Hostpapa Hosting Reviews 2023 - The Pros & Cons

January 03, 2022

Are you looking for a web hosting solution for your business? There is a number of options available but let’s face it, it only confuses a new entrepreneur. How about a company that not only covers your hosting needs but enables you to contribute to the environment through hosting? HostPapa is a hosting service provider that provides shared hosting, VPS and WordPress optimized hosting at low costs.

The company which is located in Canada has more than 200,000 websites running on its servers. It is known for its cheap hosting service and is a go-to option for many small and medium scale businesses. Here's a detailed analysis of the company's services.



HostPapa majorly targets small businesses and networks and it has made a prominent name of itself in the shared hosting space. The company also provides VPS but most of its clients rely on shared web hosting. The company is known for its philanthropic hosting as it takes constant steps to make this planet greener and ensure sustainable growth.

It does that by using energy from non-pollutant sources like solar power and wind and hence it is known as a green-oriented company. HostPapa provides a cheap and reliable web hosting service with its plans starting from $3.95 per month with a three-year commitment. 

However, this economical shared hosting plan does not provide unmetered bandwidth like other hosting plans offered by HostPapa.

  • WORDPRESS HOSTING PLAN - For simple and stylish content, you can try WordPress hosting plan at $3.95 per month with a 3-three commitment for $22 per month.
  • BUSINESS HOSTING PLAN - The company also offers Business Hosting for clients with complex sites and medium to big businesses. This hosting plan enables customization in the site and provides more analytics tools apart from managing heavily built sites.
  • VPS – VPS plan is not a shared hosting plan and therefore it gives more features like better performance, more CPU, much more storage than other plans, fast data transferring and power to build the site as per your need and requirements. HostPapa is known for its shared hosting but its VPS plan is as good as others. It allows the use of 4 CPUs and 50 GB of disk space which can be extended further if required.

All hosting plans offered by HostPapa come with one month money-back guarantee that makes them more reliable than others.



HostPapa uses clean and green energy for their hosting and gives you the chance to be a part of their green revolution. The company uses CloudProxy and Sucuri server software for hosting and make sure to provide ethical hosting service to its clients. For those who love WordPress, HostPapa manages content through a WordPress optimized system that comes in three different packages based on the size of the business. The company also gives you an option to hide your domain if you want to. However, it requires an extra payment.

The company limits unwanted emails and spam as it uses MailChannels SMTP and ensures only the right kinds of email reaches you. Its plans are available for both Windows and Linux making it a rare hosting service out there. For additional security and easy transferring of data, it uses cPanel which is compatible with both Windows and Linux. To gain more control over the website, you can make it own by using SohoLaunch, a website builder used by HostPapa that has different templates and colour themes. It automatically generates an SSL certificate to ensure the safety of the data.



GREAT UPTIME – HostPapa has an incredible average uptime of 99.98% for 12-month. It means that your website may remain down for 2 hours in a year that surely will not derail your business. It makes it cheap and the best hosting service.

FAST PAGE LOADING – Fast page loading speed is important as it can make or break your customers. Nobody wants to wait these days and HostPapa provides a great loading speed of 570 ms which is higher than some of the biggest hosting service providers.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT – The company is known for its reliable and efficient 24/7 customer support that enables you to chat in multiple languages or you can talk directly to the support executive. The company has one of the best customer support systems in web hosting.  



ABSENCE OF DEDICATED SERVER – The major limitation of HostPapa is that it doesn’t provide dedicated servers. Clients with big companies want full control of the site that is only possible through dedicated servers.

HIGH RENEWAL COST –The cost of starting a hosting service and initial plans are low at HostPapa but the cost of renewing the plans is almost double.

The bottom line is, HostPapa provides some great web hosting solutions at a low cost but it is not suitable for you if you are looking for dedicated servers or to control big complex sites. The company has made website building easy and fast but at the same time does not provide high-end facilities like other hosting services. To choose them or not to choose, it’s your call.