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February 14, 2022

Are you keen to know whether you should take up the Flaviar whisky club subscription or not? Well, the choice must not be hard if you have read this article. And if not, what are you waiting for? Scroll it down.

Flaviar is a business that delivers a variety of sample packets for various spirits and whiskeys. They feature a wide selection of spirits, including gin and rum, in addition to whiskey. Five 45 ml flasks are included in the tasting boxes they send. The price ranges from 20 to 40 euros, with a monthly subscription option available. Given that each glass of spirit must be packed, the cost markup is perfectly reasonable.

As a member, you'll have access to company and bottle profiles, participant evaluations, complimentary distillery tours, and special events, as well as one taster box so one large bottle every three months. There was also a Smart House Bar, in which you can go through all of your bottles and get personalized recommendations according to your likes and tastes. Every three months, a new subject, such as "Mezcalistas" or "The Cognac Track," is included in the Tasting Box, which comprises easier handling sample vials of a range of spirits. Nevertheless, full-size bottles are available from well-known brands such as Johnnie Walker and Glenlivet, and also smaller businesses such as Journeyman.

Flaviar is a Members Club that allows its members to experience and learn about an ever-changing selection of handmade and premium drinks by seeking the finest, rarest, and the most unique interpretations possible. Members receive a seasonal Tasting Box of spirits, complete with evaluation notes and amusing asides, striking the proper mix of sophisticated, instructive, and entertaining. In this article, we will detailed review of Flaviar Whisky Club subscriptions.



  • 1. Craft bourbon vials from smaller, higher-end businesses like Koval, Journeyman, and Few may be included in the welcome box. You might be surprised to learn that Flaviar goes above and beyond in terms of packing. The package contains two boxes.
  • 2. You might want to try the Flaviar whiskey sampling box once you've tried the bourbon selection. Flaviar is among the most extensive whiskey collections available online. You might be able to compare Japanese and Irish whiskeys if you choose the mixed whiskey box. Togouchi, Compass Box Scotch, and Roe & Co of Ireland vials may be found in the box. If you prefer smoother whiskeys with a different flavor profile than whiskies or straight liquors, you can't go wrong with this.
  • 3. A box of innovative scotch could be next on your list. To pique your interest, this could feature Huxley Rare Genius's mixture of Scottish, American, and Canadian scotch. Smoke Goats, a sweet peat scotch, and Boxing Hares, a hops-blended single malt, are two other options.
  • 4. Every three months, you are entitled to a free tasting box. Instead of being sent to you immediately, you must collect it on the internet.
  • 5. Quality container, competent pages/descriptions for each bottle, and additional membership privileges like an invitation to distillery tours are all included. Flaviar is also launching a lot of teams for its members across the country. These groups will provide you the opportunity to sample various whiskeys with other group members in a private, members-only atmosphere.
  • 6. They have the best customer service. It is available 24x7. There is an option to chat too.
  • 7. This brand has its own youtube channel.



Flaviar is a quarterly subscription service. You can consider signing up for a single quarter or the entire year. You will, however, be charged on a monthly basis. $31.67 each month, divided into three installments of $95 per quarter (3 months). You have the option to renew every quarter.$300 each year, subdivided into three monthly installments of $25.The annual membership is a decent offer in the long run. It works out to $75 per quarter, vs $95 per quarter with the pay-per-quarter option. 

Customers can also get free stuff if they match a few criteria. You can, for example, get a free sample box and a comprehensive Flaviar free bottle if you already have sufficient Quarterly Spirits shipment credits on your profile. Flaviar members have the option of giving a friend a tasting box or buying a Flaviar gift card. Users can also use the Flaviar app to browse their online store. Members also get free live sampling events, member discounts on the online shop, and participation in the refer-a-friend program, as well as the ability to cancel their membership at any time. You have the option of selecting the Flaviar sample box that will be incorporated into your monthly membership. The Whiskey Gang members of New York, for example



When it comes to the "tasting box" component of membership, the Flaviar club has a very large range of thematic flavourful boxes that allow you to sample three distinct spirits. Before going to buy any product the most important thing to see is the positive and negative things of the product. This section will give the pros and cons of Flaviar whisky subscription.



  • 1. The packing is amazing. It is so aesthetic 
  • 2. The customer service is top-notch
  • 3. Amazing product for giving as a gift



  • 1. The price is on the higher site. If you are out of budget, try to refrain from buying it 
  • 2. The shipping is inconsistent sometimes



Based on its study, this Flaviar subscription review discovered a mixed client response. Some customers raved about the taste and flavor of certain spirits on their website, while others were less enthusiastic.

According to the feedback we received, some sample boxes are a bit unreliable, but it is true of the any liquor because taste preferences differ. The majority of participants said that the variety they received was enjoyable, and that the whole sampling experience was enjoyable. Flaviar has a 4.6/5 star rating based on 2,240 reviews. The majority of reviews stated that the customer service was excellent and also that the goods were of excellent quality.

For the broader public, the service was too specialised. This service may be for you if you have a hard time finding rare bourbon and whiskey, according to some users.

This Flaviar subscription evaluation also checked their Business Bureau page, where they received a C+ rating. The majority of consumers complain about poor customer service and shipping delays.



This Flaviar membership review suggests this spirits membership program to anyone interested in learning more about booze. Customers could also save cash by subscribing to one of the sampling box membership plans, which eliminates the hassle of sharing capital bottles to sample. According to the Flaviar subscription review, the program is worthwhile to try. Flaviar allows you to cancel your subscription at any time if you change your mind.

Select spirits displayed in their web store are available at a discount to members. Flaviar's prices are reasonable. Their service serves to spare you the aggravation of paying full price for individual bottles of alcohol. Flaviar's memberships the price by taking the expected cost of all the taster boxes.



  • 1. Is Falviar subscription monthly?
  • Customers can pick between two Flaviar membership options. One is the One-Quarter Membership, which charges users every third month. The Yearly Membership is the second option, with users being invoiced once a year.

    2. Can I cancel my Falviar subscription?
  • At any moment, customers can terminate or pause their memberships. Members have only three days to cancel their subscription and receive a complete refund. When you pause your subscription, your subscription will not renew at the conclusion of your prepaid time. After a quarter of inactivity, the membership will keep renewing.

    3. What do you get in Falviar membership?
  • All Flaviar subscriptions involve a single flavourful box, each full-size free or discounted bottle, free delivery on qualification process orders, Flaviar Originals, reduced in price prices for their web retailer, and connect directly to other unique benefits.

  • 4. How many days is the shipping done?
  • Flaviar merchants typically take 15 working days to process your order. That when an item has been sent, Flaviar will issue a tracking number. Members receive free delivery of their eligible purchases, Flaviar Originals, and bimonthly beverages. They also get a 50% discount on any purchases they place. Everything else is billed at standard freight costs.