Hyrecar Rental Service Review 2023 - Make Money Renting Out Your Car

March 11, 2022


talk about the Hyrecar rental service review in which we are going to talk about the marketplace in details. So what are you waiting for? Let’s scroll in.

What is Hyrecar?

Hyrecar is a marketplace where people can share their cars on rent. It can also be referred as carsharing marketplace. The main purpose of this marketplace is to help the local car owners in renting out their cars for some extra income. This marketplace lets the owners rent out their vehicles to various drivers such as Uber, lyft and personal delivery drivers.


How to sign up with Hyrecar?

If you are a potential car owner who is looking to list their car for rent on Hyrecar, the first thing is to sign up as a car owner. For doing that, you need to go through the basic details and fill them with your original documents for verification purpose. You will be needed your car insurance, vehicle registration, driver’s license, 19 point inspection and pictures of your interior and exterior of your car. By adding them all, you will be able to sign up for free of cost. However, do not forget to describe your vehicle and use only good quality pictures for the images.

How to use Hyrecar?

If you want to use Hyrecar and is ready with the sign up, you need to go through these steps-

1- Create a listing- First, it is crucial that you create a listing for your car. For that, you need to ensure that you keep your listing as creative as it could be. The listing is the pitch for your car and you need to keep it very attractive. You must not forget to add high quality photos with the listing. The listing should have your car information, your residential address, your proof of registration and valid insurance and the rental price on which you are renting out the car. Apart from that, 19 point inspection is mandatory which will be done only by your mechanic to show how safe your car is.

2-Select a protection plan-The marketplace will provide you levels of protection in order to protect your car. You need to choose the one you are looking for. As a car owner, you must choose the one that will also influence your potential earnings. There are two types of plan available, the basic and the premium plan. The basic plan will have $25,000 coverage only for the physical damage. And within that plan, the drivers will have to return your car with a full tank of gas.

3- Rent your car- After you receive and approval as a car owner from Hyrecar, you will be able to rent your vehicle. You need to make sure that your car is all ready for rental. And for that, you need to make sure that your vehicle is clean and is well maintained so that you do not get any negative review. You can also set the mileage allowance for the rental. The maximum is 250 miles a day and the driver can not exceed the maximum mileage. Drivers will be charged $0.25 per mile. You can personally meet the driver and hand over the keys.

4. Pick up and payments- Once the driver returns the vehicle, you must check if there is any damage caused or not. Once you confirm it, you can confirm the rental period. The marketplace will schedule the payment within two or three business days once the rental period ends. You can also easily track your earnings and pending payments through the website with the owner’s dashboard.


Tips to Earn with Hyrecar

If you want to earn good with Hyrecar, you need to know that there are few things that are must for you. so here are the tips that you must note while making profile and finding drivers with Hyrecar.

  • Create a strong profile- You need to make a best profile possible. Ensure that you use the high quality pictures only and keep the description short and simple so that everyone can understand why you want to rent your car and what is all about your car. It will help you in attracting the drivers.
  • See to the local market- You must target the local market first as it will keep your car safe and you will be able to shave your card at the end of the day. Your main target should always be the local market and not the other cities as you will have to wait for weeks then.
  • Use a Network- Build your own network in this market place. The market is highly competitive. You need to be polite and humble with your renters and ensure that you are pleasant with everyone. It will help you in having more and more orders and you can also get a tip by someone.
  • Keep your Car Clean- You need to keep your car clean after every ride. Once you get back your car, you need to ensure that you have maintained the hygiene and cleanliness of the car so that whenever someone comes in, they will prefer your car only for their next ride. It will also help in nice reviews.
  • Build Relationships- Be friendly with people and build your own reputation. Make sure that they get along with you so that you will keep getting more and more rides.


Pros and Cons

There are many merits of this website that you may see on its official page too. However, what about the demerits? Here, you will read both, pros and cons of using Hyrecar rental services-


  • Extra earning
  • Free signup
  • Amazing rates



  • Chances of damage


Our take?

By looking through and trying our hands on Hyrecar rental services, we can say that it is one of the best marketplace for renting out the cars. If we look at the owner’s perspective, you are going to earn some additional income and there are no hidden charges in it. You will have the protection against damage which will ensure that you will be able to use it easily. If we see from the driver’s  view, you can easily rent out a car in $0.25 per mile which is extremely cheap and affordable. Over all, it is a worth using rental services that one can surely use.