Interior Decor Trends 2023- Enliven your spaces today

May 25, 2022

Home decor trends that make a lot more sense in today’s time. Unique style blended with consciousness towards the environment is just the right kind of decor we all must adapt. Read more to know how?

Oprah Winfrey once said, “When you invite people to your home, you invite them to yourself” and this can’t be denied right? It is indeed true in a way that when we invite people to our homes, we tend to show them our personalities, thoughts, and choices through the décor of our homes. 

Every piece in our home, the color of the walls and drapes, and the style of furniture tell a story about ourselves. Therefore, time and again, it gets pertinent to keep updating our décor, because as time passes even we grow and evolve as humans. 

Interior décor trends have been around us for a long time, but a sudden wave of unique and refreshing home décor trends came in 2020 when the world had to be inside their homes for a long time. People unleashed their creativity and pushed their limits to make their homes a cocoon, where they can be as raw as they are while being hopeful for a brighter future. 

The last two years have brought some radical shifts in the interior decor trends out of which we have picked some unique and achievable home decor trends that are ideal for the contemporary times. 

Want to know which home décor trends are ruling 2023? Want to revamp your spaces and add a splash of newness to your spaces?  


Let's find out. 


  • The Biophilic Serenity

The beauty of having natural light inside our homes is a luxury that many of us today do not get to experience due to the growing concrete jungle around us. But, post the lockdowns of 2020, a shift has been noticed in the construction of the real estate, as now a great emphasis is being given to designs that allow natural lighting inside the house. The era of Biophilic design principles is paving its way back into the homes. People do not want to relive the claustrophobic experience of being shut inside their houses without being able to see a single ray of natural light inside their homes. 


So how to maximize natural lighting inside the house?

  • White walls bring the best light

White walls or lighter shades are often considered the best bet to pull the natural lighting inside the house. One can also add a higher gloss paint to the walls to make them like a reflector; as the light will bounce on the paint, the entire room would reflect the light because of the gloss. 


  •  A little sky through the ceiling

If you want to maximize natural lighting in your space, then go for skylights. These skylights help in bringing light inside the home, as they are less likely to be shadowed by outdoor things, therefore, increasing more chances of light inside the house than a window. 


  • Sustainability is the new #LIT 

Eco-friendly home décor trends are the flavor of the season and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon (Great, right?). From reusing furniture to using more sustainable construction materials, the interior décor industry is certainly adopting trends and plans that are safeguarding the environment today and shall continue even in the future. 


Some popular sustainable home décor trends are- 

  • Japandi Design

A blend of Japanese and Scandinavian culture, this trend is the epitome of minimalism. It focuses on getting rid of clutter and the use of bamboo furniture and naturally dyed fabrics. Japandi style promotes the idea of buying fewer things but quality things. Quality is equated through the lens of how a particular thing is beneficial for the environment so that the principles of minimalism aren't compromised.

  • Tiny Homes 

Mansions are great but tiny homes are just perfect for everything and everyone. A tiny home may size somewhere between 100- 300 sq ft which if utilized efficiently, can be sufficient for a human’s needs while also being a better option for the planet. 


  • Vintage is the new style statement 

This may be a subjective choice when it comes to home décor but there is no doubt that vintage décor has come back to the scenes and that too with a bang. The vintage décor themes have brought the glam of this era; old-styled beds, sofas, lamps, and tv units are quite a demand as they add the perfect statement of uniqueness to one’s home décor. 

A few vintage décor items that you must include in your spaces are-  

  • The Peacock chair

This beautiful piece of furniture is nothing less than an art. A blend of tropics and Afrocentric designs, the peacock chair is ideal for homes that have a bohemian vibe to it. 

  • Vintage Cabinets

Be it a TV unit, speaker unit, or bar unit, the vintage-styled cabinets are creating quite a buzz. Whether you want to create a bohemian décor or a glamorous décor, these vintage cabinets can blend in with most of the décor themes, therefore, being a popular choice amongst celebrities and the masses.  


  • 3D Art Glory

One of the latest and refreshing décor styles of home décor trends in 2022 is the 3D art for the walls. There has been a rise in the demand for vibrant 3D art for the walls as they are perfect for adding a pop of color to the plain walls. One can play a lot with the 3D art for the walls, making it easier for people to create some very intriguing concepts on their walls.


Some 3D art you can experiment with 

  • Statement 3D Art Wall piece

One can choose a large 3D art wall as a statement piece for their living room. Depending on your choice, you can choose from a wide range of 3D art walls such as a splash of colors, a figurine, or just one shade of 3D art piece that would complete the look of your interior décor for the living room.

  • Geometric shapes

3D art geometric shapes wall décor is also one option that can be used this season. One can choose single-colored or multicolored 3D geometric shapes for their walls and add a lively vibe to your space. 


  • Curved Furnitures are back

Want to add a touch of elegance to your décor? Then, you would want to get furniture in oval or round shapes. Curvy pieces of furniture in soft tones have become a popular choice, as it gives a more soft and alluring look to the space. 


Few curvy furniture examples you can play with

  • Curved Chair for the corners

Make the corners of your spaces cozy with curvy chairs. Add a complimenting rug and an indoor plant, near the chair to get that ideal relaxing corner in your space.  

  • Works best in a circular arrangement

Curved furniture looks perfect when they are set in a circular arrangement. It creates a cohesive look and gives just the right ambiance for conversations with loved ones. 


  • The Green Era

This style of décor though isn’t new but certainly has become quite popular amongst all age groups. Indoor plants have made their space into desks and workstations, while outdoor plants have transformed balconies into green la-la land, where one can enjoy the warmth of nature right in the comfort of their home.  


  • Work it up with indoor plants

As remote working has become the new normal, we must create an ambiance around our workstation that keeps us motivated. Plants like Devil’s Ivy, Jade, or the ZZ plant are ideal to be placed on the workstation or around it. These plants do not demand much maintenance and can grow easily even in low light. 

  • Plants the showstopper

There is no such thing as too many plants inside the house. You can either scatter your indoor plants all across your home or you can choose a selected corner to let your plants snuggle you in the corner, where you can just sit back and let your hair down amidst the hues of greens.  


Interior decoration is not just about making your space look pretty but it's about reflecting your beliefs, inspirations, and future goals through every piece you weave into your home. Whether it is a small piece of decor or a big renovation of the space, it should be something that comes from your heart and is part of your personality rather than something you saw over social media. 

Before blindly jumping on the wagons of ever-changing home decor trends, always ask yourself whether you'll be able to be the real you amidst that interior decor or not? Remember, our homes are the only spaces where we are the truest of ourselves, and therefore it is important that we create an ambiance in our homes that enhances our rawness and does not push us to mask up something that we aren't.

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