Find “CORRECT” Answers To All Your Queries In This JustAnswer Review

December 23, 2022

In today’s digital world, seeking answers to your questions isn’t challenging but getting the correct Answer can be tricky. Having expert answers instantly is a blessing in today’s age and JustAnswer ensures that you get a verified and expert answer for your every question. In this JustAnswer review, we will go through everything about this platform. We shall explore in what domains you can find your answers, whether these answers are really genuine and most importantly, is JustAnswer really worth your money and time? 

So without wasting much time, lets find out more about JustAnswer....

What is JustAnswer?

Just answer is an online question-and-answer service that connects users with their experts in various subjects like Medical, Law, Vets, Electronics, Mechanics, plumbers, tax accounts, Weddings, Relationships, etc. 

Andy Kurtzig is the founder and CEO of JustAnswer and started JustAnswer in 2003. He spent the first 2.5 years programming the website and listening to users. 

What makes JustAnswer unique?

All-in-one solution Just Answer! - JustAnswer is the largest community of people who have used JustAnswer to find answers to common questions. It has a large database of verified content and expert users constantly update it. So, you can trust them with your queries regarding the law, tax, medical, veterinary, relationships, accounting, and more matters. Similarly, this website allows payments using credit and debit cards over the web or through an app. 

 In this platform, you can avail 24/7 customer support service and access help from thousands of experts who can give real-time personalized assistance and answers to just about any question or problem.

Its users can post questions extensively vetted by their moderators before being posted for other members to answer. Subscribing customers are provided with an opportunity to write answers and make them available to others in the community. 

How Does JustAnswer work?

1. Post your question

Tell them your situation. Ask your question of any category, anytime.

2. Pay a fee

Pay a fee before an expert answers.

3. Let them match with your expert

Connect you with the best expert for your question

4. Chat with your expert

Text, chat, or voice till you get your Answer. Members have 24/7 unlimited conversations and always have an expert to help.

JustAnswer Services

1. Legal Advice

2. Medical Advice

3. Veterinary Services

4. Mechanics services

5. Electronic Tech services

6. Computer Tech services

7. Electricians

8. Home Improvement

9. Tax Accountants

10. Jobs

11. Entertainment

12. Relationships 

What is JustAnswer Expert?

In JustAnswer, you will see a list of experts, how many questions they have answered, and how users rated them. The ratings give users an idea of how good they are or not an expert really is in their particular field. 

According to their website, JustAnswer promises that you can ask or communicate back until you get the answer you need.


Pros And Cons : JustAnswer Review



JustAnswer site is secure and mobile-friendly

Limited earnings opportunities are offered

JustAnswer offers payment via PayPal

When you apply as an expert no guarantee to be accepted

If you are a true expert, can really give good earnings

No tolerance for wrong answers

Including chat, text, and voice providing flexible communications options

Tough vetting process

Great 24/7 customer support service           

Aggressive quality control measures. Reviews

 1. Sue in Michigan says - 5 stars- “The efforts of JustAnswer to handle the problem were very strong and even talking to customer support was excellent about the bank not listening to my confirmation

 2. John Hurd says - 4 stars- “Patient and willing to help an old person!

 3. Tom W. says - 5 stars- “More help than I expected,

4. JustAnswer Customer says - 5 stars- “Just spot on

5. CustomerAffairs – “4.5 stars- JustAnswer lets you talk to doctors, lawyers, vets, mechanics, and more in minutes—24/7. The company connects customers with verified and vetted experts to provide reliable answers at any hour and on any budget, democratizing professional services”

6. Cathrine of Kempton Park –   4 stars- It can with all honesty say that various people were involved with my query and it was solved so quickly that I was really surprised. Because here in South Africa it was morning so it must have been evening or even late in the night and they still responded. THANK YOU!!.   

FAQ About

1. Is Just Answer trusted?

Yes, Just Answer is a trusted service. They have a customer rating of 3.91 stars from 3,217 reviews indicating that most of their customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Customers are satisfied with the most frequently mentioned great service, quick response, and legal advice that Just Answer provided to them. According to Just Answer, Experts must have recognized credentials in their field, such as they must have a professional license or years of working experience in their specialty.

2. Is Just Answer Free to use?

Just Answer is a subscription-based service. But how much does JustAnswer cost? They are a subscription-based service their fee can be $5 to $90. Some users ask unlimited questions they join as a member and pay monthly membership fees for that. Before answering the question as an expert you can see the fee the user is Paying.


Final TakeAway : JustAnswer Review

We at Top15online always want to bring out the best of everything for our readers and considering the authenticity and timely answers being provided by JustAnswer, there is no doubt that this is one platform that actually understands the value of right answers. Furthermore, they are quite well known for their seamless customer experience as they offer very accessible customer service. You can directly connect with your verified expert through text, chat, and voice in a minute and get a quick response.

 Another key feature of this platform is that only those who are experts can give answers on the subject. They ensure that people who are certified and have a license with years of experience in their particular specialty can consider being involved in giving answers.