KiwiCo Review 2023 - Best Subscription Box Services For Kids

March 25, 2022

Kiwico is a subscription box service that is mainly made for kids. You are going to learn, explore and enjoy the activities of the subscription box. If you are interested to know more about the same, tap on read more and know about it. We are going to talk about the subscription box service for kids.


What is Kiwico?

Kiwico is a monthly subscription service that caters to kids in the age group of 0-24 months and to adults as well. You are free to choose multiple subscription boxes as per your choice. You will be able to have the boxes for children in which they can learn science. They have multiple unique science and art project stuffs available in the box and if your kid is interested in STEM-based projects, Kiwico is the right option for you.

How to choose a right Kiwico box?

Choosing the right Kiwico box is important as you are going to get plenty of choices to choose from.


  • Panda crate 0-24 months- If you are a busy individual who wants their kid to do something meaningful, you can use the Panda crate. This is going to make your kid know his/her likes, hobbies, passions and what they enjoy doing. It is all about exploring the best side of your baby.
  • Koala crate 2-4 years- In this, you are going to introduce stuffs to your lid such as tools, materials and concepts for a hand on learning. You will be able to help your kid in learning and exploring stuffs. You can also create it together.
  • Kiwi crate 5-8 years - In this age, it is important to know how and what your kid can do. This age is important when it comes to exploring their creative sides. Here, the STEM-based projects are going to help them in the same. It will be a fun and interesting experience when you will spend time with your kid.
  • Atlas 6-11 age - In this, you are required to help your kid to understand world’s cultures and about other countries. You will connect your kid to other people and make it interesting for them.
  • Yummy crate 6-14 years - In this, you are going to help your kid in cooking and activities that are more about the hand on experiments and activities that are solely related to cooking, be it in the kitchen or outside.
  • Doodle crate 9-16 years - This age group crate is all about creating fun tools and techniques. You are going to see how the material transforms. You will be given some science activity that you can complete and while doing it, you will also be able to learn how you tackle the challenges with an ease.
  • Tinker crate 9-16 years- This STEM learning is going to inspire you. Be it an engineer, leader or a scientist. This is going to help you in achieving your goal. You can enjoy doing the same.
  • Maker crate 14-adults- This one is completely dedicated to adults. You are going to discover new projects and art works that you can work on. Be it a newbie or an experienced one, everyone can take a part here and some of such boxes are punch needle pillow, loom knitting hats, macrame plant holders and etc.
  • Eureka crate 14-adults - In this one, you will find new things everyday. It will help you in inspiring people from different aspects. It also helps in building the confidence for your further life.

How much does KiwiCo cost?

When it comes to the pricing, you are going to love the pricing part as it is very affordable. If you buy a monthly plan, you are going to pay $19.95 per month and it is the same even for the three month plans. If you plan to buy a 6 month plan, you will have to pay $18.50 per month whereas for 12 month subscription, you only have to pay $16.95 per month.

If you are making a plan that is more than 1 month or 3 month, you are going to receive some discounts on the price of the crate. However, it will depend on the type of crate and the place it has been shipped. If you are using their affiliate program, you are going to get some perks while you promote it. Also, if you have a no interest credit card or a zero annual fee credit card, your plan will become more affordable.


How to manage your Kiwico Subscription?

If you are looking forward to a guide which helps in managing your subscription, then you really need to go to the my account page of the application. You can tap on pause your subscription if you are planning to pause it or you can also tap on skip a month. Once you do it, your account will be on hold until next order given by you. You also can change your subscription type easily and choose the box of your price. However, the pricing will get changed.  You are free to cancel your membership or do the auto renewing any time. But you can only do that after a month or two of your subscription.

Customer service

The over all customer service of the same is good and you can anytime reach to the staff via email or live chat. You can expect a reply within next 24 hours of mailing.

Over all experience?

If we talk about the over all experience of using the Kiwico subscription, we would surely say that it is a pleasant experience where you are going to learn a lot and it is available for every age group which is the main highlight.


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