DataCamp Review 2022 - Want to be a PRO of Data?

February 01, 2022

Gone are those days when a career only meant being a doctor, lawyer or teacher. Of course, these careers still have their charm but as times have changed so have the career fields. With the evolution of technologies, an array of career options have emerged. One of the most promising careers that have emerged is being a data scientist. If you can understand the language and importance of data, then you are an asset to many big companies. Datacamp is one such platform that is helping students to pursue data science as their career. This Datacamp review helps you to know what DataCamp is all about and will it be worth investing in an important life decision i.e. for making a career as a data scientist. So without wasting more time, let’s dive into the depths of DataCamp through this DataCamp review. 

What is DataCamp? 

DataCamp is a platform that offers a wide range of data science courses for students. From skill track guides to specializing in a specific technology, methodology, or domain like R/Python programming, machine learning, modeling and more, students can choose from over 357 courses. Each course is a complete guide for data engineering, reporting, probability, etc, a suitable platform for both beginners and advanced students who are looking to make a career in the field of data science.  

The learning methodology is divided into 4 stages as- Assess, Learn, Practice and Apply. By following this way, it helps the student to get an in-depth grasp of the subject. 


The courses

As mentioned above students can choose over 350 courses. These courses have been designed in such a way that helps the students to quickly understand the course. The courses are planned in such a way that by the end of the course, the students have learned new technology, are career-ready and can master a particular skill. 

  • Learning a new technology

Short videos led by experts, and then interactive exercises help you put what you have learned into practice. The most popular Technology courses are Python, R, and SQL.

  • Tracking the career

A collection of courses designed by industry experts to help you enhance your data skills and advance your career. The most popular Career Track courses are Data Analyst, Data Scientist, and Data Analyst.

  • Mastering a skill 

Discover how to grow your data skills by learning a skill track, which is a collection of training materials curated by industry experts. R Programming, Importing and Cleaning Data, and Data Visualization are among its most popular Skill Track courses.


Which are the most popular courses at DataCamp?

Students who wish to pursue a career in data science would be spoiled with choices on the DataCamp platform. In this DataCamp review, we have chosen 5 of the most popular courses at DataCamp so that you can kick start with the best of courses- 

  • Data Scientist and Python

You will learn the necessary python skills to succeed as a data scientist on this career track. No prior coding experience is required. You will learn how versatile languages can be used to import, clean, manipulate, and visualize data. One can complete this course in approximately 88 hours and this course has received 4.5 out of 5 ratings. 

  • Python programing 

You'll learn the Python basics you need to get started on your programming journey in this course. It has a 4.5 out of 5 ratings and one can finish this course in about 15 hours.

  • Data Scientist with R

This course helps you in building a successful data scientist career with the R skills. No prior requirement of coding is required and students can complete this course in approximately 76 hours. In this course, students can gain knowledge by working on real-world datasets and get practical knowledge. 

  • Fundamentals of machine learning with Python 

One can learn the fundamental concepts of machine learning in this course. Students take almost 20 hours to complete this course and this has been identified as one of the most popular courses for beginners in this field. 

  • Data analysis with Python

Essential for those who want to pursue their career as data analysts. Students can learn this course through interactive exercises and can get access to several Python libraries. 


Pricing of DataCamp 

DataCamp is a subscription-based model that offers three different plans. One can choose from the following models which suit them best-

1. The Free account

This is a free account for those who want to try the DataCamp platform before taking the plunge. In this plan, one would be able to access the first chapter of all courses, 7 projects, 3 practice challenge sets and a skill assessment. 

2. The Standard Plan 

This is one of the most popular plans on this platform. Currently, the plan costs $12 per month and one can access everything with this plan. Furthermore, by availing of this plan, learners can access over 350 courses, 12 career tracks, 50+ skill tracks, unlimited practice challenges, live code, all mobile app courses and practices. One also gets access to community chat in this plan. 

3. The Premium annual plan 

Currently, the cost of this plan is $4 per month and one can access all the features of the DataCamp platform along with 80+ projects, Tableau, Power BI and Oracle content. Furthermore, this plan will also give students the feature of priority support so that learners can easily access the course with constant assistance.

4. The Professional plan 

This plan can be availed at the price of $25 per month. This plan gives the learners every feature of the DataCamp platform along with admin roles and permissions, assignments, admin dashboard and live chats for admins. But, it is important to highlight that this plan does not provide Tableau, Power BI and Oracle content. 

5. The Enterprise plan 

In this plan, one would be able to access and also get access to other features like dedicated customer success manager, single sign-on (SSO), LMS integrations, advanced reporting, data export, custom learning tracks, Tableau, Power BI and Oracle content and Priority support.  

So now that we have understood what DataCamp offers and how it works, let's analyze this platform critically in this DataCamp review so that you can make a final call. 




1. Is it easy to use DataCamp? 

At the DataCamp, one can open an account easily and for free. One can also sign up through their Linkedin, Facebook or Gmail account. The website is easy to understand and one can smoothly navigate through it. 

2. Are the courses convenient?

The DataCamp courses have been strategically designed to help students to learn data science practically. The courses are not unnecessarily long but contain integral content that is important in today's data science world. Learners can complete their course without any deadline and further, they can access the course from anywhere across the globe. 

Furthermore, DataCamp also allows learners to download the course videos and lesson slides so that they can use them even when they are offline. 

The courses can be accessed through mobile apps both iOS and Android by which learners can have the ease of learning at any given time and place. 

3. How many courses are available on DataCamp?

This platform allows learners to learn about data science from over 350 plus courses. One can upgrade their skills by learning R programming and python along with other multiple courses. The platform's unique and engaging teaching methodologies help learners to understand the integral concepts as well garner practical knowledge about data science so that they have a strong foundation in data science. 

Learners can access the available courses according to their plans and also get continuous updates about the new courses that would be getting available on the platform.

Courses are available only in the English language but DataCamp provides subtitles in the course videos. The subtitles are in Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. 

4. Who are the instructors? 

Instructors at DataCamp are subject matter experts in data science and analytics. The instructors at DataCamp (270 in total) receive support throughout the course development process but do take responsibility for their work and the course they teach.

5. What is the course structure?

Each DataCamp course includes video content, interactive exercises, downloadable course material and skill assessments. Instructors at DataCamp develop their courses in close collaboration with the team at DataCamp.

6. How are the learners assessed? 

Once a learner has availed of any of the courses of DataCamp they are continuously assessed through the various practice tests and assessments that come in their plan. 

7. Does DataCamp provide any official certification?

You will receive a Statement of Accomplishment when you have completed a course at DataCamp. While this is not an accredited certification, you can share it on Linkedin.

8. How does the payment and refund system work at DataCamp?

DataCamp accepts credit cards and PayPal payments. It also accepts some Visa and Master debit cards.

Your subscription to DataCamp will renew automatically on a monthly or yearly basis. It is possible to cancel your subscription at any time. However, it doesn’t refund unused portions of a subscription.

9. Do learners get any assistance?

A support chatbot is available from DataCamp. Alternatively, you can submit a request and include your email address, subject and description, and they will contact you.

The Takeaway 

If you are serious about a career in the field of data science, then DataCamp is a good platform, to begin with. This platform has been specifically tailored to cater to today's learners who do not want to read unnecessary content but have access to comprehensive and well-detailed content in a bite-sized structure. Furthermore, Its Career and Skill track set it apart from other platforms making it one of the best platforms for learning data science and availing the infinite opportunities of the data science world.

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