Cox Internet Review 2022 - Fast internet speeds, Review & Details

June 09, 2022 is a broadband company that offers you a good speedy internet connection. But is it really worth buying? Let us find out in this detailed detailed review.

What is cox?

Cox communication is basically an entertainment and broadband communication company that offers their customer high speed internet services in various plans. They have made their customers also subscribe to the home phone, home security, digital video and home automation services. In the US, it is currently the largest private telecom network that has more than 6 million customers in 18 states.

The company was founded 50 years ago and is a family owned company. It is more like a subsidiary of coz enterprises now. They are also into offering fiber optic internet but it is available to some certain areas only. As of now, they have around 30,000 miles available of metro fiber now.

Cox services and plans

The company mainly has 5 standard internet plans and one prepaid plan. For the standard plans, the pricing will start from $29.99 per month with 25MBPS and will go up to $99.99 per month with 940MBPS speed. If you are buying the same for 1 year, you are going to get flat $10 off. However, once the first year is over, the prices will take a hike to $44.99 per month for 25 MBPS and $119.99 per month for 940 MBPS plan.

Talking about their straight up prepaid plan, it is basically a $50 per month plan that gives you a modem with up to 25 MBPS speed. If you are looking for no frill service, this one is surely the one you can have as you do not require to pay any deposit, extra fee or have a contract with the company.

Plan 1- Straight up prepaid

This plan is best suited for-

  • Customers who are not looking to get bind up in any sort of contract.
  • Customers who want the budget friendly and simple plan.

This plan will cost you approx. $50 per month and there will be nothing else required. You are also going to get the Wi-Fi model free with that. However, you need to learn how to install it by your own. The modem can make you connect it up to 5 devices and the download speed will be 50 MBPS and upload speed will be 3 MBPS with the data cap of 1 TB.

Plan 2- Starter 25

This plan is best suited for

  • People looking for an affordable plans.
  • Users who are requiring basic internet needs from the provider.

This plan will make you connect up to 3 devices and you will have to pay $29.99 per month for the first year. It is a fiber and cable friendly plan that also includes 1.25 TB of your data in light usage. Here, the download speed will be up to 25 MBPS and the upload speed will be up to 3MBPS.

Plan 3- Preferred 150

This plan is best suited for

  • People who are into light online gaming.
  • Users who want to work via home or need to have video calls often.

This plan will start from $59.99 per month for the first year and it will let the person connect up to 7 devices at one time. It will also include a McAfee security suite and the download speed will be up to 150 MBPS whereas the upload speed will be 10 MBPS. And the data cap will be 1.25 TB.

Plan 4- Ultimate 500

This plan is best suited for

  • People who are requiring good speed of internet.
  • Someone who keeps downloading large files, do video streaming and more.

This plan is little costlier but has a very fast speed. Talking about the download speed, it will give up to 500 MBPS and the upload speed will be up to 10 MBPS and data cap will be 1.25 TB. You can use up to 9 devices and you will also be getting McAfee security suite with this. The price will be $79.99 per month for the first year.

Plan 5-Giga blast

This plan is best suited for

  • If you have multiple users at home for internet.
  • High usage users.

This plan is the costliest among the all. It will cost you $99.99 per month with the download speed of up to 1 GBPS and upload speed up to 35 MBPS. It will also consist McAfee security suite and the data cap will be available of 1.25 TB. You can use 9 or more devices at one time and use it for high-usage activities easily without any interruptions.

Cox internet speed

As said, they have the fastest plan called Giga blast that will give you 940 MBPS download speed with 35 MBPS upload speed. It is the fastest speed that this internet provider can share.

Coz customer service

Talking about the customer service, the company has made it easier and convenient for their users to connect to them. They can contact them via their website and the company will reach to your home and see if connectivity can be given or not. Other than that, if there’s any issue in the internet, one can easily reach out to the company and their executives will contact you shortly.

Our verdict- Is Cox worth it?

Yes, Cox is surely a worth buying services as if you are in the US, you will be getting a fast connectivity at a good price. We have liked their services so far and there’s no downside till now.

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