Eve Sleep France Review 2022 - Spring & Memory Foam Mattresses

July 04, 2022

Eve Sleep, a UK-based sleep firm, offered us to use the Eve Mattress. After a lot of testing, we have come to a conclusion. Here, we want to share our personal insights into whether you should use the Eve Sleep Mattress or not.

About the Eve Sleep France Mattress

Eve claims to be the ultimate all-rounder. It’s said that this mattress should accommodate any sleeper regardless of whether they want to sleep on their back, side, or stomach.

The name gives it away, but this mattress has it all: four distinct types of foam, contour zones that adjust to your body, temperature control, and a thick quilted cover that's detachable and washable.

They used prominent London designers and their own UK factory to create their comfy, all-accommodating foam mattress.

Is it, though, worth the over £1,000 price tag? We discovered the truth. Let’s find out together?

Features of Eve Sleep Mattress

It’s the features that make the Eve Sleep mattress unique. But what are they?

  • Comfortable for everyone- Eve is a foam-only mattress with a traditional, comforting memory foam sensation. It has three layers- a 2" layer of Eve's "new-generation" memory foam on top, a 1" layer of responsive memory foam in the middle, and an 18-centimetre layer of Eve's "Support Foam" at the bottom. 
  • CertiPUR has evaluated all of the foam in the Eve mattress. It means that it has been tested several times to verify that there are no toxic chemicals in the mattress.
  • Durable cover- The cover is machine washable and detachable. The Eve foam mattress boasts a trendy and one-of-a-kind cover, unlike other mattresses. The bed's border is bright yellow, and the top is white with a honeycomb design embroidered in.
  • Extremely firm- Eve Sleep falls between soft and medium-firm on the soft-firm scale. This is determined by your weight and height. But for the typical individual, this is what to expect. Because the bed is medium-firm, you'll only get a tiny stuck-in-the-mud sensation. It is common with every memory foam mattress.
  • Motion Isolation- All-foam beds are often effective at dampening cross-mattress motion, and Eve is no exception. The memory foam layers are excellent at absorbing movement. It even prevents it from spreading throughout the mattress.
  • Good edge support- Edge support isn't great in most foam mattresses, but Eve won't be an issue. We doubt you'll be tripping over the side of your bed. 
  • Multiple options- Eve Sleep comes in three exclusive types for different types of sleepers- side sleepers. Back and stomach sleepers and combo sleepers.
  • Warranty- The Eve comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee. If there are any physical problems in the mattress, or if the mattress loses its form, splits, or breaks due to correct treatment, the firm will swap the mattress for a completely new one. However, faults caused by regular wear and tear are not covered by the guarantee. 

Why should you use Eve Sleep Mattress- Pros and Cons 

If you are still sceptical about whether you should buy the Eve Sleep mattress or not, consider its pros and cons.

  • Let’s talk about the positive points first.
  • Provides firmness and support
  • Comes in multiple options
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Extremely durable and responsive
  • Minimal Indentations required
  • No more stiff and painful mornings with Pressure Relief
  • Eco-friendly with no unbearable smell
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Certified by CertiPUR for safety

Now it’s time for a bit of criticism.

  • Comparatively Expensive
  • Problems with heat retention
  • Less supportive for larger body size
  • Too soft for stomach and back sleepers
  • Only on firmness option while buying online


Our Verdict 

If you sleep on your back, the Eve mattress is a fantastic choice. If you frequently wake up achy and stiff, this medium-firm mattress gives ample support and reduces strain on your weaker joints.

Its ventilation qualities guarantee that hot air does not become trapped around your body and that you do not wake up from excessive heat and dampness.

Linebackers and those weighing more than 250 pounds should avoid this bed, but medium and petite-sized persons should be alright.

Eve is suitable for various sleeping positions, including side, back, stomach, and combination.

It is also a possibility for couples.

One noteworthy feature is its detachable and machine washable cover.

While the scent is a major disadvantage of this mattress, it has several great aspects that make it worth considering.


  • Can detach my Eve Sleep Mattress and wash it?

Eve Sleep mattress is detachable and dyou can easily wash it. You just need to remove the top panel, not the yellow covering that surrounds it. According to Eve's website, you must wash this top panel at 40°C and then air dry it.

  • Is the Eve mattress compatible with all bed frames and bases?

If you're intending to utilise a slatted foundation with your Eve mattress, the gaps should be no more than 3 inches apart. If you intend to use Eve with an adjustable bed, they recommend leaving the bed flat when not in use. This will aid in the protection of your warranty.