3 Common Mistakes Newbie Coders Must Avoid - Educative Review

December 01, 2022

Let’s be honest, if coders wouldn’t exist, none of us would have been able to experience the marvels of the digital world. Be it our favorite shopping apps or the Netflix and chill vibe, nothing would have been there if these brilliant coders wouldn’t have sat for long hours and laid down the right codes that infuse life into an array of digital platforms.

Speaking about the right coding, this Educative Review shall discuss 3 of the most common coding mistakes beginners do as it is pertinent that newbies understand these small things in the early years of their coding learning so that their foundation is stronger.

So, if you are a newbie coder, who is keen to make your name as big as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Ken Thompson, then stick with us till the end. 

Top 3 Mistakes New Coders Must Avoid

1. Putting repeating codes

This is one of the first lessons every coder must remember, in fact, this is considered a sacred rule in the land of coders- Do not repeat the codes. Repetitive codes or dry codes are not recommended for coders instead it is suggested that coders must learn to use loops and functions. Furthermore, coders can also use a web framework that can help them in reducing repeating codes. 

2. Random variable names 

This one isn’t just for newbies but even for seasoned coders. Name your variables and by this, we don’t mean name them anything but accurate names for the variables as then it would be easier for the coders only to restart working on the project without getting confused or lost because of wrong variable names. 

3. Coding showoff 

Yes, we get the excitement of a newbie coder wanting to experiment with everything they know about coding. The urge of putting their entire coding knowledge into use in one go. But, here’s where newbies need to hold their horses down, as complicated codes can just make things more difficult. It is advised that coders ensure that they use a simple code that solves the function and is easy to manage as well as maintain. 

These 3 mistakes are common but aren’t the only ones. Correct coding can come only when one has comprehensive knowledge of it. And for this one can either enroll themselves in coding institutes or go on the internet hunt asking which learning platform is best for coding. 

Well to save you from spending oodles of money and wasting time on the internet, we at Top15online have created this Educativeio review so that coders can evaluate on their own if the Educativeio software development courses will benefit our readers for their coding learning experience or not? 

   Learn Programming With Educative.io   

What Is The Educativeio Platform? 

Developed by the people of the industry a.k.a the developers, Educativeio is an online platform that offers over 400+ software development courses that has been developed by subject matter experts. This platform has become quite popular amongst in the coding community because of their teaching method that prepares beginners with a strong foundation in coding while training them to anticipate new tech trends.

With strong attention to passive learning, the educativeio courses have been crafted to allow students to have a hands-on experience.

Educativeio Is For Whom?

Whether you are a newbie coder or a seasoned one, educativeio is for everyone. The courses cover various segments of technological courses and programming languages. Below we are enlisting some of the subjects on which coders can find courses on the educativeio platform - 

Computer Science fundamentals Learn about hardware to data structure and algorithms
General best practices  Learn unit testing best practices and coding best practices
Programming languages  Learn PHP, Python, Java etc
Web development Learn CSS, HTML and Javascript to SQL and databases
Machine learning and data science  
System Design Learn the core fundamentals as well as system design interviews
Preparation for interview Learn about technical interviews to behavioral interviews

Intrigued by the plethora of topics and courses related to them in educativeio? Then the next section will make you feel ecstatic. 

Avail Best Courses On Educativeio For Free

Courses Time duration Certificate Level
Perl from Scratch 8 hrs to complete On completion Beginner
Build chatbot in python 1 hr to complete - Beginner
Rust from scratch 9 hrs to complete - Beginner
Scala from scratch 12hrs to complete On completion Intermediate
Python 3 from scratch 10 hrs to complete - Beginner
Ruby from scratch 12 hrs to complete On completion Beginner


   Sign Up For The Free Trial   


Yes, you read it right, all the courses mentioned above are free on the platform. But is that all? No, there are many other courses that are available for free on the platform. Furthermore, on educative you’ll also find numerous assessments, and live project-making options so that developers can enhance their skills as per the changing trends of the industry with ease of mind and money. 

Another fun fact you must know about Educative is that it can be availed by individuals as well as enterprises. Given the fact, that learning never stops, especially for developers who need and must know the latest trends of the season. Thus, keeping this in mind, the educative platform has curated plans for both individual learners as well as for enterprises who seek to train their employees for holistic growth. 

Team Enterprise Enterprise Plus
Priced at $209 Priced at $279 Price- To be asked from education.io

Inclusion- Team management 

  • Unlimited access to courses 
  • Unlimited access to skill paths 
  • 90 Hands of projects 
  • Personalized paths 
  • New courses every week 
  • Single sign-on (Google) 
  • Completion certificates

Inclusion- Benefits of team + 

  • Team learning analytics ‘Onboarding path creation 
  • Usage and progress tracking 
  • Access to the customer success team 
  • Slack integration
  • OpenID SSO (Okta and Azure) 
  • Ability to assign courses and skill paths 
  • Create custom content 
  • Assign customized skill paths 
  • Annual SOC2 Type II reports

Inclusion- Benefits of enterprise +

  • Dedicated customer success manager 
  • Analytics API (coming soon) 
  • Professional service 

One can connect with the educative to learn more about additional professional services, LMS integrations, and custom course development

Whether you want a plan for yourself or for your entire, educative has ensured that it keeps the courses accessible for everyone. Thus, to make sure that developers across the globe are able to learn the latest coding trends and tacts, without worrying about burning a hole in their pocket, the educative platform offers budgeted courses coupled with irresistible offers. 

Currently, you can avail of the offer of – 

1. Year End discount- 10% OFF 1 year and 20% OFF 2 year subscription

2. This is for a premium subscription of the educative platform 

So now that you have gone through all the vital information about the educative coding class’s its time to finally make the call about- is it worth buying educative? To help you decide on this, Top 15 online has enlisted some pros and cons of the platform, that shall aid you with a clearer thought about educative.

Pros & Cons - Educative Review

Pros Cons
Beginner friendly Lacks video content
Free courses  For enterprises plus, pricings need to be discussed with the platform
Language flexible code editor  
Avail text-based, illustrative content  
Online certificate on completion  

   Start Learning Right Away   

Final Takeaway - Educative io Reviews

Educative online coding courses offer students to learn courses for free, along with enriching their knowledge through assessments and projects. Considering all the facts about Educative coding courses, we at Top15online certainly feel this is a promising platform for coders.

The courses have been designed by developers therefore, their authenticity and the fact they are aligned with the need of the hour details about coding makes these courses more valuable. While teams and enterprises can also use the educative platform to learn new tacts in the coding domain. Lastly, the educative offers certificates on completion of the courses, which adds value to the coder’s resume. 

So, if you are planning to build an app or a website and want to make sure that your codes are just the right ones, then we would suggest trying your hands on educative coding courses and assessments once to be super confident that you aren't making any coding mistakes.


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