Drag, Drop, & Design: Enhance Documentation With DocHub

February 07, 2024

Craft is a skill, and technology enhances it with advanced tools. When craft emerges with technology, it creates something extraordinary. 

DocHub is an advanced technology tool that helps maintain documents and create templates for work efficiency. 

With DocHub, you can create new documents, convert them into PDF and any other file form, share them with password protection, and even create duplicate copies to secure privacy. 

If you need more information about DocHub, read this entire article to know more about its features and why you should choose this for your documentation. 

School of DocHub Tool

DocHub has various tools that help you create and convert documents into PDFs and other templates. You can edit, annotate, convert, collaborate, share, sign, send, protect, complete, and save the template for reuse. DocHub has specific tools for specific work to enhance your work efficiency and document quality with so much ease. 

The following table shows you tools that are designed to work professionally:-

Edit & Annotate


Collaborate & Share

Sign & Send

Protect PDF


Edit PDF

Add Fillable Fields

Create PDF

Insert and Merge

Add Page Numbers

Rotate Pages

Delete Pages

Word to PDF








Add Comments

Share via Link

Share via Email


PDF Status

Sign a PDF

Send for Signing

Set PDF password

Readable PDF

Certify PDF

PDF Audit Trail

Search for PDF



Flatten Fields

Print out



DocHub offers many features, such as adding text, marking e-signatures on PDF, dragging and dropping text fields, and customizing safe documents as templates for future use. 

Let’s discuss all the features of DocHub in detail to gain deep insight into it for smooth use.

Document Creator

With DocHub, you can create and customize a new document by adding new text, images, fillable fields, signs, and more. 

Drag And Drop

Whenever creating a new template or document is optional, you drag and drop the template or file in which you want to make changes. DocHub allows you to choose, pull, and drop the file in the blank area, and then you can start your journey of creation.

Create PDFs, Forms, and Templates

DocHub has many options in terms of creation; you can craft PDFs, develop Forms, and craft templates according to your needs. 

Create Copies

Once you have created your document or template, you can duplicate it, use it in the future, and save it as an option to make changes.

Edit and Annotate

DocHub has various tools with which you can modify, create a layout, format your document, annotate outline, add text, checkmarks, dates, and images ( such as rectangles, circles, lines, arrows, and many more), and even you can free handly download any image or text on the document even though you can delete those text and ideas in the file which you don’t want to retain in the file by writing out the text and image. Along with this, you can also hide out the reader with the blackout tool. 

Add Fillable Fields

In some documents, there is a need to add some fillable fields to be added. DocHub allows you to add these wherever you need them. You must turn your static PDF into an interactive form by adding fillable fields and assigning specific roles to each area. By using this feature, you can 

  • •  Drag and drop text field anywhere on a PDF.
  • •  Large text box anywhere on a PDF for multiple lines of text.
  • •  Add a signature field anywhere on a PDF.
  • •  Drag and drop an initials field anywhere on a PDF.
  • •  Add a date field anywhere on a PDF.
  • •  Add a checkbox field on a PDF.
  • •  Edit existing fields in a PDF.
  • •  Edit fillable fields: replace them, make them required, reassign roles, or delete fields altogether.
  • •  Capture critical information by setting areas as needed.



Manage Document Pages

Neat works impress everyone, showing that the creator works impressively and cleanly. DocHub helps you to organize your results by:- 

  • •  Adding a blank page to a PDF.
  • •  Add a new document to your PDF and merge it with existing PDF pages.
  • •  Adding an image page to a PDF by copying and pasting it or using drag and drop.
  • •  Rearranging pages in a PDF with a simple drag and drop.
  • •  Rotating pages in a PDF to landscape or portrait orientation.
  • •  Copying pages in a PDF.
  • •  Sharing templates with multiple people via a public URL. Each recipient gets a copy to sign and complete.

Host Forms and Templates Online

Some Forms and templates need e-signatures and online access so that others can edit them. DocHub helps you to make your form or template publicly accessible to be signed and completed by:- 

  • •  Distributing templates to multiple people via a public URL. Each recipient gets a copy to sign and meet.
  • •  Publishing PDF forms on social media such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • •  Sending it through email attachments.
  • •  Allowing users on any platform to view their content.

Collaborate and Share

You can easily share your document and even give access to the users. Along with this, you can track all the changes. DocHub allows you to:- 

  • •  Make a note of important information in a document by adding a comment.
  • •  Share documents with specific permissions.
  • •  Send your document as an email attachment; create an authenticated link to quickly and securely share for viewing, downloading, or copying your record.
  • •  Get email notifications with a copy of the finalized document.
  • •  Securely store all completed documents in the cloud and access them anytime.

Document Security & Authentication

DocHub ensures the security of your shared documents by adding password security and encrypted data, as it has many certificates that show that DocHub is safe and secure. 

  • •  GDPR compliance certificate to regulate the collection, use, and holding of personal data for EU residents.
  • •  PCI DSS certification ensures the security of a customer's credit and debit card transactions.
  • •  CPRA compliance to enhance the privacy rights of California residents while protecting their data.
  • •  SOC 2 certification to ensure the security of your data and the privacy of your clients.
  • •  HIPAA compliance is necessary to protect sensitive healthcare information's confidentiality, safety, and integrity. 


DouHub helps enhance teamwork by creating organizations for sharing, signing, and completing documents. You can:- 

  • •  Create a business organization to share, sign, and complete business documents.
  • •  Create an academic organization to manage academic document workflows easily.
  • •  Add members and assign different roles.
  • •  Assign Roles within Your Business Organization
  • •  Customize your organization and documents with your company's logo and brand colors.


DocHub could be integrated with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, and Google Classroom to import documents, export finalized documents, send your PDFs as attachments, and many more regarding sharing and collaboration.



Convert to PDF

DouHub can convert your document into many files, such as Word into ODT, TXT, HTML, XLSX, CSV, PPT, RTF, JPG, PNG, and GIF files to PDF in a few clicks.

  • •  Word to PDF
  • •  ODT to PDF
  • •  TXT to PDF
  • •  HTML to PDF
  • •  XLSX to PDF
  • •  CSV to PDF
  • •  PPT to PDF
  • •  RTF to PDF
  • •  JPG/JPEG to PDF
  • •  PNG to PDF
  • •  GIF (non-animated) to PDF

Accessible in Any App

Your phone and device have many other apps through which you can easily access the DouHub without changing the app. You can use DouHub in the following apps.





Cloud Content Collaboration

Communications Software

Corporate LMS


CRM System

Customer Service

Database Software




Email Tracking Software


Expense Management


HR Management


Live Chat


Time tracking

Web Content Management

Marketing Automation

Project Management

Video Conferencing

Travel Management

Task Management



Digital Signatures

For this, you need to follow these steps for the smooth signing of the document.

Step 1: Upload the document in the editor.

Step 2: In the top toolbar, click Sign → Create your signature → select how you want to create it → Save as Default.

Step 3: Hit Sign, select your signature, and place it where it needs to be on the document.

Step 4: Save, share, or export the electronically signed document.

Why DocHub?

Free and powerful

DocHub is free software but offers you premium tools with no hidden costs. 

Free Trial 

If you want to try it first, then invest in it, then you can try its free trial for 30 days.

Worldwide Acceptance

DocHub is accepted by 87 million users worldwide, and more than 500 million documents have already been done.

Use It, and Worry Not

This article gives you deep insight into the features and why you should choose DocHub as your documentation partner. It is clear that DocHub is not just the place where you can create new templates; you can even share them with others, use password protection to secure confidential information, and add digital signatures to the document.

Additionally, DocHub allows you to add more text, titles, and images to give you a neat and clean document, enhancing your work efficiency and making it more impressive.

It is free of cost, and you can even try its trial pack and then decide whether you want to invest in its features and enjoy premium services or not.