DataCamp Business- Redefining Corporate Data Literacy

February 22, 2022

Gone are the typewriter and ledger days. It is the age of the computer now, automation, data competence, artificial intelligence, and the internet rule the roost now. 

Business empires are built today on the strength of they utilize the data that is available to them. This has lead to data professionals who were previously viewed as no more than clerks becoming the backbone of every successful business. An organization is only as good as its data professionals.

But what if we told you, you could make every single one of your employees a data professional, a competent analyst, scientist or, engineer? What if we told you that someone who does not know how to properly operate could become an expert at extracting, interpreting, and visualizing giant data sets? Yes, its true.

Join us today as we tell you how you could convert your talent into competent data handlers who could change the way you do business and propel your organization or business to wholly new dimensions with DataCamp for Business.


Why is Data Literacy So Important?

We have entered the golden era of data, an age where organizations freely collect information to fuel their business goals. However, usage of this data isn't as optimal as you might think. In part due to the lack of data literacy across employees. You can't blame the employees either, good chunks of the modern workforce come from a non-technical background, and the understanding of basic computing is not enough to carry out what goes into converting data into usable insights. For this reason, organizations are looking towards business solutions offering holistic courses that upskill their workforce and bring them up to speed on what it takes to understand, interpret, and manipulate data for organizational benefit.


Enter, DataCamp.

DataCamp is a popular upskilling platform preferred by newbies and professionals to enrich their data science knowledge and develop their soft and hard skills. It is the premier platform to enhance your data literacy with updated certification courses that keep in touch with the latest field developments and insightful tutors from professional backgrounds. Thousands of professionals have taken their services to launch their careers to new heights with job-ready skills learned through comprehensively designed certification courses. The question is, how can Data Camp benefit a business? That's where Data Camp Business comes in. Data Camp Business offers the same world-class services scaled up to the needs of your organization. 


How Can Data Camp Business Benefit Your Organization?

Owing to the significance of data in the modern day, all the world's top organizations covet data literacy. That Reflects in the fact that 80% of the Fortune 1000 companies used Data Camp Business's services to upskill their talent and take their skills to the next level. Top organizations such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, 3M, and so on have partnered with Data Camp to create customized learning tracks for employees to play on their unique strengths and bolster their weaknesses to ensure holistic progress. 

These skill development programs have produced rewarding results as teams have learned to optimize processes, gain an intimate understanding of machine learning and AI, improved their data analytics skills and developed their data literacy overall with learning tracks.

If we were to speak about reviews, over 160 verified Users have reported a positive experience with DataCamp Business, reviews on state that DataCamp offers incredible flexibility in learning, other reviews call it the best learning partner for data-related courses. Certain users have mentioned how they went from being complete novices to experts with the immersive and interactive courses offered. DataCamp Business has built a reputation amongst its users to be reliable, flexible, interactive and above all a great platform to upskill your employees and take them to the next level




What Exactly Does DataCamp Business Offer?

DataCamp Business is your one-stop data literacy solution, providing interactive sessions wherein you can apply your learning and learn by doing rather than viewing. DataCamp Business also offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to open your own data academy with the help of their provided resources that focus on the unique aspects of your organization to create connected learning experiences.

With DataCamp Business, you get your hands on the most in-depth data and AI curriculum ever made by exposure to the most in-demand platforms like ChatGPT, Tableau, Python, Excel, and much more!

You Can consult the customer success team and integrate the courses with your company's LMS and SSO providers! This ensures the deepest levels of customization to suit your unique organizational needs.


The DataCamp Business Difference

The DataCamp courses offer benefits ranging from interactive learning to a deep curriculum. But the benefits don't just stop there. Your employees will receive a certificate ranked the #1 Data Analytics certification by Forbes.  This certification will not only help your organization build employee confidence, but also confirm and hold them to the highest industry standards. 

DataCamp Business offers two different course certifications at the associate level for new-comers to the field, they offer -

  • ◾  Data Analyst Certification - A course that combines aspects of both data science and business intelligence, creating an understanding of insights and then presenting them to key stakeholders.
  • ◾  Data Scientist Certification - Their data science course focuses on creating an understanding for reading into thousands of data sets, analyzing and interpreting them.

Unlike most courses available, certifications are awarded upon successful completion of exams awarded after passing the evaluation assessed by human examiners.


DataCamp Business Assesments 

DataCamp Business Assesments 

It is impossible to know the level of expertise in data analytics and data science across all your employees. DataCamp offers assessment services that help you identify the gaps in your team's understanding of the skills data analysts and data scientists need. This helps gauge their understanding and create a course reinforcing strengths and improving on weaknesses. Assessments offered are as follows - 

  • ◾  Programming for Data Engineering Python
  • ◾  Exploratory Analysis Theory
  • ◾  Statistical Experimentation Theory
  • ◾  Analytic Fundamentals
  • ◾  Data Visualization Theory
  • ◾  Python Programming
  • ◾  R Programming
  • ◾  Data Manipulation with Python
  • ◾  Data Manipulation with R
  • ◾  Machine Learning Fundamentals in Python
  • ◾  Machine Learning Fundamentals in R
  • ◾  Importing & Cleaning Data with Python
  • ◾  Importing & Cleaning Data with R
  • ◾  Data Visualization with Python
  • ◾  Statistics Fundamentals with Python
  • ◾  Data Management in SQL (Postgresql)
  • ◾  Data Visualization with R
  • ◾  Statistics Fundamentals with R
  • ◾  Understanding and Interpreting Data
  • ◾  Data Analysis in SQL (PostgreSQL)



They say if you wish to feed a man for a day give him a fish, if you want to feed him for a lifetime, teach him how to catch a fish. With the programs at Datacamp for business you’ll never need to worry about data literacy again.

A one-time investment in this service will ensure you’re giving your employees skills that will last them a lifetime. But the benefits go beyond just teaching them a skill, being armed with this knowledge will turn them into leaders and initiative takers. 

Join the revolution today and give your employees the best gift one could ever get, the gift of knowledge. Holistic data literacy is just a click away.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is DataCamp Certification Included in the Business Plan?

Yes, the DataCamp certification will be awarded depending on the DataCamp business plan you opt for.

2) Why Should I offer certification to my employees?

The certification will not only be a great way to boost your employee's technical confidence but will also upskill them and allow them to contribute more actively to your organization.

3) How Long will certification take?

The Exam process takes around 6-8 hours but this does not include preparation for exams that are done at the learner's pace.

4) Is Study material included in the business plan?

Yes, the study material is available with the business plan with other study resources, study guides, and skill assessments.

5) How do I get started?

If you prefer certification for your course and certification is enabled for your organization, click the "get started" button and begin your journey. If the same is not enabled then click on the "register your interest button" which will help DataCamp collate the information and present it to your admin to request whether or not they would like to activate certification.