Elfsight Review 2022 - Details, Pricing, & Features

January 29, 2022

Waiting for a blog to cover an unfiltered, unbiased Elfsight review? We got you here. Simply scroll down and read all you need to know about this tool.

In this guide, we are not only going to cover the major highlights but also the small factors that matter. We are going to cover every aspect in our Ellsight review guide. 



What is Elfsight?

To those who aren't aware of it, Elfsight is software that will let you upgrade your website without any coding. It is a SaaS solution that aids in providing customizable and code-free website widgets. Be it a fully managed e-commerce business or tiny ones that you have started recently, this plug-and-play add-on will not let you down.

Since it is very easy to set up, people with no technical background prefer it over any other software. It has a great amount of application involved which makes it a good deal for anyone running a business. All the widgets available in it can be tailored as per the usage and the goals of the business. And the best part is that it comes with a detailed guide that will let every user install it without facing any hassles. Let us today go through the detailed guide of Elfsight review.

Features of Elfsight 

There are plenty of reasons to choose Elfsight above any of its competitive tools. However, it is quite essential to list down all the characteristics that can make it look more useful than any other tool. So let us read all its features here-

  • No coding required- If you are using the Elfsight tool on your website, then you do not need to use any coding which is a great relief for many. All these widgets aren't required to be coded for customizing or editing. You can do it easily as it is all fully loaded.
  • Responsive- Be it your smartphone, your laptop, or your tablet, you can easily use Elfsight anywhere. Its widgets are fully responsive and functional to every device.
  • You can custom it- You are allowed to custom the widgets as per your requirements. All the default can be edited as per your preferences easily by simply giving a tweak to it.
  • Easy to install- You are not going to indulge yourself in any complications for installing this on your website. The process is very smooth, and you do not have to search for a guide on the internet as all the steps to do will be given there.
  • Smart widgets- All the widgets available with this tool will be trendy, modern, and uncomplicated. You will have a good look at your website by applying them. 
  • Ready to go templates- The templates you are going to find are fully customizable and are ready to go as well. If you are okay with the design it has, you can use it right after buying it.
  • A vast collection of tools-There is multiple tools for social media, e-commerce widgets, chat widgets, review, widgets, and many more. These include-

Social media

  • 1. Facebook Feed
  • 2. Instagram Feed
  • 3. Pinterest Feed
  • 4. RSS Feed
  • 5. Social Feed
  • 6. Twitter Feed
  • 7. Tumblr Feed
  • 8. Ticket Feed
  • 9. Instagram Widget
  • 10. Social Share Buttons

E-commerce widgets

  • 1. Banner
  • 2. Click to Call
  • 3. Pricing Table
  • 4. PayPal Button
  • 5. Countdown Timer
  • 6. Popup

Chats widgets

  • 1. All-in-one Chat
  • 2. Facebook Chat
  • 3. WhatsApp Chat
  • 4. Telegram Chat
  • 5. Viber Chat
  • 6. Line Chat
  • 7. Discord Chat

Review Widget

  • 1. Google Reviews
  • 2. Google Play Reviews
  • 3. Apple App Store Reviews
  • 4. Booking Reviews
  • 5. Airbnb Reviews
  • 6. AliAexpress Reviews
  • 7. Amazon Reviews
  • 8. eBay Reviews
  • 9. Facebook Reviews
  • 10. Etsy Reviews


Elfsight pricing and plans

There are two categories available for the plans of Elfsight-

In the single pack, there are four versions available. Let us read about them first-

  • Lite version- If you're not looking to spend money for using the tool, then go for the lite version which is free of cost. However, as your website grows, you can upgrade it anytime. This pack is only compatible with one website and the views will be limited to 200 per month in it.
  • Basic- In the basic plan, you will have to pay the amount of $5 per month and you will be able to use it for an unlimited amount of websites. You will be given premium support and free installation service with it and you will be allowed to remove the Elfsight logo as well.
  • Pro plan- If your business is growing well and you require more than 10,000 views, then use the pro plan which has 50,000 views available in it at the cost of $10 per month. Along with that, free installation and premium support will be given. This is by far the most popular plan for using it on unlimited websites.
  • Enterprise- If you have very heavy traffic to deal with, an enterprise plan is the one you require. It comes with 50,00,000 views per month with free installation and premium support. It is a good plan to go for.

Now in the second category, there are three plans available. 

  • Basic pack- The basic package will be starting from $15 per month and is recommended for new ventures. It has unlimited widgets adding an option with unlimited website and free installation and premium support. You are going to get 5000 views in this package.
  • Pro pack-This pack is a known one which is good for growing business. It will come with 5,000,000 monthly views and everything is going to be unlimited in this plan. You are going to get free premium support for just $30 per month.
  • Enterprise pack- Now it is the plan suitable only for the websites that are stuck with heavy traffic. You can use as many websites as you want and the number of views will be 5,000,000 here. You can also remove the logo of the website and the plan will cost $75 per month.

All these plans are good enough and since they come in different ranges, you can pick the one you want as per your business requirements. 


Elfsight compatibility

The app is compatible with these platforms-

  • 1.  WordPress
  • 2.  Shopify
  • 3.  BigCommerce
  • 4.  Squarespace
  • 5.  Google Sites
  • 6.  OpenCart
  • 7.  Magento
  • 8.  Wix
  • 9.  Weebly
  • 10. Joomla
  • 11. Blogger
  • 12. Webnode
  • 13. HTML

Elfsight- Is it worth buying? Our take

After going through all these features, we are sure that this app has got some good widgets to offer that will not only enhance the functionality but also will better up the performance of your e-com website. 

Important features such as social media feed, social share button, reviews, etc are going to be included in the plan with other 80 widgets as well. The best part about this app is the fact that it can be customized even after buying it which makes it easy for everyone. And you are not even required to have any prior knowledge as the guide to do it will be very uncomplicated.

The tools are going to be easy and the prices being charged are nominal as there are multiple plans and pricing available for the same. If we conclude everything and think about whether it is good to go tool or not, then the answer would be yes. We would recommend this tool as the number of perks of using it is far more than the obstacles you may face. So yes, it's a good-to-go product. Visit Elfsight Official Website