Legimi Is an Ocean of Sennik: From Erotyka to Business Readings

October 21, 2023

Are you a bookworm and reading is your passion? So, Legimi is the platform for you to which offers you to enjoy the feeling of ‘mybenefit’ while reading. 

It has numerous books with different categories and genes and a stage for newcomers in writing. 

From newbies to well-known writers you can get each and every one on Legimi. 

Here is a quick review that tells you why Legimi is the best place for e-books and audiobooks.

There are some classifications for better understanding.

1.  Access to Different Devices

2.  Trials to Create the Faith of Readers

3.  Choose Your Plan for Reading

4.  Ocean of Sennik

5.  Features To Facilitate Reading

6.  Don’t Stop Reading With Renewables.

7.  Quality+Quantity= Content

8.  Something Extra for Special Ones

Access to Different Devices

Legimi allows you to connect with four devices at a time such as Phones, Tablets, computers, and others with subscription plans. This eliminates the need for repetitive downloads and logins on different devices. You just need to read not to worry about the device you are using.

This ensures the continued reading without interruption.

Trials to Create the Faith of Readers

As a first-time user of Legimi, you don’t want to spend money for the start. But you want to identify whether the app is perfect for you or not. No, worries Legimi is offering you a free trial for the starting. If you like it then you can buy it.

Choose Your Plan for Reading

There are different plans available for you. You can choose the best one according to your preferences. 

Unlimited- There are two plans in this category, one is for Ebooks with audiobooks and the other one is for only unlimited ebooks. This plan is for 12 months.

Ebooks with audiobooks without limit are the most chosen plan. 

In this plan. 


44.99 / month 

for the subscription

The lowest price from 30 days before the discount:  PLN 44.99


You read and listen without limits

(on Kindle™ 10 per month)


PLN 10.00 returns to you every month

Access on devices

Uploading Books

You can upload 4 of your own e-books per month 


Free delivery of paper books


You change formats whenever you want with synchrobooks®


1.  Unlimited e-books-


39.99 / month 

for the subscription

The lowest price from 30 days before the discount:  PLN 39.99


You read without limits

(on Kindle™ 7 per month)


PLN 10.00 returns to you every month

Access on devices

Uploading Books

You can upload 4 of your own e-books per month


Free delivery of paper books



2.  With Page limit- This is the second category for subscription. There are three plans available-

3.  With E-reader- This is the third category of subscription with different contracts such as

  • •  Contract for 24 months
  • •  Contract for 12 months
  • •  Contract for 6 months
  • •  Contract for an indefinite period



24 months

12 months

6 months

Indefinite period


Ocean of Sennik

The Legimi virtual library is full of crime fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, novels, romance, children's and young adult books, as well as guidebooks, language learning books, and textbooks for professionals. With reputed authors like Johannes Brahms. 

Basically, it is the ocean of your Exortica of dream book.





Custom and belles-lettres literature

Romance and erotica

Adventure and historical


Non-fiction For Children

For young people




Popular science literature, 


Religion and spirituality



Poetry and drama

Foreign Languages

Game Guides


Atlases and albums, and Free


Features To Facilitate Reading

Legimi is a unique, mobile library available at your fingertips. Subscription plans offer you some special features like you can change the mode of your reading from audio to text and vice versa. You can read bestsellers, hot new arrivals, and anything else. You will have your books available in both text and audio versions.

Content= Quality+Quantity

If you choose Legimi as your reading partner you will get access to thousands of ebooks, audiobooks, and synchrobooks®. Legimi has 250,000 titles. You can earn Bookworm Club points and redeem them for discounts on future Legimi purchases.


Subscription Renewable For Unstoppable Reading

This is an automated process, which ensures the timely upgradation of your last plan, and your reading will not stop after the end of your plan. You can purchase an auto-renewable subscription for the "ebooks + audiobooks unlimited" service directly via the app. 

You can cancel it any time at least 24 hours before your current subscription ends.

Something Extra for Special Ones

Legimi puts some extra effort into making your reading seamless and comfortable without distractions. 

  • •  You can check your reading statistics, such as how much you read and listened to.
  • •  Sync your bookshelf across devices such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, and e-reader.
  • •  App remembers the last page read or listened to.
  • •  Manage your library.
  • •  You can choose the typeface and size of the font.
  • •  Choice in reading mode for day and night. Such as white and sepia for day mode and low light for night mode. 
  • •  You can choose the orientation of your book from portrait to landscape at any time.


The Result

The result of this review is that Legimi is not just a platform it is a place of comfort and emphasis on the real meaning of ‘mybenefit’ for its users. 

From romantic to exotic, business to thrill, and adventure to Guides, every single piece of reading is available. You don’t need to think twice before giving preference to Legimi on other E-books and audiobook platforms. 

Along with this, it offers different subscription plans which means it gives you choices to create your own style of reading and period of time too. You not just read well with Legimi, but can create creative notes and manage your library with special tools. 

You need to reconsider all the pages of one book to find the last page where you just stopped your reading, Legimi does it for you and allows you to choose the mode of reading and lighting according to your comfort zone.

In the end, you can Legimi is a platform that is ‘Made for people and works according to the people.’