Fossil Watch Review- Stylish, Slick, Iconic

June 05, 2023

 Horology studies timepieces, specifically- watches, clocks, and such. To tell the time has been a human necessity since the dawn of humanity. Inhabitants of ancient Egypt got to see the creation of the Sundial, which was the first ever conception of a watch.

To describe the Sundial, one must observe its contours and general design, a rounded woodcut with an almost triangular cut of the same material affixed on top. The purpose of this anomalistic splinter was to reflect the sun's light, which depending on the time of the day, would be casting its shadow from a different direction. Based on the reflection of the shadow, one could make out the general time of day.

This art of watchmaking and keeping time only evolved as time became a more central concept to civilization. From adapting time to our activities, we started to adapt our activities around time, developing "schedules" to better manage our time and activities. 

Fast forward hundreds of years of innovation and evolution, and we have the modern watch, an accurate piece of modern machinery capable of accurately telling time. The watch has evolved into the perfect companion for all your schedule planning, and there is no finer proponent of this art than the Fossil. So, join us as we venture through the brand that offers quality time at unbeatable prices in this Fossil watch review.


Everything in Time

Everything in Time

Fossil is a watch manufacturer hailing from Texas. Started in the era of time when watches were being made more accurately than ever before, the brand started to take off with customers seeking a break from the traditional Swiss watches, which were not only more expensive but also were growing out of touch with the needs of the market, the watch manufacturer came as a revelation, producing innovative and stylish designs in a market saturated by the machinations of traditional watch manufacturing. 

They started expanding across the U.S.A, eventually making a global presence for itself, covering almost every major market in the modern day. Spunky collabs, cool designs, and accurate timekeeping made it the darling of watch enthusiasts worldwide, evolving it into a juggernaut in the fashion watch industry.

But enough about the past, let's delve into what a visit to the Fossil store online or offline might be like as per Fossil watches review- 

  • ◾  Womens
  • ◾  Mens
  • ◾  Watches
  • ◾  Bags
  • ◾  Wallets
  • ◾  Jewelry
  • ◾  Sale
  • ◾  Featured

You can expect to see the above categories on the website. But for our Fossil watch review, we will focus mainly on the watches the brand offers.

Fossil’s timepieces are truly limitless and comprise what we could call the ‘ticking heart’ of their product range (pun intended). Below we have listed the complete extent of Fossil’s watch range- 

  • ◾  Mechanical watches- An homage to the classical art of watchmaking, the company’s mechanical watches feature complications, classic design elements, and open displays to carry forward the bold legacy of American watchmaking.


  • ◾  Leather watches- Leather watches need only be defined in two words, Classical and practical. Featuring a genuine leather strap, these comprise the more premium of the company’s offerings.


  • ◾  Smartwatches- The smartwatch is the quintessential addition for the gentry that prefers a touch of modern design to their timepieces. Fueled by the ever-powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 4100 Wear technology, these watches are powerful and helpful.


  • ◾  Minimalist watches- For those who value beauty in simplicity in design, the minimalist watch range presents an opportunity to delve into their expansive world of functional designs. 


  • ◾  Stainless Steel watches- Made for the rough and tumble of daily life, Fossil's bold stainless Steel watch range is quite popular. Tough designs, practical functionality, and a sassy exterior pulling style and function together effortlessly. 




Sale Season?


If you want great value on your favorite watches, quickly looking at the sale section will be a good idea. Other than seasonal offers and special gift packs for those beautiful celebrations, you can visit the sale section year-round to find a variety of their watches and accessories.

You can generally find this section on the banner towards the top right of the home screen. Once clicking on the same, you’ll see a mix of watches and accessories at discounted prices.

Limited Edition

If exclusives are your thing, then the limited-edition pieces will please your palette, made for specific collaborations. These watches are heavy on branding and style.

As we speak, there is a Fossil X Star Wars collab ongoing, borrowing inspiration from iconic characters from the series. This collection is made for those die-hard fans that want to sport their favorite movie franchise on their wrists. 

Gen 6 Hybrid Watches

One of Fossil's newest releases is its generation six hybrid watch, featuring- 

  • ◾  Sleek design
  • ◾  Practical design elements 
  • ◾  Solid build quality
  • ◾  A variety of variants

Fossil integrates the best of modern smartwatches with a design language that speaks to tradition.


A Look at Customer Opinions 

If you're a curious customer looking to buy from the brand, you're at the right place. This is our Fossil review. We've sorted through various customer reviews from Trust Pilot, a reliable resource for verified reviews from real customers.

We are happy to inform you, the reader, that Fossil has 5-star reviews that speak to its high reputation with customers. They appreciate the quality of craftsmanship, materials used, and design. 

Customers have also been fascinated with the Generation 6 watches, praising them for their advanced features and design, made especially for those who live a busy and active life. 




The Verdict 

Below we have compiled a list of pros and cons of purchasing a watch from an American watchmaker.

Great design Customer service
Functionality  Incidents of delayed delivery 
Genuine materials  Some watches are priced a bit highly
Affordability  -
Vast selection  -


On a More Conclusive Note 

Fossil has fostered a penchant for innovation and style, establishing a legacy of updated craftsmanship in line with modern trends. Racing ahead where most fall behind, the brand has effortlessly integrated a universal taste palette into its offering. 

Creating a lineup that suits the tastes of even the most selective watch connoisseurs, proving its timeless legacy as an innovator and a brand that continues to fly to new heights with every new release. 


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