Eurail Pass Review 2023 - Know About Travel Europe by Train

June 01, 2022

Eurail pass or point-to-point ticket? Which one to choose? Let’s find out a detailed Eurail review here and know why you should or should not go for the pas

What is Eurail pass?

Eurail pass is not a normal pass that you buy for train. It is a railway pass that lets the non-Europeans travel all around the Europe on their extensive rail network. Here, you ill have to have pay a one-time fee for your rail pass and it will be delivered to your given address before you initiate your trip. This can not be your last-minute purchase and you need to have this pass before you plan your trip in advance.

How to use the Eurail pass?

Talking about how one can use the Eurail pass, you can simply use the pass for your entire trip rather than buying different separate tickets for each of your ride. Here, you need to know that you pay per day, not per train and thus, you can take as many trains as you want, be it 1 or 5, you can travel as much as you wish without paying anything extra. Also, there is a flexibility when you use Eurail pass. You can easily travel wherever you want, and wherever you wish. There is no need to decide a trip or destination in advance. Simply use your pass and travel without any restrictions. However, if you are going to an overnight journey, you will be required a reservation. Some premium trains such as Thalys, TGV, TGV Lyria, Eurostar and more require reservation.

Why use Eurail pass?

Normally if you are planning to travel through out the Europe without planning your trips, using the Eurail pass will be the best option for you as you will get the flexibility of traveling everywhere and anywhere with this easy pass. Mostly if you want to travel the neighboring countries, using the Eurail pass will be the one that will save a lot of money for you. It is going to be a good option as buying point to point tickets will be a time taking task and here, you get everything under one roof. Also, as the time gets closer, the pricing for the tickets will get higher whereas the Eurail pass will remain same.

Note - If you are looking to travel different European continent, then trying out the budget flights will make more sense to you for sure.


Types of Eurail passes

In total, there are two types of Eurail passes available-

  • Continuous - Here, you will get the continuous category where you can travel to any Eurail participant country for as many times as you want within a time span from 15 days to 3 months.
  • 1. 15 days
  • 2. 22 days
  • 3. One month
  • 4. Two consecutive months
  • 5. Three consecutive months
  • Flexi - Here, if you are using the Flexi pass, then you will get a specific number of travel to any Eurail participant country within a time span of one or two month only.
  • 1. Five travel days within one month
  • 2. Four travel days within one month
  • 3. Seven travel days within one month
  • 4. Ten travel days within two months
  • 5. 15 travel days within two months

Are Interrail and Eurail pass the same?

No, if you are getting confused between these two, then please note that the Eurail pass is only for the non-European residents whereas the interrail pass can be used for European and UK residents easily. also, it is cheaper and anyone can buy the Interrail pass if they are living in Europe for or more than last 6 months.


How much does a Eurail pass cost?

Talking about how does a Eurail pass cost, we want our readers to know that although it is not the cheapest available option but is extremely flexible. Your Eurail pass cost will vary on the number of countries you are choosing, the number of trips you are choosing and whether it is continuous or flexible. 

In case if you have planned the dates for your European trip, then going for a point-to-point ticket will be cheaper for you. However, if you are not planning anything in advance and want to go as flow goes, then going for the Eurail pass will be the best option for you. You can choose your plan and then divide the rail pass price by the number of days you will be traveling to know the average expense of each of your journey. In this way, you will understand if the pass is worth paying or not. Also, ensure that while checking up on price, you must check the last-minute prices too as they are tending to be more expensive always.

Our take?

Eurail pass is surely a good choice if you are looking to travel through-out Europe within flexible timings. Although it may not be the cheapest available option, it surely is a good option if you are looking to travel different countries without buying separate tickets for rails and flights. It is surely a one-stop solution for everything you need being a non-European citizen.


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