Hostinger Review: Building and Hosting Made Easier Online

August 08, 2023

Hosting can become a headache pretty quickly. Finding suitable hosting platforms where the uptime is also commendable. But there are some hosting services that might make things easier for you. How would it feel to have simple drag and drop features with an uptime that beats the odds? 

This is where Hostinger comes in. Web hosting is something that makes your business visible to a plethora of online audiences and for that, trust establishment becomes top priority. Hostinger can offer exactly that, while ensuring that you don’t have a hole in your pocket. 

Now that you have an idea about what is Hostinger, let us better understand what it offers to the users and how is it better than the solutions around with this Hostinger review, starting with the services in store.


Hosting-Offers in Store

The company offers a number of hosting categories with different cost plans. You can choose the one suiting your budget and requirement. 


Shared and VPS hosting

If you are a beginner and your business doesn't experience heavy traffic, then this hosting can be ideal for you.

With an effective process, the Startup plan for the VPS Hosting doesn’t cost a lot per month either. The plan further costs more as more and more features are included.

Despite these amazing packs, Hostinger doesn’t offer any package for Dedicated hosting.


Website Building

You can build an efficient and attractive website with great features and services using the various tools by Hostinger. These tools are easy to operate and the site is also 100% SEO friendly. This ensures your website generates more traffic and a good number of audiences visit your business profile.

A website built through Hostinger also incorporates various Ecommerce features to enhance the comfort of your customers. This also includes an online store and other online transaction widgets, so you can expect smooth and effortless payment options here.


Speed and Performance- Website Builder Edition


This is one of the foremost things to notice when you are trying to pick a website builder for personal or professional purposes. After running some speed tests to offer a better Hostinger website builder review, here is what we found.

A website that loads strikingly fast will act like the center of attention, making users and Google happy. This increases the chances of ranking high on SERPs as well. On the flip side, if the website loads as fast as a snail, the bounce rate would be through the roof.

We all know what bounce rate leads to. Yes, Google not being a fan of your website. There are several tools that can be used to check the speed and performance of any website built with Hostinger’s website builder.

To conclude it, credible test results proved that the Hostinger website builder has an average rating of 91 for performance and speed with an uptime of 99.9%, meaning that there are great chances of your website ranking if the necessary work is put in.


Hostinger Website Builder- What’s Wrong and Right

What’s Right What’s Wrong
Easy-to-use Drag and Drop Builder No Free Plan
Very Affordable Switching template implies that all content would be lost
Free AI Tools (Logo Maker, etc.) Limited Third-party Integrations
Unlimited Websites -
Free Domain & SSL -
Outstanding Speed and Uptime -
Powerful eCommerce Tools -
Free Templates -


Hostinger Wordpress Hosting Reviews

For starters, let us help you go through some of the plans that Hostinger has in store for customers. There is a wide range of options available, including the likes of cloud, shared, VPS (Virtual Private Server), and plenty of other plans dedicated to user satisfaction.

On top of that, you can also choose specific WordPress plans and additional support options along with a single click installation. These come under low-cost share hosting, which is suitable for a number of different website types. For more variation, customers can pick between single, premium, and business plans.

In case you are looking for the shared plan to begin the proceedings, here are some features that are worth noting;

  • ◾  More than 20 languages with 24/7 support
  • ◾  One-click WordPress installation
  • ◾  A domain name for free
  • ◾  Improved security features, including a free SSL certificate and daily backups.
  • ◾  Practically unlimited bandwidth

It is pretty obvious at this point that the shared plans offer great features. For newbies, it offers everything that’s necessary or required. What’s even more impressive is the price, which gets explained further down the line, but before that, let us take a good look at the support.

Hostinger AI Creator

Something that has caught everyone by surprise was the AI website creator by Hostinger. It is no secret that it is a very intriguing AI that takes it no more than a minute to take a look at the website and build it for you.

Many users have expressed how fulfilling the process becomes with the AI creator. It simply creates a website and even adds the relevant pictures for the same for best results.


Pricing with Hostinger

And we are here. The pricing section that every customer awaits. Some might even consider it to be the selling point of every great service. Hostinger offers its services at a surprisingly low price of $2.99 per month.

It can be cut down a little bit to $2.89 per month with a free domain name. As the plans shoot higher up the order, perks like free backups and unlimited accounts come with them. Apart from the starter pack, Hostinger also offers the following;


Special Offers

The offer that has recently been the center of attention is the 48 months offer for cloud and web hosting, that not only offers great perks, but also helps save a lot of money.

Here is a glimpse of the same.



Hosting features are great, but nothing without support. While setting up your website with WordPress hosting, there are bound to be questions. Even though there are plenty of portals to get answers from, it doesn’t hurt to have a direct line that answers’ questions every time. The response time is a little over 4 minutes, which is not exactly great, but isn’t bad either.


Is Hostinger for the People? Trustpilot Says

With a brilliant rating of 4.7 and more than 1500 verified 5-star rated reviews, Hostinger is the talk of the town for every reviewing platform. Their services are cheap and easy to use, with great uptime, support, and a world of features, ensuring that users never feel that their money isn’t well spent.

To add to all of it, Hostinger offers a 30-day money back offer, in case you ever feel dissatisfied with the services after investing money. But there is a catch. If you purchase the yearly plan and claim the free domain along with it, Hostinger wil deduct the complete domain registration price before refunding the other half.

Hostinger- The End Game

It wouldn’t be an oversell to say that this Hostinger review has concluded all the basics that a user would need to learn and understand about the services that are in store.

With an uptime that overshadows other services in the market, Hostinger has solidified its place as one of the best, if not the best hosting solution service provider on the planet. There is something for everyone, be it a rookie or a master of the art of website building and hosting.

The website building services and web hosting in store is affordable yet beneficial. All you need to do is to pick the template, made by a professional, for your business needs to get started. 

With data location centers being situated in different parts of Europe (France, the Netherlands, Lithuania, the United Kingdom), Asia (Singapore, India), North America (the USA), South America (Brazil). 


Frequently Asked Questions On Hostinger


1. What is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a web hosting service provider that is used by millions of people across the globe. The organization is based out of Lithuania.

2. Hostinger vs Hostgator, who offers better services?

It is clear that Hostinger is better out of the two if you are looking for an affordable and reliable option. With an easy to understand backend and better security options, it offers a cent percent uptime, making it better in all departments.