Just Fashion Now Review 2022 - Is Legit or Scam?

February 21, 2022

Just Fashion Now is a subsidiary of CHICV International Holding Limited, making it one of the many cross-border fashion retailers established in China. Just Fashion Now claims to deliver the latest fashion trends at designer boutique prices. It accomplishes this by collaborating with rising designers and businesses throughout the world to create collections of unique, contemporary, and high-quality clothes. It highlights that its staff not only recognises the most recent fashion trends, but also scrutinises every aspect of product quality.


Is Just Fashion Now legit?

Because individuals are ripped off on the internet every day, it is prudent to verify that any online platform is legitimate before making a purchase. So, the key question is if Just Fashion Now is a genuine company. Yes, to give you a quick response. Legality is generally our initial check for validity. This is due to the fact that shops that are completely legitimate are less likely to be scammers. Just Fashion Now appears to want it known that it is owned by CHICV International Holding Limited in this regard. The firm is really a fully registered Hong Kong corporation with a slew of brands under its belt. There's no doubt that the business is entirely lawful. Fitness for purpose is the final test of a legitimate online fashion shop. This isn't just about completing orders; it's about completing orders with usable items. Just Fashion Now comes close to checking this box. Just Fashion Now, without a doubt, fulfils orders with genuine merchandise. You will almost certainly receive your order if you put it in the store.

If you do not receive it, you are the exception rather than the rule. In addition, several consumers who have left evaluations have stated that their orders were satisfactory. Just Fashion Now checks the "fitness for purpose" box by fulfilling orders with actual and usable merchandise. Just Fashion Now, on the other hand, has a lot of bad quality concerns, as you'll see in the complaint part of this review. Other people on some sites have labelled it a fraud because of these and other difficulties. However, this does not render Just Fashion Store a con, in our opinion. Rather, it is a legitimate online fashion company with a number of difficulties that it would be wise to address.


Is Just Fashion safe?

It is risk-free to shop at Just Fashion Now. It's not enough for an online fashion business to be legitimate; it must also be secure. This implies that the shop should effectively safeguard the sensitive information that customers provide. This will contain personal information, credit card numbers, and other information that you don't want to fall into the wrong hands. In this aspect, Just Fashion Now performs admirably. When a user puts an order or uses the service in any other manner, it claims to apply a number of security measures.

To begin with, personal information is kept behind guarded networks and only a small number of people have access to it. Just Fashion Now also employs SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, which is the industry standard for maintaining data transmission security over the internet. Just Fashion Now is a secure online fashion store, thanks to the use of SSL technology and other safeguards.


Customers will want to find a large choice of items when they enter a fashion store so that they can fulfil all of their fashion needs in one spot rather than visiting many places. A one-stop fashion shop is always appealing, not only because of the convenience it provides, but also because of the financial savings it provides. Large order discounts and paying to ship one purchase rather than several orders from various merchants result in cost savings. Just Fashion Now does admirably in this aspect. It is a women's fashion boutique that sells everything from clothing to accessories.

The product categories you'll discover in the store, as well as the different product kinds inside each category, are as follows:

1. Sweaters, Shirts and Blouses, Sweatshirts and Hoodies, Tanks and Camis, T-Shirts, Trending Tops (Long sleeve Tops, Simple style Tops, Plus Size Tops)

2. Sweaters (Plus Size Sweaters, Green Sweaters, Round Neck Sweaters, V-neck Sweaters, Turtle Neck Sweaters), and Cardigans (Colorful wear, Simple Style Cardigan)

3. Coats, Jackets, Ponchos & Capes, Hoodies, and Blazers are examples of outerwear. Outerwears may also be browsed by style, such as Denim Jackets, Print Coats, Teddy Coats, and Tassel Style.

4. Sneakers, Flats, Boots, Loafers, Sandals, Slippers, Heels, Creepers, and Wedges are examples of footwear. Summer Dresses, Fall Dresses, Casual Dresses, Floral Dresses, and Long Sleeve Dresses are just a few of the styles available. You may shop by feature (maxi dresses, midi dresses, tiny dresses, striped dresses), event (Prom dresses, Boho dresses, and Beach dresses), or style (maxi dresses, midi dresses, small dresses, striped dresses) (Sleeveless dresses, linen dresses)

5. Bottoms: Two-piece sets, jumpsuits and rompers, pants, skirts, leggings, shorts, denim and jeans, plus-size bottoms

6. Gloves, hats, scarves, socks, jewellery (earrings, necklaces, and chains), and bags are all examples of accessories.



• 1. Has Android and iOS mobile apps

• 2. Offers a wide range of products, including apparel, footwear, bags, and accessories

• 3. Has competitive prices

• 4. Frequently runs price-cutting promotions

• 5. Accepts a variety of payment methods (credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfer)

• 6. Ships to approximately 250 countries

• 7. Every area is eligible for free shipment.


• 1. No guest checkouts are permitted (creating an account is required to make a purchase)

• 2. Orders cancelled after 24 hours are subject to a 15% cancellation fee (but before the order ships)

• 3. Return window is rather short (15 days from delivery date)

• 4. Return postage can be costly because the return address is in China

• 5. There are too many instances of poor quality items being received

• 6. There are too many stories of consumers being rejected returns or not being repaid



Just Fashion Now is a reputable current retailer that guarantees the most up-to-date fashion trends at designer boutique prices. It genuinely has a large product selection, with many different styles in each product category. Furthermore, the cost is highly appealing, and there are several price-cutting specials available to further tempt your determination. It also ships globally, with all destinations receiving free delivery. While Just Fashion Now has a higher level of quality than most of its Chinese cross-border sister sites, there are a large amount of complaints about poor quality.

Its return and refund policy is likewise not very admirable. For starters, there are no "no questions asked" returns, and getting Just Fashion Now to accept returns is sometimes more difficult than persuading consumers to authorise refunds. Customers must then pay for expensive return shipping all the way to China, all while working with a very limited 15-day return window (from delivery date). Then, after the firm gets the returned goods, securing a reimbursement is not always as quick or simple as buyers would want. Then there's the customer service department! To begin with, there is no direct communication route; and, based on consumer reports on independent review platforms, the Support Service might be unresponsive when approached concerning returns or refunds.