Hostwinds Hosting 2023 - Big Benefits For Small Prices

January 11, 2022

Build a fast and responsive website with Hostwinds

Having a website for your business strengthens your audience base. Your services tend to reach more potential customers. All thanks to the internet that businesses no longer need to rely on big hoardings and posters. This mode of advertising was both time-consuming and expensive.

But how do you get your own website? This is where a web hosting company will assist you. It is normal for non-tech people to not understand the entire process of website development and maintenance. This is why website hosting companies are so popular. They design a creative website for you as per your choice. These companies also offer a variety of tools and features to help you keep your business live on the net.

Hostwinds is a website hosting company that will serve you with all the necessary services related to website hosting. The company keeps your business visible to the audience and also offers a 99.9999% uptime guarantee, which is one of the highest. This means your website or business is always live.


About Hostwinds

Hostwinds is one of the leading website hosting companies. It offers fast loading speed and responsive websites to its customers. The company is well-known in the market for its various features that are easy to use.

It offers Shared and Dedicated hosting with different plans and packages. You can start from the basic ones and then upgrade as your website experiences more traffic and your usage increases. Hostwinds is the right spot for medium level and enterprise businesses. Sounds interesting? Read on to know more about the company’s services and features.


Storage: The storage on Hostwinds can be done through SSD and HDD methods. The company utilises block and object storage for apt and efficient performance. This means that your data stays safe and you get a good amount of storage space for your website.

Ecommerce options: Want to build your own online store? Hostwinds offers you a number of options to import your Magento Ecommerce app. It can be managed by the cPanel. You will easily manage, design, and build your own Ecommerce store at nominal rates.

Trendy tools: For people who are not much into the technicality of website building, Hostwinds provides an easy website building option. Trendy Tools is a website building software that quickly creates a website for you. You don't have to develop a site and then upload it. Trendy Tools will do the work for you.

Customer support: The company offers 24*7 customer assistance. You can call them anytime on any day. The staff will be available to help you. Hostwinds provides customer assistance on telephone, email, live chat, and online forms. Their customer support team is  very responsive. You can expect your queries or problems to be solved in the quickest time.


Types of Hosting: VPS and Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting services by Hostwinds are responsive and extremely fast. This gives your website a benefit as customers trust websites that load in the minimum time. This hosting type is charged monthly and hourly as well. So, you can decide as per your ease.

VPS Hosting is available for Linux and Windows. The company employs high-tech software for VPS hosting. They are easy to use and offer nightly backups. This saves your date from getting damaged or lost.


Pricing and Plans

Hostwinds offers numerous plans and packages for different types of Hosting. The services are charged monthly, annually, and hourly.

Shared hosting plans start from the Basic pack that costs $3.29 per month. This buys you unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and 1 free domain.

The pack is then upgraded to the Advanced package, which costs $4.23 per month. This pack is an extended version of the Basic plan with 4 domains except for 1.

The final package here is the Ultimate pack that is priced $5.17 per month. You get everything from the above 2 packs along with unlimited domains.

Hostwinds is an amazing website hosting platform for Ecommerce stores, online businesses, and enterprises. So, if you are looking for a web hosting company with a high uptime guarantee, then Hostwinds should be your first choice.