FlixBus Review: Is it the Right Travel Choice?

April 28, 2023

Picture this, a beautiful sunset in Paris. You're sipping coffee and enjoying your petit fours while basking in the French golden hour. You take a deep breath to remind yourself about how beautiful life is, but oh no! Your phone dings, vibrating on the table. You switch it on and see a message from your boss telling you that you must reach Cologne by tomorrow evening for a company meeting.

Frantically looking up bus tickets as your coffee starts to go cold, all the options are beyond expensive, and you're losing hope. But all of a sudden, you come across this site called FlixBus, and you open it. Heaving a deep sigh, you enter your trip details voila! Before you know it, you find a bus for 8 AM tomorrow with a great fare. It has Wi-Fi, no transfers, and comfortable seats. This story may not be true, but the ending is. Join Top15Online today as we explore travel on a budget with a deep dive into today's FlixBus review.


What is FlixBus?

FlixBus is a German intercity bus operator that offers easy travel across Europe and USA! FlixBus, offers the most expansive bus network in Europe, with options covering 3000 travel destinations across 35 countries within Europe. They accommodate extensive local options, with their intercity network in Germany being especially remarkable, covering every major German city and allowing bookings at affordable rates! It gets better! Flixbus is available in the US, providing intercity bus services across the USA through its partner Greyhound.

When we say Pan-US we mean Pan-US, it's common knowledge that Greyhound operates all over the USA, meaning you could travel across the country through the lengths and the breadths, all at prices to excite you for your next adventure!


Why FlixBus?

Why FlixBus?

If travel across Europe and the US is not an enticing enough offering, you should look at their other benefits. FlixBus offers complete convenience and benefits that will make you consider switching from your current service. Flixbus offers comparatively less expensive travel when looking at competing options. Tickets from Berlin to Munich from FlixBus will cost around 38-39 Euros, whereas, on other sites, the cost will vary from 40-47 Euros at the cheapest.

Your next question might be "What else is on the menu?" Sustainability. Our beautiful planet is in a tough spot right now the world is at risk of increasing global warming because of carbon emissions FlixBus recognizes this. They offer environmentally-friendly travel with efficient coaches which have an excellent carbon footprint per driven passenger-kilometer. FlixBus also tirelessly tracks emission statistics to improve its offering and create a better alternative to non-sustainable travel options.


What is FlixTrain?

What is FlixTrain?

FlixTrain is a train service that runs across Germany, offering clean, timely, and sustainable travel across the great nation of Germany! FlixTrain offers routes to all the major cities in Germany and more, you have an affordable and sustainable travel option that doesn't hurt your pocket or the environment! The booking system works similarly to the way FlixBus's does, making it simple to book your next train journey easier than ever!


How Do FlixBus and FlixTrain Work?

FlixBus and FlixTrain have a user-friendly website where travelers can book fares in a few simple steps. To start booking visit the main website or download their application, to book a ticket you follow these easy steps -

◾  Download the app or visit the website - You would first need to download the app through the play store or app store or visit the website to get started.

◾  Choose your destinations - When starting, enter the destination you wish to travel to. FlixBus has a strong presence across 35 countries in Europe with a specifically strong network in Germany, so you need not worry about your destination not being listed, choose your destination and press on search.

◾  Choose the best alternative - When search results show Select the option you like, choices generally have information on the amenities you can expect to avail in your travel Wi-Fi, outlets to charge your devices, etc.

◾  Pay - Once you've selected your desired fare, proceed to the payment where you'll be prompted to reserve your seat at an extra cost of 2.99, FlixBus accepts payments on Google Pay, Credit Cards, and Pay Pal ensuring you have a range of options to choose from.

◾  Confirmation - Now you can sit back and relax, you'll get the fare confirmation on the contact details provided, so start packing and prepare for a comfortable ride to your next adventure!




Is FlixBus Reliable?

Now you might be wondering, are FlixBus and FlixTrain Reliable? FlixBus is the bus service with the largest network in Europe and extensive options across Germany and the US. FlixBus is used by thousands of users every day to book tickets for buses and trains. Many travelers use the app and website and report positive outcomes. Therefore we can say with confidence that the site is 100% genuine. competing sites offer similar services when it comes to travel booking services but FlixBus and FlixTrain should be your choice for easy, fast, and reliable travel.


What Currencies Does FlixBus Accept?

Eager to book your first ticket but not sure what currencies are accepted? Top15Online's got the info you need! FlixBus accepts Euros, Swiss Franks, and United States Dollars as valid means of payment. Currency selection also depends on the location you choose. For all US-based operations USD is accepted, whereas for European operations Euros and CHF (Swiss Franks) are accepted.


Verdict- A Look At The FlixBus Reviews

Verdict - A Look At The FlixBus Reviews

FlixBus is undoubtedly a top-notch option for stress-free travel, but do customers feel the same way? At Top15online, we provide unbiased, accurate, and customer-centric looks at companies and their products. We've already elaborated on what FlixBus has to offer, our focus is on seeing what customers have to say on Trustpilot!


FlixBus Pros And Cons

Timely busses - Customers across TrustPilot ratings have cited Timely bus arrivals as one of the main reasons for repeat bookings Lacklustre refund policy - The refund policy on FlixBus isn't the best. Users state that they did not receive their money back even though they canceled a month in advance.
Accurate ETAs - Accurate ETAs have also been cited in Flixbus customer reviews to illustrate the timely fashion in which busses arrive and depart, users state that FlixBus accounts for all border checkpoints and other such anticipated hurdles before time and adds it to the ETA. Unexpected delays- Delays can often happen, but customers cite that there has been no information until the last moment on coach delays. Customer support in many of these cases wasn't able to resolve the customer queries either.
Cheap tickets - Tickets are inexpensive on FlixBus compared to other platforms. You can find mention of this across the majority of positive reviews. Customer Service Issues - Customer Service seems inconsistent per reviews. The majority stated that customer service resolutions were not up to the mark.
Comfortable seats - Users cite that seating is comfortable and convenient. -


Is FlixBus and FlixTrain Worth It?

After an in-depth dive into their services, the question remains - Are FlixBus and FlixTrain worth it? That's for you to decide! we at Top15Online give information that allows you to make informed decisions, we like to present the audience with clear and unbiased facts.

We have provided a deep dive into FlixBus and FlixTrain handing you the tools you need to decide whether FlixBus or FlixTrain should be your next travel partner across horizons!


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