Kinguin Review: A New Sensation in Online Gaming

November 12, 2023

To game is to live, and to live is to game. Only the most hardcore gamers live by this code, abiding by the law from their first match to their last. In this Kinguin review, we bring you a platform that will fuel all your online adventures with your brothers in arms beside you.

Your new one-stop CD Key Shop, with instant delivery and user reviews speaking to its excellence across the board, we will discover today what it means to shop for all your gaming needs with Kinguin, the ultimate in online game stores. 


Kinguin Reviews- What it's All About 

If you're tired of buying your CD Keys directly from platform stores, you're at the right place, with a community numbering in the many thousands from countries all across the world. The Kinguin store is here to satisfy all your gaming needs with CD Keys that are compatible with Steam. 

The message at the heart of the company is "Gaming for all." With the rising cost associated with what it means to be a gamer, the platform moves to alleviate some of the burdens with great discounts on hot games that would cost you a bomb to buy directly from their respective platform store.

When you buy with the store, you also get in-game items with certain games to kick-start your new adventure on the right foot. They also offer an option to purchase a random game hot in gaming circles for 3.29 Euros, adding that fun twist to your game's shopping experience. 


Every King Needs A Throne- Is Kinguin Trustworthy?

Every King Needs A Throne

The Next question an ardent gamer might ask will be, "Is kinguin trustworthy?” and to that, we say a resounding yes! The website has been serving gamers since 2013. While that might seem like a short time, the gaming space is quite competitive, especially regarding platforms to buy games. 

It has grown to sell CD Keys for the following platforms- 

  • ◾  Origin
  • ◾  Steam
  • ◾
  • ◾  NCSoft
  • ◾  Uplay
  • ◾  Free2Play
  • ◾  XBOX 360
  • ◾  PlayStation 3
  • ◾  XBOX ONE
  • ◾  PlayStation 4
  • ◾  Android
  • ◾  Other
  • ◾  PlayStation Vita
  • ◾  GOG COM
  • ◾  Nintendo
  • ◾  Epic


Covering the lengths and breadths of the gaming world and creating a compelling offering for every gamer, no matter what their platform of choice is.

Apart from the enticing discounts and offers, the platform also allows you to avail exciting Kingquin coupon codes. These codes are crucial to diving deeper into the gaming world, where you get great value and more than you bargained for! 

Save more, spend more, get more! That’s the motto (unofficially) at Kinguin. 


How Does Kinguin Work?

How Does Kinguin Work?

For curious minds wanting to know how the website works, here's a small rundown of what you can expect when purchasing with the platform. 

Step 1- Log on: The first step to a successful shopping experience is logging onto the website. You can either sign in or sign up with them through your socials. Facebook, Google, Twitch, PayPal, everything works!

Step 2- Create an account: The next step would be to create an account. You can sign in with your account by registering independently or using a social to sign up.

Step 3- Select your currency: The website serves regions worldwide. That's why it has currencies from almost every region. Choose the one that suits you!

Step 4- Choose your game of choice: When you're done selecting your currency, scroll up to the top of the homepage to the search bar, you can enter the game you want and select it.

Step 5- Checkout: Once you're done selecting your games, proceed to checking out and pay through your preferred means of payment. 


Offers by Kinguin 

  • •   Crypto Vouchers Sale: GM10

Get access to exclusive crypto gift cards this season! Pick your way up to the top with a 10% off code today.

  • •   Crypto Payment: TOTHEMOON14

Crypto purchases just got a whole lot better with a 14% off for all crypto-paid purchases on the platform. 

  • •   Fall Sale: F10ALL

Get 10% discount on Games, DLCs, Preorders, Software and Prepaids with the fall sale offer. 

  • •   Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: COD2023

Everything for game accounts is here for you. Dive into the gaming universe and make every step legendary. 

  • •   Pre-black Friday: N/A

A flat 20% off on orders above €25 for the celebration. Grab yours today.

  • •   Black Friday: CHEAPFRIDAY

Black Friday just got a whole lot better. Daily deals and games with the coolest software. Level up and reach the next stage with our deals and discounts, so you don't miss out on all the fun.


Have A Query?

Questions are natural, curiosity comes as second nature to human beings. Kinguin knows this, and for this reason they’ve created a chatbot to solve all your queries relating to the website. Meet Milo, the friendly penguin chatbot.

To start chatting with Milo, simply enter your mail address and name and start your very own chat session with Milo! 


Safe and Secure Transactions

Concerns about the legitimacy of game keys are common among gamers. Kinguin addresses these concerns by implementing a comprehensive security system. 

The platform carefully verifies and screens sellers to ensure that only authentic and legitimate game keys are available for purchase. This commitment to quality and security has earned Kinguin the trust of millions of gamers worldwide.


Guaranteed Buyer Protection

Kinguin understands the importance of buyer satisfaction. To provide peace of mind to its customers, the platform offers a robust buyer protection program. In case of an issue with a game key, Kinguin's support team is readily available to resolve any problems and offer refunds or replacements when necessary.

This commitment to customer support has helped Kinguin build a loyal and satisfied user base.


Trust Pilot- To be Trusted or Not?

Trust Pilot

Trust Pilot is a premier destination for users to identify whether or not a service or platform can be trusted or not, with over 25,000+ 5-star reviews it is quite safe to say that the website is widely trusted by all types of gamers.


A Game of Why’s and Why Not’s- The upsides and downsides

The purpose of this Kinguin Review is to ascertain the platform for what it is exactly, we’ve looked exhaustively at everything the platform has to offer and have come to the conclusion that they’re a platform that’s absolutely worth the hype, we have also compiled a list for you to look at of pros and cons, so, let’s look at some of the pros and the cons that come with shopping Kinguin- 

Vast variety of game keys Occasional issues with product delivery 
Easy payments Incidents of unsatisfactory customer support.
Variety of languages and currencies supported -
Lot of Platforms supported  -
Great customer service -


Active Community and Social Impact

Beyond being just a marketplace, Kinguin fosters an active gaming community. Through its blog, forum, and social media channels, the platform encourages gamers to connect, share experiences, and discover new games.

Additionally, Kinguin has established partnerships with various esports teams and sponsors tournaments and events, contributing to the growth and development of the gaming industry.

​​​​​​​Kinguin Review- That’s All Folks 

Kinguin has proven itself to be a game-changer in the digital gaming marketplace. With its vast selection of games, competitive prices, and commitment to security and customer satisfaction, the platform has earned the trust of gamers worldwide. 

By providing a safe and reliable marketplace for buying and selling game keys, Kinguin has simplified the gaming experience and brought joy to millions of gamers. 

Whether you're a casual player or a dedicated enthusiast, Kinguin is undoubtedly a platform worth exploring for your gaming needs.


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