, then Thumbtack will do justice to you. This platform makes you professional and allows you to work according to your time and costs. 

Thumbtack gets your job done instantly and with verified professionals. Now, caring for your home is seamless work. You can find local pros and book home services for different activities such as interior painting, House Cleaning, and essential home services instantly.