GetYourGuide Review 2023: An Easy Way To Book Tours in Europe

June 16, 2022

Confused with whether to go for your local guide or with Getyourguide for your next vacay plan? Not to worry as you will be able to make a difference between both after reading this in depth Getyourguide review. So let’s get started without wasting much time now.

Let’s roll into the guide now-

What is

Getyourguide is basically a tour organizing company that operates online and works around all around the globe. The company was started back in 2009 and is being operated since years from Germany only. Although the motive of starting this company was to become a local guide back then but now they have become a global guide.

The platform has their own live website, and an application for both, android and iOS. If you want to travel anywhere, it is easy to download their app and get started. They know how to market their services and how to keep the customers happy and thus, you will also be able to enjoy discounts, offers and much more on your flight and hotel booking.


How does Getyourguide work?

It is a much needed thing to know how does they execute their work and what space are they actually into. For that, let us read the same here-

Getyourguide basically works in different steps to make the work faster and easier. First, they ensure whether the place you want to visit is available at their services or not. If it is, they ask the user to get registered via their app or official website quickly. After that, follow these steps-

  • 1. Now enter your travel destination, dates and other information that you thing is important to let them know. Also mention the places you wish to visit in that country or city.
  • 2. Now you need to select the list, enter your personal details such as name, country, email address and a payment method and book their services.
  • 3. While making payments, you can also add any coupon or offer available for getting some extra discounts.
  • 4. You can also add some filters available at their website and select activities that you wish to do such as sightseeing, rental. Cuisines, nightlife and more and select the one you like to do.
  • 5. You are also allowed to select any languages from the 25 available languages.

Where can you roam with Getyourgiide?

Although we told you that they cover up most of the places from all around the world, but it is highly important to know the exact countries and places they allow-

  • From North America- US, Mexico, Canada, Jamacia, Panama, Bahamas.
  • From South America- Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Uruguay, Ecuador, Columbia.
  • From Europe- Germany, Italy, France, UK, Poland and Russia.
  • From Africa- Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Ghana.
  • From Asia- India, China, Japan, UAE, Qatar and Singapore.
  • From Oceania- New Zealand, Samoa, Australia, Fiji and New Caledonia.

What are the advantages of Getyourguide?

As said, you are going to get loads of perks and good offers while signing up with Getyourguide. But exactly what? To find out, read out here-

  • You are going to find a wide range of activities to do there as they have over 50,000 tours and fun activities to do in the above mentioned places and not only that but you are also going to get the tourist attraction tickets, cultural experience, food, city tour and more.
  • You do not need to be a pro for using their website as their website is very simple and has a user friendly interface that makes the work easier for anyone to book.
  • Even if you check their reviews, you will find them really good and the best part? They have allowed the users to mention their genuine review based on their experience on their website itself.
  • The moment you book your tickets, you can easily get them on your mobile and not on printed form to make it easily accessible.
  • There’s no booking fee to pay to the website. You will be paying the ticket fee only.
  • If you make any changes to your plan after confirming the tickets, you can simply opt for free cancellation that is valid up to 24 hours of your event.


Is Getyourguide legit?

As per the review, in-depth research and our personal experience, we have found loads of good points of the website and yes it is fully genuine. You surely can trust Getyourguide as it is a legitimate website where you can book tickets and have a global guide online without charging you bomb. They do not charge you anything extra apart from the fee that is required for your ticket and that is the reason most of the people prefer the same. However, we would advise our readers to give a quick read to the terms and conditions and policies of the company before making their tickets confirmed. Other than that, if you are 18 years old or above, you can surely use the website by your choice without any check.


  • No booking fee
  • Mobile friendly tickets.
  • Various activities to offer
  • No cancellation charges


  • Much preferred for European countries.

Wrapping up,

So It was all about the genuine Getyourguide review where we did not only reviewed the company, but also their services in depth. If you are looking for a global guide who can book your tickets, do your hotels and everything, surely go for Getyourguide.



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