Helix Sleep Mattress Review 2022 - A Bed For Every Body

January 25, 2022

We all know how crucial is the comfort we gain while sleeping and thus, we all spend a good amount of time searching for the best mattresses for comfort. However, to save you from the struggle and to save your precious time, we are here with the Helix sleep mattress review. We have chosen the brand Helix not because of its goodwill but because of the fact that we have personally tried it too. Indeed, the Helix brand is one of the most reputed ones that provide plenty of models to make a choice from.

In this article, we are not just going to talk about a single variant from the brand but about their all models and the brand in general. This Helix sleep mattress review is going to be a detailed review that could give you a lot of information about the product.


An overview of Helix mattresses

The Helix mattresses are known to be the first and yet only online brand that offers fully customizable mattresses. Their customization can also be done on two different sides of the mattress which can fulfill the distinct requirement of partners while sleeping. Talking about their variants, it comes in six variant of hybrid mattresses that varies as per their firmness level and the amount of plushness.

Anyone who likes to sleep in a cool mattress would prefer any mattress from the brand and the best part is that they have got multiple choices to pick from. Additionally, all their mattresses will be hybrid that comes with the support of coils which is the plus point for hybrid mattress lovers.

Helix Mattress construction

Now that we are talking about the brand and the construction of the mattresses they make, we are generalizing it. To begin with, all their mattresses come with the same cover and the layer foam comfort layers above the support layer that is being made from wrapped coils.

They all will have a soft touch design cover that would be very breathable, soft, and stretchy that could comfort you.

Also, know that from the top of the mattress, there will be a window to promote airflow in all Helix mattresses. To provide a sturdy structure and support to all the mattresses, they have the support layer specifically made up of individually wrapped coils with a high-density base foam.

Talking about the factors such as type of foam used, the layers, the thickness, arrangement of layers and the firmness entirely varies as per the model you're buying.


Pricing and sizing

If we see the hybrid mattresses from various brands, we would see that the prices for most of them are high. However, the pricing of the Helix mattresses is comparatively lesser than any other known brand. For most of their products, you can see the pricing fall below the average price which is indeed a plus point for the buyers.

The Luxe version such as moonlight, sunset, dusk, dawn, and twilight will be the premium ones and so as the pricing of the mattress. For your understanding and reference, we are sharing the table consisting of the pricing and the size of every mattress.



Base Height

Base Price

Luxe Height

Luxe Price

Plus Height

Plus Price


39” x 75”







Twin XL

39” 80”








54” x 75”








60” x 80”








76” x 80”







California King

72” x 84”








Performance of Helix Mattress

The performance of the mattress depends upon the factors such as motion transfer, edge support, temperature regulation, etc. Here we are sharing our experience for each of the factors given below.

Sleeping hot or cold

Please know that all the products from the Helix keep enough temperature regulation. The cover is breathable and will keep the airflow circulation throughout the mattress and so as the coils of the mattress. However, if your concern is related to overheating, then you can go for the luxe version of Helix that offers a significant amount of cooling.

Motion transfer

This feature varies from product to product. We have witnessed that some of the products work pretty well in terms of minimizing the motion whereas some didn't. For the best motion isolation, you should go for the Helix Midnight, twilight, and sunset models. But all over, every product has the slower-moving memory foam used on the top which will aid in motion transfer for sure.

Edge support

The edge support is an element that you will find across every variant. We have witnessed a significant amount of edge support that made us feel secure and comfortable while sitting or lying down. 


Since these mattresses are built up of high-density foam, you can expect them to last for at least 7-10 years which is also the average life span of any mattress. 


Initially, you might experience some off-gassing with the mattresses. However, within some time, you can see it going off.


You are not going to get those annoying noises while moving on the mattress at all. However, since they are made up of coils, having that bit of squeak is normal which could be ignored as it is only for the initial times.


If you're a couple who would go in some intimacy, it is highly important to have a mattress that could comfort you. Now that all the Helix mattresses incorporate coils, you are going to have ease in moving on the mattress. You will feel comfortable as the mattress will surely comfort you.


Talking about the warranty which plays a vital role, all the Helix mattresses comes with a 100-night sleep trial under which you can try the mattress for 100 nights and still can claim the refund. Along with that, you can also claim a warranty against the product for 10 years. 

Pros and Cons

The advantages and considerations of the mattresses are given as below-


  • 1. Best for stomach and back sleepers.
  • 2. Cooling mattresses with no overheating issue
  • 3. Motion isolation feature
  • 4. Affordable pricing
  • 5. 100 nights free trial
  • 6. 10 years warranty


  • 1. Not for people weighing less than 130.
  • 2. Not for people who prefer sleeping hot and not cold.

Our verdict

After going through the range of mattresses the brand offers, we have come to the conclusion that all these products will fit into your bill perfectly as per your expectations from the mattress. Since the Helix mattresses make a range of products, you will be able to find something in every field and for every type of sleeper. Their six products vary distinctly from each other due to which they could be perfect for your different requirements. Additionally, the plus point that we personally loved is the customization that can be done on both sides of the mattresses. Also the pricing and trial are quite affordable than any of the hybrid mattresses which is surely the cherry on the cake. All over, we would recommend the product.

Wrapping up,

It was all about the unbiased and unfiltered review of Helix sleep mattress. If you have something to add up, please share it in the given comment section right below.