Our Lufthansa Review: A Wonder Amongst the Stars

April 28, 2023

Very few names in the airline industry are as synonymous with quality and heritage as Lufthansa. This German flight operator has built a reputation for reliable, consistent, and safe flying that has moved people since that fateful June day in 1953.

Leading from the front in the world of aviation is a complex undertaking. Lufthansa, without a doubt, has one of the cleanest safety records and is widely renowned for providing quality. It ranks very highly in customer forums for quality and reliability. Stiff competition, high standards of quality, and constant innovation ensure that this industry never remains static.

Join us today as we explore Lufthansa, not just as a brand but as a leader, innovator, and organization of the future that has continuously changed the global landscape of aviation since its inception. Uncovering the world of airborne luxury, we will form our Lufthansa Review based on online resources like Trust Pilot to paint a more realistic and you-centric image.


The Big Question – What is Lufthansa?

Lufthansa is a German aviation group that operates both international and domestic flights. They're a known name in the industry due to their heritage and importance in global aviation. Founded on June 06, 1953, the company has built a tradition of service synonymous with its signature blue and yellow color scheme.

Being the national air carrier of Germany, Lufthansa operates over 211 destinations in 74 countries. Having an expansive network of flights that extensively cover destinations in 6 continents, the only exception being Antarctica, they're also the second biggest European aviation brand after combining all their subsidiaries.

Flights are the bread and butter of Lufthansa, so let’s find out what you can expect on one. Lufthansa follows the standard division of the class system dividing their offering into four classes – Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First.


A Class Apart

A Class Apart

So far, we've only discussed Lufthansa's origin and its place in the global aviation industry. Let's now look at why the company is so famous, it's in-flight offering. When flying Lufthansa, you can expect to see these four classes –

  •  EconomyEconomy flights offer fliers the chance to gain an insight into the excellent service standards of the organization. They are offering their signature hospitality for those on a budget.


  •  Premium Economy A more high-end version of the classic economy experience, the premium economy gives guests a taste of the finer services they have in their arsenal for a price you can afford.


  •  Business- A space where you can stretch your legs and enjoy the grand vistas of the serene blue skies from the comfort of your seat, the business class service is your entry into the lap of German luxury.


  •  FirstIf you’re seated on a first-class seat, you have truly arrived in life. Guests who've flown first class know that there is a rare parallel to it. From Private terminals explicitly made to enhance the feeling of priority to select flights operating this service, the world of first-class luxury in Lufthansa places it in a different stratosphere.


There Are Levels

There Are Levels

A quick lookup of Lufthansa reviews by users shows that In-flight services in Lufthansa go from the classic and straightforward experience all the way up to the lap of luxury in their select first-class flights. Here are the services in store for you as Lufthansa flier in the below categories –

1. Economy – This class is just your entry into the world of German hospitality. As an Economy Customer, you can expect the following –

  •  Food and beverages
  •  Onboard entertainment
  •  Comfortable seats


2. Premium Economy- Premium Economy is Lufthansa's international offering that gives customers their passport to a premium and fulfilling flying experience. You can expect the following in a Premium Economy flight –

  •  2-3-2 Seating configuration
  •  18-32 seats only through the flight.
  •  50% more legroom as compared to economy
  •  Upgraded service.


3. Business- The Business Class experience is divided into two divisions at Lufthansa, International and European. Here is what you'll experience –


  •  Better service
  •  Upgraded meals
  •  The middle seat is blocked for more space.


  •  Exclusively on widebodies flying out of Europe, Lufthansa offers 2-2-2/2-3-2 seating.
  •  Lie-Flat beds
  •  More comfort.


4. First- The rarest across all classes, Lufthansa's first class represents a class of luxury in its own league. Below is what you will be experiencing as a first-class Lufthansa customer –

  •  Exclusive terminal out of Frankfurt
  •  1-2-1 seating configuration
  •  Open cabin seating


Travel, and More?

Travel is more. More than just A to B, more than just a flight from port to port. Travel is your key to worlds unknown, a way to make the world your playground. Lufthansa recognizes that. With their frequent flyer program aptly named "Miles&More," you can get more out of your miles. With their reward program, you can earn miles points with each flight and spend them on great rewards.

There are tiers in the program which offer different benefits directly with Lufthansa. These are –

  •  Frequent flier– Increased free baggage allowance
  •  Senator– Access to first-class check-in
  •  HON Circle- Exclusive limousine transfers from departures and arrivals.

Miles&More benefits extend beyond the sky too. You can spend your points on rental cars, hotel bookings, and even on apparel, cosmetics, and more in their signature Lufthansa.


Baggage, Baggage, Baggage.

Baggage, Baggage, Baggage.

No trip can begin until the bags are packed, but what good are they if they exceed the baggage limit? Luckily, stinginess in baggage allowance isn't a Lufthansa thing. As per various Lufthansa reviews, The following is the company’s policy when it comes to the limits –

1. European Flights

  •  Economy (Light)-
  • 8 KG carry-on Luggage
  • 1 piece of check-in Luggage weighing up to 23 Kilos.


  •  Economy (Flex)-
  • 8 KG carry-on Luggage
  • 1 piece of check-in Luggage weighing up to 23 Kilos.


  •  Business-
  •  items of carry-on baggage up to 8 kilos each
  • items of check-in baggage up to 32 kilos each.

2. International Flights

  •  Economy (Light)-
  • 8 KG carry-on Luggage
  • 1 piece of check-in Luggage weighing up to 23 Kilos.


  •  Economy (Flex)-
  • 8 KG carry-on Luggage
  • 1 piece of check-in Luggage weighing up to 23 Kilos.


  •  Premium Economy –
  • 1 item of carry-on luggage at 8 kilos.
  • 2 items of baggage at 23 kilos each.


  •  Business
  • carry-on pieces at 8 kilos each.
  • check-in pieces at 32 kilos each.


  •  First
  • items of carry-on luggage at 8 kilos each
  • items of baggage at 32 kilos each.



You reach the airport and find out you have overpacked, the weighing scale shows a high figure, and you start to worry. You shouldn't. To overpack is human, to buy extra luggage space is divine. You can request a luggage allowance upgrade to take all your essentials with you at the service counter, for a fee, of course.

For travelers flying light economy, you can book 23 kilos of luggage space on the website for a fee.


Plans Change – How to Go About Cancellation

Plans Change – How to Go About Cancellation

The only predictable thing about life is that it's unpredictable. If your plans change, despair should never be an option. Reviews for Lufthansa state that the cancellation policy allows you to cancel your flight up to 24 hours before you fly. This is of course, also dependent on the fare conditions, to review the conditions, please refer to the terms of your fare, if any, upon booking.

To cancel –

  •  Go to the MyBookings section on the login page summary
  •  To log in, write in your surname and the booking code
  •  If any bookings are valid for cancellation, they will show up
  •  Click on the cancellation button next to the relevant booking
  •  If you have booked directly through any Lufthansa portal, then Lufthansa will cancel your booking and a confirmation will reach your mail. If you've booked through an agent, we'd recommend getting in touch if confirmation is not received in the appropriate time window.


Partial or complete refunds 

Full refunds are only available in situations where the flight is delayed by an hour or two, canceled without any replacement, or if the departure time was changed on the current day or the coming day by more than 5 hours in terms of short-flight disruption.

Partial refunds are subject to the terms of individual fares.

For non-refundable fares, only taxes and fees will be refunded.


The Masses Speak

Lufthansa Airlines reviews are commonly available across Trust Pilot. They have seven pages of 5-star reviews speaking of the excellence in service delivered by Lufthansa, claiming that it is a bastion in the world of aviation and one of the leading airlines present in the world today. Customers cite customer service, ease of booking, and a user-friendly portal as their main likings.


Weighing the Scales

The scales are in place, and it's time to put Lufthansa on the stand. Customers have primarily positive impressions of the airline, but their track record could be better. Let's search "Lufthansa review” and see what comes up –

What Works–

  •  Customer care
  •  Ease of booking
  •  Comfortable seats
  •  More legroom than in other economy-class flights
  •  Great service

What doesn’t work-

  •  Affordability
  •  Missed flight policy
  •  Unexplained cancellations and price hikes


On a More Conclusive Note

Its made clear from our search of “Lufthansa review” that most customers view Lufthansa as their carrier of choice for Pan-European and Intercontinental travel. A history of excellence, a tradition for service, and a passion for innovation make this carrier a leading light in the fast-paced world of aviation. Book your flight today and fly the difference with Lufthansa, a carrier for all seasons and tastes.


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