Lily Silk Review: Is it the New Fashion Statement?

May 27, 2022

There is something alluringly surreal about silk. Its shine, flow, and ease make it nothing less than a piece of art that no matter how you see it, where you see it, is always stunning. But, before you jump on the silk wagon, you must realize that all silk isn’t silk and all silk is not created equally. Now, you may ask what do we mean by this? The answer to this question lies in this Lily Silk review along with exciting offers like 15% off and 12 % off on its fine silk clothing, accessories and beddings 


Want to know more about Lily Silk and avail of the exciting offers? Read to know more about


What is Lily Silk?

Founded by a veteran of the French silk industry, Lily Lin in 2010. The idea behind "Lily Silk '' was to introduce the lifestyle of using only original silk and cashmere that has been made with consciousness and respect towards the environment and the workforce. Based in China, the brand has been committed to creating ethically manufactured quality silk at affordable prices. It offers luxurious silk and cashmere women, and men's clothing, accessories, bedding, and much more. Using natural premium materials like Mulberry silk (the Queen of Fibers) and Mongolian cashmere (soft Gold), all Lily Silk products are tailored by skilled labor and expert designers to create pieces that are high-end fashionable and most importantly clean, as the brand ensures that all the products are clean and toxin-free with OEKO- TEX certification. 


What products are they offering?

Lily silk caters to men, women's clothing and accessories along with luxe bedding and sleepwear. The aim is to blend fashion with the epitome of comfort and elegance so that commoners like us can indulge in luxury fashion without burning our pockets. 

To understand Lily Silk better, let’s look into what it offers to its women customers-:


Women’s wear

Whether it is finding the right blouse for your office wear or to wear pajamas all day and night, at Lily Silk you’ll be spoiled with choices. The brand offers a wide range of women’s wear that has been made with the finest quality of silk. Each piece has been designed to be

  • 1. Skin-friendly
  • 2. Anti-allergic
  • 3. Breathable 
  • 4. Light and soft
  • 5. Easy to wash in the machin
  • 6. Long-lasting

The clothes of Lily silk are versatile and if you have been bitten by the fashion bug, then you can have a lot of fun with these clothes by mixing and matching different styles. 

Some of the latest women’s wear bestsellers-


  • Bow-tie Neck Silk blouse

Made with 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk, this elegant bow tie silk blouse is the definition of panache and elegance. Its glossy silk fabric makes this blouse suitable for office wear as well as events. Team it up with a pair of pants, a high-waisted skirt, or even jeans and voila, you are ready to make some head turns. 


  • Elegant Alluring Cowl Neck silk dress

This Mulberry silk dress is just the perfect dress you would want to wear on a date night. Tailored with the luxurious Mulberry silk, this dress has a flattering neckline and side split making it the perfect outfit for a date or a party. 


  • Full-length Silk Pajamas set

Spend your “me-time”, in this stylish and super comfy silk pajamas set that is made with 100% Grade 6A Mulberry Silk. Perfect wear for unwinding as it would fit your body just like your skin. An OKEO-TEX Certified product like all other products of Lily Silk, this pajama set stylishly ensures relaxation.  

Well as much as we are tempted to go on and on about the different apparel of the Lily Silk, we know we have limitations of the space in this blog. But, that shouldn’t mean that you do not get the fun of checking out the plethora of silk goodness by Lily Silk. Check out the website to find the perfect silk statement for yourself. 

Now that we have sneaked into the women’s wear at the Lily Silk, let’s also see into what our male readers can find at Lily Silk. 


Men’s Wear

Men’s fashion has evolved and Lily Silk knows this. If you are looking for something classy or a runway look, then fasten your seat belts gentlemen and explore some of the exquisite men’s silk fashion here-


  • Special Patter Printed Premium Silk Men's Shirt

Break the monotony of plain shirts with this high-end silk shirt for men by Lily Silk. Made with Mulberry silk, this regular fit shirt ensures a smooth experience. You can wear it for your regular office day or for a party, to make the perfect fashion statement.


  • Short-sleeved V Neck Silk Men’s tee

This easy-fitting tee is perfect for an outdoor day. Made with Mulberry silk, the fabric is skin-friendly, breathable and is an OKEO-TEX certified product ensuring that it is free of chemicals. So grab this tee, pair it with jeans and you are good to go for a casual hangout.

  • Lapel Collar Silk Pajamas Set for men

Specially tailored to pamper you, this silk pajama set for men is made with 100% Mulberry silk. The set has been designed with a lapel collar jacket and elasticated drawstring pants. This set comes in 7 different sizes and various colors. 

After looking into the women’s and men’s wear clothing collections, let’s also find some suitable accessories to complete the look. 



Accessorizing is considered an art in the fashion world and when it comes to creating the perfect statement look with silk accessories, Lily Silk stands out for its extraordinary pieces. 

Here you can find silk scarfs, hair accessories, eye and face masks and socks, etc. 

The accessories that caught our eye are as follows-


  • Stunning rectangular Silk Lily Scarf

This beautiful floral silk scarf is a limited edition vintage print lily collection. It is chic and would complement almost every outfit. One can loop it around the neck or even tie it as a vintage-inspired headscarf. 

  • Silk Sleep Eye mask with wide elastic band

A unisex eye mask, this silk eye mask is made with 100% pure silk which is rich in 18 amino acids and is hypoallergenic. Carry it during your travels as it’s lightweight or just wear it before you sleep. The breathable fabric will keep the moisture close to the skin without making your eyes dry and giving you a peaceful sleep. 


  • Breathable double layer silk mouth mask

Face masks are a necessity in today’s time and Lily Silk makes this necessity fashionable and comfortable. It is perfect for daily use and can be combined with professional protective masks for safeguarding against Covid-19. Made with 100% silk and an OKEO-TEX-certified product, the face mask can be worn without worrying about any allergies. 

The basic idea is to create a lifestyle for customers where they can experience the goodness of natural things around them and this idea has now been expanded by the brand to create a sustainable lifestyle within our homes through the premium quality silk bedding,-

Get the epitome of rejuvenation with Lily silk bedding

For generations, silk bedding has been used as a luxury statement as well as for health benefits. The silk beddings help in regulating body temperature, minimizes wrinkles and as it retains moisture therefore, it benefits the hair by not letting your hair get entangled. At Lily Silk, you get to indulge in the finest quality of Mulberry silk beddings that are perfect for your relaxing time. Not only this, its designs and tailoring make your space look luxurious and stylish, therefore, is a worthy investment. 

Here you can find silk pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, etc. Some of the examples are-


The Silk Bedding

As we are aware that for generations, silk bedding has been used as a luxury statement as well as for health benefits. The silk beddings help in regulating body temperature, minimizes wrinkles and as it retains moisture therefore, it benefits the hair by not letting your hair get entangled. 

At Lily Silk, you get to indulge in the finest quality of Mulberry silk beddings that are perfect for your relaxing time. Not only this, its designs and tailoring make your space look luxurious and stylish, therefore, is a worthy investment. 

Here you can find silk pillowcases, bed sheets, blankets, etc. Some of the examples are-


  • Luxury Pillowcase with hidden zipper 

Made with 100% Mulberry silk, the pillowcase is hypoallergenic and efficient to suppress any kind of skin infection. It helps in regulating the temperature of the body, therefore, ensuring that in summers it keeps you cool, while in winters it keeps you warm. 


  • Silk Blanket 

Available in various sizes, this silk blanket is made with natural long strand mulberry silk floss. It is light in weight, anti-bacterial, anti-acarid, and mold repellent making it the perfect companion to keep you warm and cozy.


  • Black Marbling Print Silk Duvet Cover set

A stylish set that has been made with 100% natural silk. Enlive your master bedroom with this panache bedding set which is an OEKO-TEX certified product that will keep your skin safe from any chemical allergies. Its natural fabric ensures that it keeps you protected against all kinds of environmental allergens. 

As a brand, Lily Silk since the start has been committed to satisfying its customers with the finest quality of products and services. It ensures to keep the customers pampered with efficient customer service and exciting offers that allows customers to avail true silk products without burning a hole in their pockets. 


Currently, you can avail exciting offers such as- 


15% off on orders over $400 by using the code top15online15

12% off on orders over $300 by using the code top15online12


The offers are valid from 25th May 2022 to 31st December 2022. Grab them now and indulge in the luxe of the finest silk clothing, accessories and bedding at Lily Silk


 Why choose lily silk?

Yes, we know that just by reading something over the internet one cannot invest in products that claim to be natural. But, when it comes to Lily Silk, you can be assured that when they say that they are a conscious brand, they indeed are. 


1.  Only Natural fibers

The brand only uses natural fibers for the creation of its products. None of its items are made with synthetic fibers. The sole purpose to use natural fibers is to do their bit of saving the environment. All the materials used in creating Lily silk products are x50 times more degradable than the synthetic materials. 


2.  Constant innovations

It is one thing to claim to be an innovative brand, but it is another thing to demonstrate that the brand is really innovative. Lily Silk has proven that they are an innovative brand with its creation of LILYAUREA, an undyed natural golden silk collection that is completely safe for people with sensitive skin.  


3.  Customizations 

Lily silk understands that investing in silk is not a joke for many which is why this brand ensures that your investment in Lily silk’s products is worth every penny. The company offers custom silk services, such as measurements and engraving, to ensure that its customers have the perfect silk experience. 


4.  Make a smart investment 

Lily Silk encourages its customers to make smart investments by buying quality silk products that are versatile and long-lasting. Their products are created following strict zero-waste guidelines, which means they reuse leftover fabrics for creating accessories, and most importantly, they only create the number of pieces they know will sell, so that all waste pollution is minimized.


What makes Lily Silk different?

Lily Silk wants its customers to experience the softness, glossiness, and lasting experience of true silk, which is why it ensures that it uses the finest natural quality of Mulberry silk in its products. But, it also understands the apprehensions of its first-time customers or people in general who do not know how to identify real and fake silk. 

Therefore, on its website, it has given a specific category of silk guide for its customers so that they can test themselves if the product of Lily silk is genuine or not. The guide will help you in knowing the difference between different kinds of silk, and the benefits of silk, satin and cotton. In this section of this Lily Silk review, we will highlight the ways of identifying between real and fake silk as highlighted by the brand itself. 


How to identify

Real Silk

Fake Silk

By Burning

The smell of burning real silk is similar to the burning of hair. Furthermore, ashes of real silk would look crispy and when rubbed it would become a powder

When fake silk is burnt, the smell is similar to the burning of plastic and the ashes would be sticky and hard to break apart

By soaking

If real silk is soaked in chlorine sanitizer or detergent, then it will dissolve gradually

Fake silk doesn’t get dissolved when soaked in detergent or chlorine sanitizer

By touching

When fingers are rubbed on real silk then one can feel the softness of the fabric. When two real silk are rubbed together, the sound would appear to be something similar to like walking on snow

Rubbing fingers on fake silk will not give you any feeling of softness


The reason that Lily Silk has given a complete guide about silk is that it wants people to be aware of this natural fabric. It wants its customers to understand that not all silk is created equally and to achieve the highest and safest quality of silk, there are continuous efforts of skilled labor who carve out the finest quality of silk in the most natural way possible at the Lily Silk. 


1. What are the purchasing and returning policies?

If one wishes to buy anything from the Lily Silk, then simply visit its website and explore the plethora of silk clothing, accessories and bedding at an affordable rate. 


2. Shipping procedures

Lily Silk ships its products worldwide through its delivery partners such as DHL. FedEx, USPS, TNT, etc. The processing time is between 1-2 business days and the delivery time would vary from 2-12 days depending on the location of the customer. 


3. Return policy

The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee. However, some of the products sold during the item clearance sale, silk underwear, customized items, monogrammed items and face masks are not returnable. 

Furthermore, the customer when requesting a return must ensure that the item is not used, damaged, or altered and has its original tag attached. 


The Exclusive Affair of irresistible offers and Silk Club

1. Exciting offers 

The brand ensures to pamper its customers with exciting offers now and then. Currently, you can avail exciting discounts such as-


15% off on orders over $400 by using the code top15online15

12% off on orders over $300 by using the code top15online12


The offers are valid from 25th May 2022 to 31st December 2022. 


2. The Silk Club

One can become a member of the Silk club through which one can access exclusive perks such as early sale access, members’ special pricing deals, birthday bonuses, exclusive sales and events, and also free shipping. 


3. Refer a friend and get 15% off

If you refer a friend and they decide to purchase the Lily Silk, then they shall be getting a 12% off on their first purchase whereas, you will get a 15% off when they make a purchase. 



There is no doubt that silk shopping is not merely a shopping but an investment. Customers want to be certain that the piece they are buying will withstand times to come. Keeping this in mind, the brand Lily Silk to date has proven time and again that its silk products are worth customers' trust and hard-earned money. Its continuous efforts in providing the best of original silk fashion in the most natural and environmentally friendly way show the authenticity of the brand and therefore, we would certainly recommend that Lily silk is worth a shot for truly experiencing high-end silk fashion and lifestyle.