Dhgate Review 2022 - Is it Legit Or Safe?

April 12, 2022

Should you go with DHGate or not? It could be a question worth giving time if you are planning to buy quantities in bulk. And to solve this mystery, we are here with this reliable and legitimate detailed DHGate review that has everything, product details, pricing, shipping, etc. let’s get started.

What is DHGate?

DHGate is basically a marketplace that belongs to independent Chinese wholesalers along with the drop shippers. All the products available at the website are sold by one of them and DHGate only takes care of the transactions. The good part is that the website takes guarantee of refund on all the purchases made. There are almost 10 million variety of product available to buy and along with that, there are almost 1 million sellers already selling their products on the website, DHGate.


How to know about the product?

Since there are numbers of sellers and buyers in the website, it is hard to tell the quality. And thus, with every product, you are going to find the ratings. The ratings will tell you if you should trust the product or not. Most of their reviews come with proper information that includes the product information such as quality, price, shipping time taken and how was the communication with the seller and it the seller was cooperative or not. On the website, every rating will be compared to the average rating and that is how you can know if the seller is good or not.

Is there any protection given by the website?

Yes, there is a protection offered by the website for its buyers. With such offer, you will be eligible for the refund if the order arrived does not match with the described image or description.

What are the products you can buy?

They do offer wide range of products with a category of apparel for men, women and children, gadgets, kitchen and home ware, accessories, shoe ware and etc. however, if you want to know about their best -selling products, then you are going to find variety of wedding dresses and electronics. They are the best- selling products of the website.

Prices and shipping

The best part of this website is the cost of the products that are extremely affordable and in budget for everyone. You can find various products in an affordable range which indeed is a great part. Also, there is no minimum purchase required for most of the products sold there. If you compare the prices of DHGate to websites like AliExpress, you can see that you are getting the products in lesser price than that. That clearly means that you do not need to pay the shipping cost for most of the product. Talking about the payment part, the payment is secured and your card details will not be shared by anyone while making the payment. The payment gateway is secured. All the major credit and debit cards are accepted.

Visit DHGate Official Website

How does DHGate works?

Buying products from DHGate is very simple and straightforward. You do not need to go through any complicated steps for that. Instead, you just need to visit the website and search for the products you actually like. Since you are buying from the third party seller listed on DHGate, you need to pay attention to the ratings.DHGate is going to handle all your transaction made and you will get the alerts once your order is booked and shipped. If you are choosing the ePacket shipping, then you will be receiving these notifications from the website. However, for any concerns, you will be dealing directly with the seller. But if in case you register a complaint, then you need to contact to the customer care team of DHGate. On an average, if we take an estimate, the packages will be taking 1-3 weeks to reach to the countries such as Australia, USA, Europe or Canada.

Some key points to note

Let us make the shopping easier with these key points.

  • 1. Since DHGate is very easy and straight forward app, anyone, even a newbie can use it proficiently.
  • 2. If you are looking for bulk buying, then this website is going to get you a good price.
  • 3. The pricing is affordable and thus, buying a single unit will also be in budget.
  • 4. As the products are coming straight from China, you need to wait little longer than usual for your product arrival.
  • 5. There are deals and offers always available so you can surely get one irrespective of your order number from the website.
  • 6. You must check the ratings before buying any product.

Our verdict?

As per the reviews, we were unsure and thought to have a try before writing this review. Hence, we tried ordering products from the website. As mentioned, we first read the reviews and then got the product. They were surely matching with the price and the quality were decent as well. Although since it was coming from China, the delivery took time of 1-3 weeks but it did work out. There were as such no issue in the product or the price charged. Overall, it was a fruitful experience. Visit DHGate Official Website