Learn Coding from Scratch

December 01, 2022

Coding is the universal language of today, with more people worldwide either looking to build a career in the field, upgrade the skills they already have, or become competent data professionals. 

But what inspires so many people to build careers in this field or to shift their careers to this field? Is it the high salary packages? The ever-increasing jobs? Rewarding work profiles? The evolving and dynamic field? Or a combination of all of these factors.

You heard right; the fields of data, coding, and data science have taken the world by storm, emerging as leading fields in terms of both employability and rewarding work profiles. If you’re one of the individuals looking to join these fields or upskill, you're at the right place.

Today, we introduce to you a platform that has changed the way coding is learned, Join us in our review and learn more about the wonderful world of coding and how you can become a master from scratch.


What is The ultimate Destination for coding

Every story has a beginning, and your journey into the world of coding needs to start off on the right foot, so let’s tell you how you can begin your journey of a thousand steps with the first step into the world of this platform with this review is a platform that is committed to teaching coding the right way; it understands that only some who use the platform may have prior knowledge of the field and may need a more hands-on and from-scratch approach. 

To this end, the courses the platform offers are designed to teach you everything you need to know and more, all from the beginning!

With 1.7 million active users learning from the brand to pursue their coding, data science, or web development goals, there is a rare competition for the holistic course design, self-paced approach, and intensive curriculum offered by the platform. 

If you have the lingering question of “Is educative worth it?” then you’d be happy to know that you're given a 7-day free trial before your actual paid period begins. You can now assess the course with the Educative free trial The Courses Available

Now that we’ve gone in-depth on the incredible platform that is, we should take a further dive into the courses available with the platform. 

While the site houses more than 590 courses, these are divided into major categories, which are as follows-

  • ◾  Python
  • ◾  JavaScript
  • ◾  Data Science
  • ◾  Learn to Code 
  • ◾  Java

Covering every end of the data professionals' skillset, the platform couldn't be any more well-suited than this to fulfill the learning needs of all those current and future coders, back-end developers, data scientists, and more!

The complete offering makes it an enticing alternative in an industry saturated with various other learning platforms that offer courses along similar lines. 

So join a course today and get your job-ready certificate which will not only be a shiny new accolade for your CV and a credit to your skillset but also a valuable addition to your overall skills, which will be considered by future employers!

The pricing is also reasonable, and with a 7-day free trial to take cognizance of the courses yourself, there is complete surety and transparency in the courses offered by the platform.


Educative Pricing- The Plan

Now that we’re on the topic of pricing, it’s a good time to talk pricing. We have listed the pricing for the courses below- 


◾  Standard – 16.99 P.M

◾  Premium- 24.99 P.M

◾  Premium Plus- 29.33 P.M 


◾  Standard- 59.00 P.M 

Two Yearly 

◾  Standard – 14.99 P.M

◾  Premium- 20.99 P.M

◾  Premium Plus- 24.99 P.M


All prices are in USD

Access over 590 courses and gain the knowledge you need to excel in the career of your choice, whether it’s data science, back-end development, cloud computing, and more! 

As per the information on the website and according to one review, it is also made clear that this subscription can be canceled at any time. If you feel you need more time to feel satisfied with the course, you can drop out anytime. 


A Closer Look- on Trustpilot

So far, so good. The platform has all the benefits you would require and a comprehensive offering covering pretty much every aspect of the data field in comprehensive and hands-on courses. 

But there’s still a nagging doubt in your mind, “what do other people who’ve subscribed to the platform think?” well, to answer that question, we took a short walk over to our friends at Trustpilot, a major review platform that is known for verified reviews from real users and also has a reputation for brutal honesty. 

The platform reviews are best summed up from the perspective of this user, who stated that offers world-class courses that are comprehensive but also hands-on and practical. The course they took even helped them prepare for their interview!


Educate Yourself with Educative- The Complete Coding Platform 

As you may have observed throughout this review, the platform is a one-stop destination for all things coding, data science, and more! Join the data revolution and feel the difference in the quality of courses provided by; with various courses under every category, no one is left behind! 

Chase your career goals and arm yourself with all the tools of the trade with the platform that is changing the way coding is learned. Join over 1.2 million active users worldwide in learning and gaining in-depth and hands-on knowledge in the field of your choice. 

A rewarding career in coding awaits you, upskill yourself and take your future into your own hands with, your partner in upskilling!