Planning your next air travel? Check out this Etihad Airways review to find out why you should fly with them?

June 12, 2022

Whether you are a frequent or a once-in-a-blue-moon flyer, traveling by air is all about comfort and safety. Now by this, we do not only mean comfortable seats and good servicing but the overall experience of flying from one destination to another. In this Etihad Airways review, we will take you through various details about the airways which proves that traveling with Etihad Airways is bound to give you a satisfactory flying experience overall and therefore, this should be your ideal option for your next trip. 

About Etihad Airways 

Etihad Airways is a prodigy of the Etihad Aviation Group with headquarters in Abu Dhabi. Starting its flying journey 18 years ago, the airway has built quite a reputation for itself by flying over to 60 destinations and also being one of the youngest airways to have over 96 passenger aircraft along with many cargo aircraft. Recently, the airway has been awarded for the best cabin crew and has also ranked 2nd position as one of the safest airlines to travel. Etihad Airways is known for its variety of flying choices at best value fares which are complimented with several rewards and other services that ensure passengers avail themselves the best of airway traveling experience every time they fly. 


Destinations to which one can travel by Etihad Airways

  • - Africa
  • - Asia- Pacific
  • - Europe
  • - USA
  • - The Middle East


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Let’s find out about Etihad Airways Services 

With the motive to make every passenger experience the epitome of wellness during their air travel with Etihad, the airways offer some of the most distinguishing facilities and services that ensure passengers have a world-class air traveling experience-

  • Comfortable cabins 

Etihad Airways offers Economy, First and Business class. Each Etihad seat comes with its kind of perks that have been designed to give passengers a smooth and relaxing air travel-

Types of seating arrangement



Select your own seat

Full-size blanket available

Plenty of legroom space

On-demand entertainment

Complimentary food and drinks


First Class

Etihad chauffeur-drove drop to airport

Access priority check-in and First Lounge

Upgrade to the VIP lounge room

Private Suite in the cabin

On-demand entertainment

Dine with a la carte menu and boutique wine list

Business Class

Complimentary chauffeur service in UAE

Access to the airbus lobby lounge

Full flat beds

On-demand entertainment

Dine anytime




  • Flavors on board

When you are traveling with Etihad airways forget the worries of having stale food. Here you can eat from varieties of complimentary dishes on every flight. Created with fresh seasonal ingredients and inspired by the famous recipes of the destination, one can relish some of the finest delicacies while flying with Etihad airways. Furthermore, you can ask for special children’s meals if traveling with children as well as if you have any kind of food allergies, then you can order a special meal 24 hours before your flight. 



  • US immigration at Abu Dhabi Airport

Yes, you read it right, one can get their US immigration cleared at Abu Dhabi itself if traveling with Etihad Airways. One can use the CBP facility at terminal 3 in Abu Dhabi airport that allows US- bound passengers to clear their immigration, customs and agriculture inspection in Abu Dhabi itself. Once you have cleared the immigration at the CBP facility there are no further requirements to be cleared when you land in the USA


  • Special assistance 

Worried about flying with your child or pet or do you have a medical condition? Don’t worry, Etihad Airways caters to all kinds of special assistance required by their passengers to ensure a hassle-free journey. 


  • - Traveling with a pet 
  • - Unaccompanied minor traveling 
  • - Expectant mothers
  • - Medical Assistance 
  • - Special meals 
  • - Traveling with trained service dogs 

Your special requirements need special attention and Etihad Airways leaves no stone unturned to ensure that your journey with the airways is a smooth flight. This special assistance has been strategically designed to help the particular passenger who requires such facilities without disturbing fellow passengers. 

  • Offers and Rewards 

If you were thinking that flying with Etihad Airways is an expensive affair then you might want to reconsider this thought. With several offers and rewards, Etihad Airways ensures that everyone can indulge in the experience of flying with world-class airways without feeling too much of the burden of the cost. 


  • 10% on Student Tickets

If you are a student then you can save up to 10% off on flights worldwide. So whether you are planning to go to your university or taking a break from all that study, just fill in your student ID details while booking the flight and avail yourself of 10% off on your ticket. 

  • Special offer for your paw babies

If you are traveling with your pet then you can take them on board along with you in the Etihad economy at prices starting from $200. Fly with your paw friend in the comfort and safety of Etihad Airways.


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The Etihad Guest Miles

A one-of-a-kind loyalty program that rewards passengers with miles and Apple products as rewards. With Etihad Guest, you can earn miles from selected partners and banks, or transfer points from other loyalty programs. Through the Etihad Guest app and a linked Visa payment card, you can earn or spend your Miles at hundreds of miles-on-the-go partners.


How does the Etihad Guest Miles work?

The Etihad Guest Miles can be availed through 4 tiers categorized as 

  • - Bronze
  • - Silver
  • - Gold 
  • - Platinum 

Each category brings a set of reward points and other facilities that one can avail of while flying with Etihad Airways. 

For example 


Bronze Tier

Silver Tier

Gold Tier

Platinum Tier

Priority Check-in

Not Available




Priority Boarding

Not Available

Not Available



Free seats

Not Available

One free seat

Two free seats

Up to 9 free seats

On-board Wi-Fi discount





Excess baggage allowance – ALL CABINS






The above mentioned benefits are just a few examples as several other benefits come along with the different Etihad Guest Miles Card. To have a deeper look into the Etihad Guest Miles, visit its website now.

For more details about the prices and offers of Etihad Airways, visit the website and avail the some of the best deals for your next flight. Visit now.


Fly responsibly with sustainable flights 

When it comes to doing our bit for the welfare and protection of our world and its environment, Etihad Airways leads as an example for making air travel sustainable and eco-friendly. Its project, the Etihad Greenline Program has launched- Eco flights in 2019 and Sustainable flights in 2021. The airway is deeply committed to developing advanced solutions that can help in tackling key sustainable challenges. Therefore, it has designed its sustainable flights in a way that it can fly without harming the planet.

These Sustainable flights-

  • - Are powered by sustainable fuels up to 38% 
  • - Less primary carbon emissions i.e., -70%
  • - Has reduced single plastic use by 80%
  • - Has carbon offset of complete 100%


So if you wish to fly green on your next flight, try the Etihad Greenliner Program which has an entire fleet of advanced Boeing 787 Greenliners that are flying in the sky without choking the earth. Isn’t this awesome? 


How to book online airline ticket at Etihad?

If you wish to fly with Etihad Airways, then you can directly book your tickets from the Etihad website as well as the Etihad mobile app.


What are the payment options?

Etihad Airways offers several payment options such as Credit and debit cards, eWallets, real-time bank transfers, Offline bank transfers and travel banks. 


If you are paying through credit card or debit card then these are the following accepted cards at Etihad airways-

  • - Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club, American Express (credit card) and UATP
  • - Pay by installments (Visa and Mastercard only)
  • - JCB credit
  • - Carte Bancaire
  • - China Union Pay


If you are paying through eWallets then you can use-

  • - PayPal
  • - Alipay
  • - eNets
  • - Visa Checkout


If you are doing real-time bank more trans than you can use-

  • - iDEAL
  • - Sofort Banking
  • - Ciropay
  • - NetBanking
  • - POLi
  • - KNET


If you are doing an offline bank transfer then it can be done through online banking, through the bank, cash deposit, or wire transfer. 

FYI- Etihad Airway offline bank transfer is accepted for flights departing from Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and UK



If you are using your travel bank for the payment then you can use your travel bank account by booking at or by contacting the contact center


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How to sort last-minute changes for air travel?

Etihad Airways understands that last-minute events can deter a passenger to reschedule or cancel their flights altogether. Therefore, when it comes to any kind of changes required for the booked flight, the Airways offers the opportunity to its passengers to make the changes online 2 hours before the flight. Any kind of assistance that is needed during the flight, or there is extra baggage or seat changes can be modified 2 hours before the flight. 


Refund policies 

  • 1. The ticket is not used and is refundable (with or without cancelation fee)
  • 2. The ticket has been purchased 5 days ago using a single credit card
  • 3. Cancellations and refunds cannot be reversed
  • 4. Refunds will automatically be processed to the same card by which the ticket was purchased
  • 5. Refunds of the tickets can take up to 14-30 working days to reflect in your bank account


Canceling policies

  • 1. The cancellation fee is subject to the destination and fare that the passenger has booked. 
  • 2. Cancelation of the booking and the refund for it would be subjected to the actual fare rules of the original ticket 
  • 3. If cancelation is being done within 96 hours of the flight then an additional 10% fee would be charged
  • 4. In case of the death of the passenger or an immediate family member, there shall be no cancelation fee charged (provided the official documents get verified and processed)


Well now that you have gone through the details about Etihad Airways, we come to the question that whether this airway should be chosen by you for your next trip?

We suggest yes. After examining its facilities, services such as special assistance and various reward options, one can see how in a very short time, Etihad Airways has become a popular choice amongst flyers. Furthermore, its Greeliner program is an example that we all must learn from as it shows that if you have the wish to contribute and save your planet, then nothing can stop you from doing so. (Every contribution, small or big can bring major changes). Therefore, in our view, the Etihad Airway has proven itself well enough as one of the finest airways that are making passengers fly miles in the laps of luxury and comfort while changing the world for the better.


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