DataCamp Review- Data Literacy for All

May 29, 2023

We live in a world driven by data, where the norm is redefined by who best utilizes data. Corporations seek qualified individuals who understand how to use, manipulate, and derive actionable insights from raw, unfiltered data. 

But that's not where it ends, for it is but the beginning. The data realm houses many different levels. And each class needs a professional with a different kind of expertise. These professionals shape the processes that are concerned with data at every level.

Welcome to the world of Data. Join us in this DataCamp review as we break down how raw and unfiltered data is converted into riveting insights vital to forecasting future trends, interpreting historical data, and creating valuable dashboards that paint insights into vivid illustrations based on KPIs and more! Now let's introduce you to its best general- DataCamp.


How Data Has Evolved 

Data has changed while information has been the most important asset one could have since time immemorial, used in wars to decide where to flank, where to defend when to retreat, and when to attack. Knowing your enemy has always been important, but so has knowing your friend.

But how would you know who your friend or enemy is if you didn't have the necessary information to make that decision? While the world has moved on from spears and swords too much more advanced means of forwarding civilization, the role of data has remained the same and has only become more vital to the central functioning of the world.

Governments use data to carry out censuses to decide where they need to spend more, how they need to shape their policies, where they need to carry out development projects, and so on.

Investment firms use data to decide when, how, and if they need to invest in a specific pitch.

Banks use data to identify customers based on previous loans and credit card payments and decide whether to grant these individuals loans.


Enter, Datacamp

Enter datacamp

Besides using data in all cited examples, the common thread is just how integral data is for anything to happen. Behind the success of every government, bank, investment firm, business, or any other institution in the world, there is an individual behind the curtains, making sense of data for it to be shown to the right persons for the right actions to be taken.

With data analysis taking center stage in almost everything, you must understand just how important it is to the functioning of the world. Hell (excuse our French), you might even be thinking of a career in Data Analytics yourself. Well, if what we said is accurate, then you're at the right place. 

If you were to ask us, "What is Datcamp” we’d say that DataCamp could be your knight in shining armor, your partner as you dive into the depths of the world of data analytics, with millions of users worldwide and an accomplished Data Literacy service for businesses utilized by Fortune 500 companies to upskill their employees and create competent data literate professionals. 




Different Levels

If you think the same person does the complete data analysis, interpretation, and communication process, then we have news for you. 

As you’ll find out in this DataCamp Review, the world of data is much more complex than you can imagine. With the intricacy involved in each step of the process, there is more than just one person needed and more than just one field of expertise that needs to be involved, so let's break it down for you from the base level. While the field is vast and holds equally expansive roles, we've mentioned below the leading roles that define the field-

◾  Data engineers- These people are the deep-sea divers of the world of data, and data mining, creating an infrastructure for the storage, collection, management, transformation, and access of the data for further refinement and manipulation.

◾  Data Architects- These professionals are commonly known as 'visionaries.' They are tasked with using their knowledge of system design and software development, and they are concerned with visualizing the design and infrastructure for the engineers to execute.

◾  Data Analysts- Data analysts are professionals concerned with gathering, collecting, cleaning, and interpreting data. That's not where it ends, though. They also work as forecasters and problem solvers. Having their hand on the beating heart of the organization, data analysts are responsible for forecasting problems even before they come up.

◾  Business Analysts- With all these facts and figures ready, someone needs to be able to communicate them effectively to the ones who matter. That's where the business analyst comes in. A veteran in creating insightful dashboards, and with facts and figures in their arsenal, the business analyst is responsible for presenting insights to the stakeholders, illustrating the long and hard hours of work carried out by the other data professionals to convince and negotiate with the stakeholders. 

◾  Data Scientist- The last frontier in the world of data is the data scientist, who is concerned with integrating Artificial Intelligence, creating algorithms, and optimizing business processes to better integrate the flow of data into the process to help the organization stay ahead of the curve.


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How Can Datacamp Help?

DataCamp courses are considered to be of high value to employers. The platform has become a foremost alternative for those learning the ropes. Besides upskilling and expanding your repertoire, you can also gain a job-ready certification that holds value in the market.

Cost should never be a roadblock to progress. However, saving a few bucks always helps people. DataCamp coupons are available across various websites to help you save more on the courses available on the website. 

Following are just a few ways that DataCamp has become the number 1 Data Learning platform.

  • ◾  The platform offers certification 410+ courses in Data and AI
  • ◾  The quality of the classes is consistent throughout
  • ◾  Pricing plans differ according to the course's level, course content, and design
  • ◾  Courses are updated with the latest AI and technologies.


Worthy Competitors? DataCamp Alternatives

While there are a variety of Data learning platforms out there, only some offer the same value and recognition as DataCamp. 

This is why we recommend considering the platform your first choice for learning the trade. Job-ready certificates and expertly designed courses are just the beginning.

However, if you absolutely have to take up an alternative, there are data-oriented courses available on- 

  • ◾  Coursera
  • ◾  Udemy
  • ◾  Scaler
  • ◾  Simplilearn


The Public Speaks

While what we say might feel like we're hyping the platform too much, the reviews speak more highly than we do.

With 5-star reviews across the board, we’re pleased to say more than 75% of reviews are 5-star, speaking to the credibility and expert course design. The platform has been the upskilling partner of more than 7 million people thus far.




The Pros and The Cons

DataCamp has a lot going for it, but like every other learning platform, it has quirks. Naturally, we want you to know the whole picture as a learner. That's why we've compiled a list of pros and cons that come with a subscription to their course. 

Below is a list of benefits and quirks we've made after going through various reviews on the platform. 

Expertly designed courses Some courses do not provide certifications
Over 400+ courses The learning system is slightly rigid
Beginner, intermediate, and advanced courses are available Sales calls can be annoying.
Courses are affordable -
Certifications and badges have a market value -
Considered a Premier learning platform recognized by hiring companies -


In a Nutshell

To sum our DataCamp review up, the platform has made a name for itself based on the reputation it has gained for being an updated platform that is constantly in touch with the modern developments in the field of Data.

The world is relying more than ever on data these days. With the massively increased use of data across organizations, many jobs are opening up worldwide due to a need for more data analysts. The possibilities in this field are endless, and the potential limitless.