Envato Elements Review 2022 - Products, Details & Features

May 02, 2022

Content creators or anyone working in some professional area has a constant difficulty finding unique templates, designs, audios, videos, graphic content, and other items for creating mind-blowing and eccentric content.

It would be great if there could be an all-together platform where one could get all these digital assets together. It would help one to save time trying to search from different websites.


Envato Elements is just the solution to this problem!

It provides one with millions and millions of digital assets to create a design one of its kind. One can choose a suitable plan to subscribe to according to his need and get access to unlimited audio, videos, graphic content, WordPress themes and plugins, font styles and sizes, and different templates. If one wants to use individual subscription plans, Envato provides its user with two options one with a monthly subscription and the other yearly basis. On yearly basis, one can save about 50%. It also provides students with special discounts. One can also check out discounts and deals on Black Friday, and Cyber Monday for additional benefits. It also provides economic subscription plans for each member of the team working on a commercial level. Payment options available are trusted and cent percent safe.

Envato provides its users unlimited downloads and access to all the items present there. It also provides its user with a trial period when one can use the available assets and if is not satisfied with it can unsubscribe from the plan with no charges involved. It also has a very straightforward license plan which is easy to understand.  Its license comes with wide commercial rights.  If one wants to reuse an asset in some other project then one has to register again. One cannot directly use the designs in their merchandise but can make prominent changes before using them.

What are the assets a user will get when subscribing to Envato elements?

  • 1. Every month Evanto provides its subscribers with some free files which include a variety of its assets.
  • 2. Evanto Element website has a plethora of  WordPress templates, themes, and plugins. If one has a WordPress website then he probably knows how much each of these themes and plugins cost individually. Evanto makes it economical for the designers. The wide availability of themes helps the designers to choose a unique theme and use it in their projects.
  • 3. It has millions of stock videos and motion graphics with a wide range of filters available so that one can get the required video easily. These videos come with high resolution and we can customize these videos according to the bit rate, length, frame rate, and many more. If someone is looking for rights-managed videos then he or she will get it right on this platform.
  • 4. It has tons of stock images and graphics available on its platform. Unlimited access to an extensive variety of images, graphics, and graphic templates. It even has UI/UX design kits, graphics available for ads, social media posts, logos, scene generators, websites, product mockups, and infographics that will enrich one’s content. One can also readdress the design based on software supportability, type of file, and many more.
  • 5. It has various incomparable templates for email, presentation,  CMS, and websites. It has a huge range of email templates available dependent on various categories under the web templates. It also has broad-ranging of website templates to make your website layout to the next level. One can redefine the layouts or templates even according to responsiveness. If you have to create a presentation every day then it can be stressful to find out different designs every day to make it look out of the box. Here, Evanto elements will help you out. It has a platter of presentation templates with all sorts of filters to find the right fit for one. It can also be readdressed depending on different presentation applications. It also provides various CMS templates for various famous CMS platforms.
  • 6. It provides the user with widespread fonts for different types of projects. It can be categorized depending on the size and creativity required. Using innovative fonts can add special value to the project.
  • 7. If you have created a video that requires audio or you just need audio for your project, Evanto will help you with its 447k+ audio tracks with different genres available to help you to make your project one of its kind.
  • 8. It provides high-quality audio tracks and we can filter them according to mood, instrument, and tempo.
  • 9. One can also get access to 3D PNGS and PNS after their subscription. One can view it using the 360-degree feature available before downloading and using it in his project.


Other benefits:

It has a very clean and simple layout and interfaces which helps its user to find out what they need very easily. Each bar has a dropdown menu and the filter options are categorized simply on the left side. Their interface is very amusing. At present they do not have any application but even their mobile interface is very swift and easy to use. One can subscribe and download assets very easily even using their mobile phones. They provide their customer service through email and one gets a response to their problems or query very quickly.

There are numerous courses, e-books, and articles available for the students on various topics like coding, designing, business, and many more.


Other competitors:

Like every other company, it also has many competitors.

  • Shutterstock: It provides the creators with a wide range of stock images and videos but they are very costly. They do not have any option of subscription which makes it difficult for the creators to use this site with such a high price.
  • Storyblocks: Top competitor of Evanto elements provides subscription-based access to audio, videos, and images. It has fewer items than Evanto and the price is also higher. But it has more variety of assets available.
  • Pixabay or Unsplash: They are free sites that provide creators with free videos and images uploaded by videographers and photographers. It can be used for commercial purposes and is protected under the license of pixabay and unsplash.


This site is worth the money as it provides a wide range of digital assets ranging from various templates, audios, videos, and many more. It saves time for the users and helps them to lead a stress-free life as they can choose a design from various available options. Subscribing this type of multipurpose site can help the creators to create amazing contents which would engage more viewers. Visit Envato Element Official Website