James Allen Jewelry Review - Diamonds are everyone’s Best Friend

February 10, 2022

Gone are those days when diamonds were only a girl's best friend. Today even men like splurging into diamonds, be it in a jewelry style or their accessories. Diamonds now have become everyone's best friend and that is why it gets more important to have a diamond that is of high quality and warranty so that these best friends of ours sparkle even more. While speaking about high-quality diamonds, how can one not mention James Allen? One of the most sparkling and trustworthy names in the world of diamonds, James Allen gems are synonymous with elegance and exceptional quality. Therefore, to know more about what this brand is, we have compiled all the vital information in this James Allen jewelry review so that you can make a wise decision before investing in it. So let's dive into the James Allen jewelry review and make our lives a little sparkly. 



What is James Allen? 

James Allen is a renowned name in the world of online diamond sales who has built a strong reputation with authentic gems and excellent customer service. Founded in 1998 by James Allen and Michele Schultz, husband and wife, this company since the beginning has been capturing the eyes and hearts of customers with their beautiful gemstones at the best possible price. As a company, its ethos is to provide customers with the best quality of diamonds at a price that shall not burn down their pockets to ashes.  


What is so unique about James Allen diamonds?

Yes agreed that there are many other diamond retailers in the block such as the Blue Nile, Tiffany and Zales but, James Allen has set itself apart from its competitors simply on three paradigms- the design, the exclusivity and the quality. 

James Allen's design

The two most talented and respected names in jewelry designing, Royal Halo and Mille Couers are associated with James Allen. These two sell their pieces through the James Allen website. Royal Halo is known for his brilliance and impact, while Couers whose specialty is colored gemstones that add the extra wow factor to the piece, both of them have chosen James Allen to be their retail partners for a long time. Now, for a layman, this information wouldn't really matter but, if you look into this with a lens of a jewelry maker or a jewelry enthusiast, then you know that being the retail partner to two of the most celebrated jewelry designers in the world is surely a biggie, and this certainly shows the pristine reputation and reliability of James Allen when it comes to brilliant gemstones and exceptional business service. 

On the other hand, James Allen's service such as "Design your own engagement ring" has been quite popular amongst customers as many have used this service to create their unique, signature engagement ring. 

Now, you must be thinking that there are other brands too who provide this service then what makes James Allen stand apart in this section? Yes, there are many other brands that are providing a similar service but the uniqueness of James Allen's is that one gets to design their kind of engagement ring from the collection of Royal Halo and Mille Couers. Isn't that just a dream come true? Imagine wearing a ring that is designed by yourself but, with the expertise of two royals of the jewelry designing world. Well, that kind of sparkle would certainly be difficult to beat or match. 


James Allen's Exclusivity 

A specialty of James Allen is their selection of fancy color diamonds. The brand offers exquisite and rare precious stones that just enhance your collection. Different colored diamonds like yellow, blue, pink and brown dazzle the James Allen Jewelry collection. 

Furthermore, James Allen True Hearts diamonds have been considered as the "ultimate expression of love", as they are nothing less than the statement of art. People who have received the James Allen engagement rings, have remarked it as a special feeling that stays with them for a long time. 


James Allen's Exceptional quality 

Now there should be no room for doubt when it comes to the quality of diamonds because a) they are precious and b) they are expensive. 

So, when it comes to James Allen's precious gems and diamonds one can be assured that every stone coming from this brand is accredited with either AGS, GIA or IGI certification. Not only this, James Allen offers over 50,000 diamonds which is not being offered by any other brand. Over the years, the company has expanded itself with the best quality of gems that are catered and developed with the marvels of advanced technology. 

So, once you are purchasing a James Allen stone, you can be assured that you are getting a pristine and certified stone that can become a part of your collection just not for current times, but even for future generations. 



So how can one order from James Allen?

James Allen is an online diamond retailer so one can easily purchase their piece from their website. 

The James Allen website gives a dream customer experience when it comes to online shopping because it's easy to be navigated through with an excellent interface making your diamond shopping time smooth like butter. 

To make a selection and a purchase on the James Allen website, one can firstly pick the stone they like, then fill in their personal details afterward, an expert of the James Allen shall call you to know more about your order. 

The live chat and 24/7 assistance on the website are other features that help customers to access the website and make an order. 

Though the website is quite efficient to a large extent, the curse of technological glitches hasn't spared the James Allen website too. Many people have faced issues of glitches on the website or sometimes even the size of the ring being too big at the time of delivery, as this can be a result of the problem in their ring size wizard feature on the website. 

Therefore, though James Allen as a brand has certainly proved itself to be a class apart diamond retailer, it surely has to do certain improvements on its website so that its customers can enjoy their shopping time with the brand. 


The Packaging of the James Allen deliverables

The packaging of choice for James Allen is red lacquered boxes containing white satin. The boxes hit the right note between heightening anticipation and not being overbearing. Additionally, they offer larger boxes with drawers at the bottom. It's also a keepsake box, which is a nice touch.


The Returning Policy at James Allen

They offer a 30-day return policy where one can avail of exchange or a full refund. The company pays for the return of the package for US customers and the returns are limited up to 3 times only.

Furthermore, a charge of $25 is taken for re-polishing if an engraved item is being returned. 

Well, now that you have an idea of the brand and what all it offers, it's time to go through some very key points in a concise way, so that you can take the call of or not, splurging on James Allen diamonds 


James Allen Jewelry review-Critical overview 


It offers Risk-Free Buying Guarantee

James Allen is a name that has been trusted by thousands of people. The returning client base of James Allen along with its enviable reputation proves that one can and must try a piece of James Allen, as it offers an array of unparalleled gemstones that will enhance your collection for times to come. 


Free Worldwide shipping

This feature isn't common with many e-commerce platforms but being "The" James Allen, they like to pamper their customers with everything and anything possible. It offers free worldwide shopping so that people who are not even in the USA, can enjoy the exquisiteness of James Allen gems without feeling any brunt of the high shipping delivery charges. 


Multiple Payment Options

At James Allen, one thing you can be assured of is accommodative customer service. Being committed to their brand's ethos where they want everyone to experience high-quality diamonds at the best price possible, they allow their customers to shop their pieces without the worry of paying a heavy amount, all at once as they offer split payments. Furthermore, they have multiple payment options such as credit card payments, Paypal and Wire transfer, so that people from across the globe can purchase their pieces without any hindrance.


2 Year Buy Back Policy

Customers can avail themselves of their 2 years buyback policy with ease. 


100% Upgrade policy

Another way of keeping their clients satisfied is their feature of 100% upgrade policy, which makes the customer more comfortable with the brand as well as a great way to keep customers attached with the brand for a long time.


Personalized Engraving Services

The personalized engraving services of James Allen have been lauded by many celebrities as they ensure that each piece has its uniqueness, superior quality and most importantly, they understand the customer's emotions behind getting an engraved piece thereby, making the piece with excellent craftsmanship and a piece of elegance. 


Lifetime Warranty

Every stone of James Allen is accredited with the certifications of GIA, AGS or IGI therefore, making each and every piece strong and radiant enough to withstand times. Though if, in case, a customer feels that their piece needs any fix, then they are free to avail their lifetime warranty at any given time at the James Allen. 


Summarizing the James Allen jewelry review

We totally understand that buying a diamond or for that matter, any precious stone is a big investment but with James Allen, this big splurge is all worth it. 

The cost they charge for their piece is justified for the varieties they offer as well as the pristine quality and flawless design. Not only this, James Allen as a company believes in building and keeping relations with their customers therefore, they ensure that they give every customer of theirs a service where they are comfortable and satisfied. 

The only problem that the company must cater to urgently, is the glitches on their website and the ring size AI as that can make customers lose trust in the brand. 

But apart from this, James Allen's pieces are contemporary pieces of art that we believe that every woman should own for herself and, even for future generations who will continue to sparkle with James Allen's statement pieces, even after ages.