Hostgator Website Builder Review: The Perfect Website Builder?

June 07, 2021

Hostgator is hot right now. The website builder platform has become a favorite of every rookie website builder on the internet. But the internet can paint a different picture from how the website actually is. Is it worth investing in, or is it just too expensive and not worth it?

This is our honest attempt to decode this mystery, as we bring you the Hostgator website builder review so you can decide for yourself.


How HostGator Works

HostGator is an online web hosting platform that provides servers where your website's data is stored, but that’s not where it ends. It also allows you to register your domain name, and depending on the package you take up with them, you get access to a variety of website-building tools, from WordPress to other website builders.

The platform is preferred far and wide by individuals and businesses. Whether you’re hatching or a fully grown gator, HostGator is there to service your business’s needs!


How to Create a Website with HostGator

The process of creating a website is often made out to be much more convoluted than it is in reality. With the right research, design, and the right reptile (HostGator) to have your back, you can create a website that looks professional in just a few short steps!

Follow along, and we’ll decode the entire website-building process in a way that you’ll be sure to understand-

  • Step 1- Register your domain and get Web Hosting

The first step to any successful campaign is to build the weapons of war, in a similar yet far less sinister way you need to have your website name and address ready.

The name is what goes into the search bar, and the website is what goes into the hearts and minds. So, make the name a catchy one and the website unforgettable. You got this.

  • Step 2- Research is the keyword!

The next step in your journey of like three steps is to research, research, and do more research! Look at websites that are of similar businesses and come up with a detailed and well-researched idea of what you want yours to look like.

  • Step 3- Design, Design, Design

The design is the final and arguably most enjoyable part of the experience. Once you’re well-researched and have the idea ready, execute your dreams all in a neat and professional package. For this, you would need to use either WordPress or other website builders available on the market.


HostGator Pricing

HostGator works exhaustively to deliver businesses and individuals the best possible web hosting and website development experience. To service your needs, the platform offers a variety of pricing packages depending on what your business requires.

We would recommend having a look at their pricing chart to get a more accurate idea of what to expect.


HostGator Customer Support

The gators at HostGator, apart from being surprisingly friendly, are also ready to answer all your queries and questions (related to the platform, preferably). They prize transparency and value their customers, and that’s why they’re available round the clock.

To get instant support we would recommend using the live chat option. However, if you’re more of a show and tell kinda guy, then you can reach out to them on these lines-

Toll-free: (866) 964-2867

Local: (713) 574-5287

International: 00+1-713-574-5287


What's Great and What's Not?

Optimal server performance with an almost perfect uptime. Additional costing for security features
cPanel/WHM for better management and configuration Renewal cost is expensive
user-friendly and a brilliant way to build websites Server access is only limited to the US. 
Unlimited bandwidth for shared hosting plans -
Perfect for beginners that are learning how to build websites -
Offers free SSL certificates and email accounts -


Services Offered: Hostgator Hosting Review

Services Offered: Hostgator Hosting Review

  • ◾  Cloud hosting

Users get the option of using resources from multiple servers instead of just a fixed single location.

  • ◾  Shared Hosting

This means that you are using the space on a server that is also being used by other websites and is usually the most popular plan on the list.

  • ◾  Dedicated hosting

This is by far the most powerful hosting and is suited for meeting the requirements of large-scale businesses. It is best suited for companies that have a famous website or heavy website.

  • ◾  VPS hosting

Website owners that are looking for flexibility with software installations and more room for sending emails along with stream media can make use of this hosting.

  • ◾  Reseller hosting

Website owners that want to sell hosting services to make money can resort to this option. Users looking to start their own business web hosting company can benefit heavily from this.

  • ◾  WordPress hosting

As the name says, this type of hosting is the best possible option for getting an optimized and easy-to-use version of WordPress.




Hostgator Hosting Review: The Trustpilot 

Over 2k 5-star rated reviews only indicate in one direction. The website hosting service is as reliable as they get. Website hosting becomes child's play with the platform. Great features and technical support only solidify its position in the market as a force to be reckoned with.

Although there is the usual exception of some bad reviews where people cuss about the service, as a whole, the website has a rating of 4.1, which is very impressive, no matter where you are in the world.


Platform Breakdown: Hostgator Site Builder Review

Platform Breakdown: Hostgator Site Builder Review

  • ◾  Features

There is a plethora of features which include the likes of customization options, free migration, a rookie-friendly website builder, SSL, and email accounts. The only sad part for users is that it only offers US-based servers.

  • ◾  Pricing

It is highly affordable and offers brilliant features, with the extra addition of a website builder, SSL certificates, and a bandwidth that doesn't end makes the plan worth every penny. The only downside can be the high renewal prices.

  • ◾  Performance

This is where it gets a lot of criticism for this, majorly because of its uptime, which is a little less when compared to other big names in the industry, which is at least 99.95 percent.

  • ◾  Customer support

It is, by a mile, the best. They offer live support features and assistance all around the clock, even on other review websites. Their agents offer effective solutions while being polite throughout the communication.

  • ◾  User friendly

Full marks on this front. The panel offered is easy to use and control, with multiple tutorials and great customer services that are in store for the customers to make sure that users don't have to worry about a thing on the website. It is relatively easy to create an account, set up the domain, and install WordPress.

  • ◾  Complete rating

In a nutshell, this Hostgator review implies that it is a great service provider. The qualities, combined with great features and friendly customer service, make it perfect. But there's always room for improvement, which is why factors like uptime and the cost of renewal could be improved.





All in all, it is money well spent, from what we have learned with this Hostgator review. The salient features, combined with excellent customer support and live chat support, make it a class apart. With some simple changes in the uptime and renewal costs, it can become the ultimate website builder in the modern market.


Frequently Asked Questions On Hostgator


1. Is Hostgator offering free SSL?

Yes, free SSL is available with all of the hosting plans, no matter how cheap the plan is.

2. Does Hostgator offer free WordPress?

As per the Hostgator website builder review, it offers free tools that can be used for installing the WordPress software, so you can create as many installs as you want.

3. Can I use Hostgator for great e-commerce results?

Hosting can be used for creating an e-commerce platform. But it wouldn't exactly be the best option since performance issues can be a concern. In case you decide to do so, regardless of this, make sure to invest more money in Kinsta or WP Engine.


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