Do Lights Affect Your Mood? Govee Review Explains How

November 18, 2022

Did you know that the lights around us can be a significant factor in deciding our mood? Many psychologists suggest that the brightness and hues of light can impact our well-being. For example, blue or white colour at night can disrupt the sleeping pattern because it suppresses melatonin levels.

On the other hand, red/amber light helps increase the production of melatonin levels which aids in getting better sleep at night. In this light, this Govee review is being written to enable our readers to explore the world of quality LED lights available on the Govee platform.

Considering that today's lifestyle revolves around smart appliances and lightning, it is pertinent that you pick only those lights that match your vibe without electrocuting your pockets.

So, without any delay, let's dive into the world of Govee lights - 

What is Govee? 

Before we dive into the details of Govee, we should know why Govee's LED lights have become such a rage. The LED, or light-emitting diode, has fundamentally changed how we light our homes and buildings. LED has become a popular option because it produces up to 90% more light than normal light bulbs. Furthermore, as it is developed with high energy efficient lighting technology, it has been observed that LEDs use less energy while being long-lasting than incandescent lightning.

In 2017, Govee began its journey to turn every home into a smart home by using LED technology for ambient lighting and home appliances. Today, the company has over 230 patents, with over 11M+ app registered users, while reaching global consumers in countries like the United Kingdom, UAE, United States, etc.

What makes GOVEE lights and products different from others?

Taking LED technology to a new level, Govee lights keep up with technological advancements. These products are created with unique technologies that have enhanced the LED lighting experience. 

Govee Technologies That Brighten Up Spaces 

A. Govee Envisual

This technology enables the zone-division color match method to enhance visuals beyond what you can see on your screen. It captures and calibrates the content colors to ensure accurate color matching.

B. DreamView

An intelligent technology that uses Govee's IoT system allows devices to use light mapping to reflect screen information or music over Bluetooth. Users can enjoy diverse entertainment with various smart, rich, and cool lighting effects.


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This innovative light-display technology from Govee features Independent Control chips that display multiple colors simultaneously.

Interesting technologies, right? If these have impressed you, you must check out the pool of Govee lights and home appliances tailored to complement the contemporary lifestyle. Some of the bestsellers that have caught Top15online's attention are enlisted below-

1. Govee Glide Wall light

 Enliven your room décor with the Govee Glide Wall Light that comes with a customizable design and fine finishing. With this wall light, you can experience-

A. Diffused RGBOC light effects

B. More than 40 stunning scene and music modes

C. Smart App Controlled

D. Voice controlled

E. Can be easily installed

2. Govee Wi-Fi Thermo Hygrometer 

A very popular product amongst plant parents and wine lovers, this Govee Wi-Fi Thermo Hygrometer helps you monitor your space’s temperature, ensuring a comfortable environment around you.

A. Compact in design

B. Wireless app monitoring

C. High-precision sensor

D. Instant notification

E. 2-year data export and storage

3. Govee DreamView T1 TV Backlight 

Watch TV like never before with the Govee DreamView T1 TV backlight. Streamline your gaming or series-watching experience with a splash of color all over. 

A. RGBIC colored lighting

B. Govee Envisual color match technology

C. Voice+ App control

D. 12 scene modes

E. Music mode

Having looked at the different products available on the platform and the technology that these products are developed with, you have questions about whether you should trust Govee lightings. 

Perhaps you are asking, is Govee LED good?

To ease your confusion, we at Top15online have enlisted some Pros and Cons about Govee lights. In this section of Govee review, we will take you through some key factors that can help you decide whether you want to invest in Govee lights and home appliances.


Govee : Pros & Cons

Pros  Cons
Easy installation The dim setting isn’t very dim 
Comes with voice control, and the app allows custom color  The lights cannot be connected to multiple sets
Can be operated through Wifi and Bluetooth Not weatherproof

Considering the pros have caught your attention, we would now like to also mention a few details about Govee deals which enables customers to get these advanced LED products at a great price.

Govee Deals 

One thing that has made Govee stand apart from its counterparts is its budget-friendly prices which are further coupled with great deals. Currently, you can avail some of the bestsellers of the Govee lights and home appliances through the following deals-

1. Black Friday Sale 

Avail Govee's LED lights and home appliances with up to 50% off.  

2. 90% off

Ensuring that its customers are pampered to the fullest, Govee is also running 90% off on its products. Buy one get one 90% off; this deal is valid from 16th Nov 2022 to 23rd Nov 2022 EST

3. Flash Sale

Grab some of the fanciest LED lights and appliances with a sale of up to 50% off.


TakeAway : Govee Review

The sole reason for writing this Govee review was to give our readers key information about the brand so that they are able to assess on their own whether Govee lights would complement their taste or not. We at Top15online, have explored the category of the products and the technology used to develop these lights and home appliances and we believe that as compared to other LED companies, Govee has successfully performed in their assignment of making every home a smart home. 

Every product has been developed with an ergonomic design infused with advanced technology so that everyone can experience the best LED lights. Whether it's the lights or the home appliance, Govee has ensured that each of its products blends with today's fast pace lifestyle.

Furthermore, the platform has ensured to stay committed to its core value of enabling everyone to experience the comfort of a smart home; as a result, its affordable prices and irresistible deals have enabled people all over the world to enjoy high-quality LED lights with safety and luxury. Taking all these considerations into account, we at Top15online believe Govee light is a wise choice for both spaces and budgets.


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