Is Lebara the Best Mobile Network Provider Around?

November 21, 2023

Carrie Underwood once said a great thing ‘My cell phone is my best friend. It's my lifeline to the outside world.’ It is the reality of today's world you forget your breakfast but do not miss to charge your phone, skip your family and friends' party but can’t miss your new update on the phone, or choose special plans to have seamless use of your plan. 

Lebara knows how much you love your phone which is why it has developed itself into the most prominent and cost-effective tele service in the industry. 

It offers you free international calling, special plans for heavy data users, and an easy way to contact them in no time. 

Well, this line isn’t enough to convince you why move your number to Lebara as your network partner. So, here is a full review of Lebara which tells you why it is the best. 

Value for Money

Lebara is the most cost-effective and pocket-friendly mobile network provider as it offers its starting plans at just £5 per month at the time of writing. It also offers free international calls, along with free roaming in Europe and India. These offers and facilities make Lebara an extremely cheap network. It has Best SIM only deals for 30 days as well as for 12 months. 


Lebara offers a 5G network and high data speed in its all plans, without costing extra charges for it. You don’t need to buy a separate plan to have a 5G network in your current plan. However, you need a 5G phone to take advantage of this facility of Lebarar otherwise even if you paid for a 5G network you will restricted to only a 4G network.

Roaming Destinations

Lebarar allows you to roam in any corner of the European Union without extra charges for roaming, which means you can enjoy free roaming in the European Union. However, you need to pay for extra data on roaming but can enjoy free data till 30GB. 

Unlike most UK networks, roam at no extra cost in India. You can use up to 10GB of data, 200 minutes to call within India or back to the UK, 200 minutes of incoming calls, and 200 texts to India or the UK.

Wi-Fi Calling

WiFi calling is the most recent and advanced version of calling when there is no signal zone. Lebara allows its users to use Wi-Fi calling which means Lebara users never say ‘I’ll call you later there is no signal, here so I’m facing some issue talking to you’. This line is not made for Lebara users. 


There is a VoLTE facility in Lebara also, which means that you can call even if there is no 2G or 3G signal available.  VoLTE also known as 4G Calling means that you are able to make calls over 4G.

Data rollover

Some Specific plans of Lebara offer Data Rollover service but are not meant for all the plans. This means if you want to use your left-out data in next month's plan, you need to buy some specific plans. 

Data Fest

Unlimited data is the need of the hour in today’s era. Similar to other networks Lebara allows its users to have unlimited data plans and heavy data users do not need to worry about their usage or not need to buy extra allowance to fulfill their requirements. 

However, there are some restrictions on unlimited data usage in roaming, such as in European locations you can use unlimited data but if you are traveling to the UK, then Lebara UK allows you to use 30GB, after that, you need to buy extra allowance. For India, this limit is set to 10GB.

Number of SIM Cards

Lebara offers only two sims with the same name and identity clearing the mist of the misuse of the identity of someone in some criminal offenses, which is the most common threat to society.

This ensures the safety of your personal information.

Activate your SIM

One advantage of Lebara is that their sign-up process is too easy and simple, it just takes 60 seconds to complete. So, it provides an easy way to activate your SIM. 

Internation Calling

Lebarar allows international calling on its network to 42 countries which means you can travel freely without thinking about the availability of the network. And it offers free international calling in some countries without charging extra cost.

Customer service

Lebara offers many ways for its customers to connect with them while facing some issues such as, you can have live chats, Email, and connecting through your MYLebara account.


Last But Not Least

Lebara is much better in comparison to others in many ways, like international calling is free in some countries, no hidden charges, security of personal data, and smart plans which make your experience more convenient. 

All that can be said about Lebara is that it is the mobile network provider that thinks about its customers first and creates plans according to their needs. It does not charge unnecessary things and does not force you to use that service in your plan that you don’t want to use.