GoDaddy Website Hosting Review: Is it Right for Your Site?

December 30, 2021

In this godaddy hosting reviews, we will discuss all abut godaddy hosting plan. The last decade has witnessed an enormous amount of increase in internet users and e-commerce services. As a result, there are thousands of website hosting services available on the internet and choosing the right one is a daunting task.

GoDaddy is one of the most popular web hosting service providers but this contest is more about reliability and speed than popularity. Let’s discuss in detail with Top 15 Online what the company offers and what makes it a titan in web hosting.

Services Of GoDaddy : Godaddy Hosting Reviews

GoDaddy is a huge company and as a result, it has more resources and a well-planned system of hosting than its counterparts. The company has a tier system for web hosting according to the requirements of the customer. The first tier offers four different packages based on the workload and needs whereas the second tier is designed for high-end use. 

GoDaddy hosting reviews

The first tier offers four types of hosting plans. Read continue to explore more on godaddy hosting services : 

1. Web Hosting Economy

For someone who has just started the business, an economic plan is a great option as it offers to host a single website with 24/7 support. It provides storage of 100 GB along with unmetered bandwidth. 

2. Web Hosting Deluxe

The deluxe plan offers almost the same benefits as the economy except it provides hosting of unlimited websites and a bigger database. It is a viable option for the one who wants to expand the existing business.

3. Web Hosting Ultimate

GoDaddy offers a tier 1 ultimate plan that manages the traffic load and gives better performance with complex sites. It also provides a free SSL certificate for the first year along with the domain name.

4. Web Hosting Maximum

If you want more memory to handle complicated information and complex features of the site, this plan is just ideal for you. To get more input-output, use GoDaddy maximum and cPanel with Linux. This plan also offers unmetered bandwidth, unlimited sites, free DNS and an SSL certificate. 

At GoDaddy, one can share these plans with other clients. The cost of these package ranges between $8.99 to $24.99. This allows the clients to save some money if they are not looking for heavy-duty usage. The second tier of web hosting at GoDaddy provides advanced hosting solutions. It is suitable for VPS hosting and dedicated server hosting.

It provides different packages based for Windows and Linux based on the requirements of the client. One can either opt for a 1 CPU, 1 GB RAM plan to 8 CPU, 16GB RAM plan. The quality of other services like storage, SSL, domain, etc. also varies according to the agreed plan. We have included more technologies in this godaddy hosting reviews, so continue reading the article.

Technology Used By GoDaddy : Godaddy Hosting Reviews

GoDaddy uses WordPress 5.7.2 for content management with CDN Boost for faster loading speed. It provides free themes and plugins to make the content look attractive and pre-built sites for beginners. However, it could be a little difficult for a first time client to understand the tools provided with it. As far as server-side programming languages are concerned, it uses both PHP and JavaScript. For the client-side, it relies on JavaScript only which is a lightweight programming language. The company uses premium DNS for premium web hosting that allows more control on the website.

GoDaddy offers high-end tools even with economic plans that makes web hosting fast and reliable. It uses cPanel which is simple, secure and manages emails with ease. For website building, it offers a suite known as Website+Marketing that gives dozens of customizable options. GoDaddy also provides virtual private servers and dedicated servers for clients who want more personalized features for their websites.

Pros Of Using GoDaddy

1. Good Uptime 

GoDaddy has a decent uptime of an average of 99.4% on their shared hosting plans that is quite good. For a client with an economical web hosting plan, dealing with around 5 hours of downtime in a year is not too bad. If we go with this figure, the average monthly downtime is 22 minutes which is better as compared to other website hosting services.

2. Faster Page Load 

GoDaddy offers WordPress hosting with CDN Boost that loads the page at a fast speed. If we measure the data of the past 12 months, the average time taken to load a page is as low as 531 ms. For a web hosting service that has several clients with complex sites, this is a great speed. It engages the customer and helps in increasing the traffic on the site.

3. Variety of Plans 

At GoDaddy, there are a number of plans from which you can choose the best one according to your requirements. Even with the cheapest plan, one gets unlimited bandwidth and 24/7 support. GoDaddy also offers email hosting plans for clients who are looking for a professional email address for their business.  

4. More Than a Web Hosting Service 

The company offers more than just web hosting services. It provides SEO consulting and Web Design services to the clients and helps in growing the business.

If there are pros in this godaddy hosting reviews, then you must know about their cons.

godaddy hosting reviews

Cons Of Using GoDaddy

1. Limitation of basic plan 

The biggest limitation of GoDaddy is their base plan lacks some valuable features like SSL certificate, customizable templates, and server configuration.

2. Loss of content 

The basic problem that the company needs to address is that you cannot change the theme without losing all the content.

GoDaddy has a great uptime but they are not the cheapest company out there. That being said, they offer a Windows-based hosting service along with Linux hosting which makes them unique. To avail benefits of their cutting-edge technology, you have to make your pockets lighter. In the end, it depends on your requirements and usage.


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